Friday, August 27, 2010

Things that will guarantee an unhappy life

  1. Climb onto the bathroom scale naked every day.
  2. Seldom visit...and avoid retirement homes at all cost.
  3. Live on lettuce leaves, cucumbers, stolen fudge and diet cold drink.
  4. Put off praying in the morning
  5. Say:  "Nobody will every know" and then do what nobody will ever find out.
  6. Refuse to buy the next dress size.
  7. Say that you can't sing and don't.
  8. Wear perfume that you hate.
  9. Hang on to and wear your old pajamas.
  10. Be right, always right, without fail right, the only one that is always right.
Don't do any of this and have a happy weekend;-D


    1. Oh I LOVE THIS!!!!
      (That picture needs to be put up on my bathroom wall....with a reminder that "this" will not make me happy:)))
      Thanks for the reminders:)
      Happy weekend to you!

    2. Just what I needed to hear today!

    3. Great post! So soooo true - all of it!

    4. I will my friend! These are stunning! Just got a new perfume I love - am getting so much joy from it.

    5. Thanks Lynette - this pic is soooooooo cute and to true what you say ;-)

    6. so true!! Can add socks and underwear to no.9!! i have a draw full of thread bare socks... that make me unhappy! I need to toss them out and buy some cute new ones x-x-
      Hope you having a good weekend ny friend x-x

    7. Love this!

      Found a new perfume yesterday that is going on my birthday wish list!

    8. I do so many of the above!!!
      HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND AS WELL....thanks!

    9. This is too funny!!!! I true for me on some! Have a great weekend!!! XOXO

    10. Happy Weekend to you too Lynette! Now you need to tell us HOW to live a HAPPY life hee hee...

    11. It's great to visit your blog again after so long Lynette! I missed all your wisdom! Like this post! Excellent! :)

    12. Great list! funny, too
      Love the sweet!!

      Hope you're having a great Sunday!

      Big hugs

      B xx


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