Thursday, September 2, 2010

Team Up Thursday: Spring

Stefanie choice for the challenge this week is Spring.

We start with her photo first:
“When I spotted this tree in bloom down the street from my house I just knew it would be my Spring photo.
The beautiful pink blossoms against the blue sky. How can remain unhappy looking at these?”

Here is mine:
"Usually my garden announces spring with a multitude of blossoms and spring bulbs.  This year however, we are in our second year of drought and we have not been allowed to water our gardens since October last year.  Sadly none of the bulbs survived the drought...but seeing my clivias flowering brightly everywhere in the garden makes me happy.  They thrived despite the lack of water."

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  1. Hi Lynette - What a lovely theme for sA - and what gorgeous weather we are having...Check out my Team Up Thursday this week for a chuckle - of Love

  2. Beautiful blooms! Love the brilliant orange:)

  3. B E A U T I F U L - simply BEAUTIFUL - the colours of the blossoms - the green of the leaves and the light.... so warm and so "springy" - brilliant. you both are doing sooo well and its always a pleasure to come and see what you've done :)

  4. I love spring and we've said it all in both your photo' jealous as you are going into summer...

    Love the colors of the photo's as well...Your flowers would fit nicely into my lounge!!!

  5. Interesting that clivias are not thirsty plants. Never knew that. I also love them but boy are they expensive here!! Am busy with the joyous task of backing up 160gigs worth of stuff before we can format this pc & reload windows. Until then I can't do anything to do with photos or e mail which makes blogging virtually impossible for me as I e mail everything to my blog ;-(

  6. I had to laugh and take a 'double take' at the date on your photos!!!! SPRING? I forgot you're in SA and we're getting ready for FALL here!!!! Your photos are GORGEOUS and great examples of your theme. How nice to think someone in the world is enjoying SPRING! I'm a little jealous as our winters are so severe! GREAT JOB TEAM!

  7. Stunning, that Clivia makes me think of my mom's garden and you are so right it is so indicitive of spring in SA. Well done on a gorgeous capture.

  8. gorgeous florals all !

    yeah ! i still cant get over the opposite seasons you have in SA ! lol

  9. Loving this beautiful photo of the clivias ... so vibrant.


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