Thursday, August 19, 2010

Team Up Thursday: Wheels

This week's challenge was chosen by Stefanie.  Here is her photograph:

“ I chose the subject wheel(s) with this toy motorbike in mind. My niece gave the boys each one of these as thank-you gifts 5 years ago.  I am really enjoying photographing things much closer than I have before.
I am also thankful that you couldn’t see me taking strain leaning backwards to get the shot with my other hand keeping the motorbike upright.  I managed to do that without falling over, in the road outside our house.”

Here is my photograph:
"With Stefanie's choice of the topic WHEELS in mind I was constantly on the look out for the perfect wheels to photograph.  While we were light painting on Saturday evening I noticed these old wagon wheels in front of the barn and asked Shayne to remind me to come back and photograph it the next day before we left for home.  A few minutes later our photography tutor suggested we light paint the wheels....and I was stunned at the result.  This photo was taken with the camera on a tripod and set at 20 second exposure.  The ISO was set to 400 and the F-stop at 8.  I love the result and the sepia colour that resulted gave the photo an old- worldly feel."

Other bloggers taking part in this challenge is:

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  1. Looks like you guys had a BALL on your photo weekend and this shot is certainly testament to some of the things you learned - fab capture, really wonderful, well done!

  2. LYNETTE - your photo did blow me away - what an adorable shot - the colors - the lightning - the wheels - the "everything" . for me a perfect photo!!!! GREAT GREAT WORK!!!!!

  3. I'll never forget the look on your face when you captured this shot - you were completely amazed!

    It is simply stunning. As Kerstin says - the perfect photo, the composition, the lighting, the colours - everything.

    May you continue to soar!

  4. How come even my photo looks better on your blog?
    Your shot is really really good and I am thrilled to have you as my partner.

  5. Wow, both these are absolutely stunning!

  6. Your photo is brilliant everything about it, the color, the position...the warmth you feel when you look at this photo.
    Well done...
    Light is amazing and thanks for the lovely comments in my blog yesterday, was out at the Italian for dinner reading them via my BB...

  7. The rusty wheel picture is so nice. :D

  8. Your photo is wonderful - LOVE the shadows they're casting and the color they've been treated with - really beautiful! Also love the little tricycle and the close-up view. Nice job, team.

  9. PS. LYNETTE -
    The book you asked about is called, "WISDOM" by Andrew Zuckerman - pretty spendy but a fun book. You can find it on Amazon. It's wisdom from VIP people throughout the world that write expensively about what they've learned through their lives. Most of the people in the book are OVER 65 years of age!

  10. Oh wow, awesome photo!!!! Looks like you guys learnt so jealous!

  11. This IS a great photo lynette, good job:)

  12. What an awesome photo! I've read about slow shutter speeds on a tripod but after seeing this you have really inspired me to try it out - will do so tonight!

  13. This photo is a real winner. Stunning in every way. Well composed and I love the warmth of the saturated exposure.


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