Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday, Monday

  • Why do people generally hate the start of a new week...I love Mondays and there is many reasons why.
  • The incredible promise of the potential perfect week ahead. As I awake, I may think, “don’t spoil it yet.” 

  • If something does go wrong, there’s a whole week ahead to fix it.
  • The first sip of coffee in the morning. Mind you, this is true of every day. If we must have addictions they should be ones we enjoy.
  •   The  grand kids off to daycare, one cranky, one thrilled, balance in this too.
  •  The quiet after the busy, hectic weekend filled with little ones, noise and toys.
  • Arriving at work, knowing people have stewed about their troubles for two days, and new challenges await.
  • All my favourite blogs resume a full schedule of publication.
  • Looking forward to what’s going to happen Tuesday, Wednesday…and so on.
Hope you all have a wonderful week;-D


  1. Great to get this very positive angle and love your pictures. So what happened to the little blue eye?

  2. Cat...he came home from daycare with the shiner...had to capture it as it will hopefully be his first and his last;-D

  3. I love photo's of people so this entry is just my cup of tea,...and then there nothing more precious than one's family!!!
    Beautiful precious grandchildren you have and you captured them all so well...can see a huge difference since you did your course,...well done.

  4. adorable pics all , Lynette !!! such treasures they are!!!

  5. Great post! I love the pics!
    We should enjoy the moment of every day more... than wishing for something else!
    Even a Monday ;-)

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwww these photos are just precious!! *love* :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. hey Lynette, is that eyeshadow on him and lipstick on the little girl? :)

  8. Reana, Lukas came home with a bruised eye from daycare one day. Leane discovered some red sherbet and this is what she looked like after eating it.

  9. Fabulous collection of photos.
    Great record of the weekend.
    I love Mondays too.
    And coffee
    And the quiet
    and the blog resumings.

  10. just enjoyed reading and looking at all your precious moments:)

  11. This post brought a smile to my face. I was looking forward to Monday this week, too, but mostly to get Sunday behind me. Have a wonderful day :)

  12. Oh my goodness did this post make me giggle. I never ever ever ever thought of a Monday like that before!

    For me I hate Monday's cause I have to go back to work and I would rather be home.

    I might try your perspective...I liked it a lot.

    Blessings to you.


  13. Loved this post. I can def see a difference in your photo's since our course! You're doing a lot more close ups. My fav is of little Dewan - it is him? So beautiful those eyes. And the 3 of them with their feet in the pool. Gorgeous.

  14. Loved the photos & the text. I am always rather apprehensive of Mondays as there is always a busy week ahead & lots to do, but I don't hate Mondays & enjoy my routine of going to breakfast at the Wimpy, where I plan my week, sort my receipts, update my expense list & make an hourly schedule for each day. Then I get cracking on it only for life to get in the way! For example, the first thing that happened when I got home today is that the gardener managed to snap the tap in half & there was water flying all over the garden! That took a bit of sorting lol...needless to say I am now way behind ever! Enjoy your week xx

  15. I love a photo filled post. You have a beautiful family, Lynette! You are very blessed indeed. :)

  16. Love the photos and outlook on Monday.
    Mine has been a blue Monday today....but it`s can always see the happy blue through the gray if you look hard enough:))
    Happy week ahead to you!

  17. Love the pictures and LOVE the hat Lukas has on in the top pictures! Jadyn had a black eye just like that from running and falling into a bookshelf at daycare. Somehow I do not think it will be his last though. He is sooo clumsy! I hope you are doing good! :o) Have a great week!

  18. Beautiful family pics. I agree, Monday is actually the best day of the week as there are 7 days of the exciting unknown to explore and still to be lived.

  19. I love this post! Those photos are just too precious, and yes, I love Mondays too:-)

  20. Thanks for that post, I needed it and think I will approach next monday with a different attitude :0)

  21. Oh dear one...I love Mondays too! They are what I call my days I treasure them, although you know we really never get a day off! What beautiful pictures...a treasure for sure!

  22. what gorgeous pics!!! And the black eye?? x-x

  23. beautiful blog entry, your grandkids are so adorable.

  24. Wow and wow!
    What a lovely family!
    Your grandkids are sooo cute!!!
    Beautiful pictures!

    Hope you're having a blessed Sunday!

    B xx


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