Friday, August 20, 2010

Quote for today;-D


  1. I love this! Have it in my side-bar but see that I am missing a bit - will have to come back here & pinch yours & post it again in it's entirity ;-D

  2. Hi Lynette - I love your blog..and your photos are great - I loved your wheels this week - kind of old fashioned - makes me wish for apple pie for some reason - I also hail from SA - Jo'burg to be precise..Just joined Team Up Thursdays...I also have the quote on my blog and think it is just awesome...In fact all of the quotes I have ever seen from Audrey Hepburn are pretty special - my blog address is

  3. Look forward to positiveness!!
    Have a nice weekend, Lynette!

  4. Love Audrey Hepburn, have a box set of her movies:-)

  5. Great quote, I agree with all of it. Thanks

  6. Wow ! I didnt know Audrey Hepburn has so many quotable quotes ! this one's fab !! TFS , hun !!!

    Big hugs !!!

    p/s - absolutley hear you there on LSOS !! ;(

  7. This is wonderful!!!
    (I just came across your blog and I love it!!! There is a lot on here that mimics what goes on in my feel like a kindred spirit in a sense:))
    Happy day to you!
    I am adding your blog to my side blogroll...I cannot wait to keep reading!
    Thank you!!!!


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