Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekend on the farm

This past weekend DH and our sons went hunting on my BIL's farm between Steytlerville and Willowmore.  This is usually an annual event and they sleep in the veld while they are there. On Thursday morning when they left it was bitterly cold.
The first thing they do when they get there is to set up camp....
 ....and build a fire;-D
Cowboy or hunter?
They soon realised that they have forgotten to bring the pump to pump up the exhaust fumes were used and they hoped and prayed that there would be no leak...or they would be gassed:-D
Then it was coffee and long stories around the camp fire before they turned in.
They survived a very, very cold night.  Everything left outside was covered in frost.
Frost on the windshield of the car.
Every part of South Africa has it's own beauty.  Here is DH and his brother.

Nadia (DIL) and Felicia (Kobus Jr.'s girlfriend) and I left for the farm on Friday morning.  We were not as brave as the men and stayed in the farmhouse with my SIL and BIL.  
Nadia and Felicia

We relaxed, chatted up a storm and ate way to much.  Christian and Lukas had a ball.  They were free to roam and spend a lot of time feeding a little boerbok hansie.



  1. It looks like the guys had a great time. Love picture of Kobus with the pink glass :)

    You women were smart to stay in the house :)

  2. I also noticed the pink glass and smiled.
    Great that you girls had special time too, I wouldn't have wanted to "rough it" if there was a farm house to sleep in either.

  3. Hi Lynette. I agree, SA's beauty is very unique and we often venture overseas to find beauty, while its here under our fee. Nadia and Felicia looks like they could have been sisters.

    Sorry for being so scarce in blog land these days, but I am quite busy with {Doing Life} scrapbooking conference arrangements, teaching and photo shoots. I am not complaining at all, as I am enjoying every minute of it.

    Lots of hugs

  4. What a lovely photo post Lynette! I'm sure you must have given them strict instructions to take photos all along the way ;-D Scary to think what could have happened if that mattress had sprung a leak?!

  5. wow..Lynette, what did they hunt for? is it not dangerous to sleep in the wild? lol..i guess i have seen too many movies!

  6. I'd have to say Cowboy...but only because he is holding a pink glass;)
    Love the pictures...beautiful, chilly, and I cannot believe how they filled their air mattress! Awesome;)

  7. That pink glass reminds me of that delightful ad where the guy gets told: "what are you doing? REAL men don't drink pink drinks!" I actually LOL when I saw it.
    Thanks for visiting my blog so often and yes, I am feeling on top of the world!~ Propably for the first time in 6 years - how cool is that!!!

  8. Stunning fotos - en die een van Kobus met die skok pink glas is BAIE snaaks. Ek is bly julle het dit almal saam geniet - daar is niks so belangrik soos die mense in jou lewe vir wie jy lief is en wie lief is vir jou.

    Baie liefde

  9. Never mind the pink glassie - i love the pinkie finger in the air!

    Shew, they did have a chilly night out. But boys do know how to rough it!

    Lovely pic of Nadia & Felicia - she's a pretty girl!

  10. Clearly Kobus is one for fun - the Queen's pinkie in the air and pink glasie.

    So presumably you have biltong drying etc. Enjoy! Took our's down last night - yummy.

  11. Looks like you had a great fun!
    Lovely photos, too.

    B xx

  12. men really get so much joy from camping...just not for too much of a girl and want my comforts. My man would love to do this....he really outdoor man.

    I dont blame you girls for not wanting to camp with the men....I would be so scared.

    Great photo's ~ so who took them if you were not there?????

  13. Great photos and looks like they had fun...

  14. great pics! Sure looked chilly though! Did they get any animals? We start hunting this weekend! Hoping we're successful!

  15. "Farms" in South Africa are a lot different from what we have here in Kentucky! :)
    Love seeing all the photos. They were quite creative with the air mattress - haha.
    I always love your photo-filled posts.
    Now, go scrapbook something! ;)

  16. Looks like it was a fun trip!! LOVE the photos!! Thanks sooooooooo much for visiting my blog...I love yours! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


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