Thursday, August 26, 2010

Team Up Thursday: Mountains

This week's challenge: Mountains was my choice.

First up Stefanie's photo:
“I am choosing to go with this photo of Table Mountain taken early July while hubby was driving on the N1 into Cape Town.  I did take a trip to get some shots of the Stellenbosch mountains but the weather was miserable then and those pics came out murky.”
 ...and mine:

"I have always said that the only thing missing in Port Elizabeth is mountains.  When you drive from Cape Town to PE, the mountain ranges stop 40km short of our city. I love mountains and when we were on our photography course we visited Draaikrans with it's beautiful rock formations and I knew this was going to be my mountain photo."

To see the photo's of others that take part in Team up Thursday see my sidebar for links.

Thank you for looking.



  1. It is beautiful, I love that you captured the layers and the lighting and shadows is just great.
    Well done.

  2. Absolutely breathtaking....Awesome photos..

  3. Lovely shot Lynette! I love the Baviaanskloof - looks a lot the same - almost like meringue tubes and left to dry.

  4. Great captures, Lynette!
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos!

    Hope you have a lovely day!
    B xx

  5. what a brilliant shot and a speical angle of view Lynette - very well done.
    I loved Port Elisabeth when I did see it while driving to the Gorah Elephant Camp in November 2008.A beautiful city with a stunning cost and adorable dunes.....
    the photo is sooooo - "nature pure" - this beautiful blue sky and the rocks - just perfect - love it!

  6. WOW - Amazing - haven't seen mountains like that here...

  7. HOME SWEET HOME..thanks girls now I am even more homesick!!!!!!!!!!

    But got something to look forward to with going home end oct, to see MY mountain again..

    Great shots team!!

  8. MAGESTIC! the word that comes to mind.
    Beautiful too:)
    happy day to you....

  9. absolutely great detail in your photo lynette,will go over to steph's.

  10. Very well done you guys! I too LOVE mountains - so interesting how each region differs from the next. I'd love to hear what a geologist would have to say about your photo, Lynette (with all the layers)! Table mountain is well-named and very beautiful! Great capture, team.

  11. WOW! I love the photo you took Lynette! The texture is amazing!

  12. Your photo is just too cool! :)

  13. I love mountains and love all kinds of rock formations^! :-))) nice picture! and I also can say that the northern slopes of Drakensberg, which start in 70 kms from our town is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country!


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