Friday, August 6, 2010

For the love of blogging

Not much blogging going on at this HERE blog lately;-) I guess I have been keeping it very impersonal.  It is just amazing how sometimes one happening in your life can throw you so off balance that picking up the threads of life just become too hard. I cannot believe that a few days ago I was actually considering packing it in and deleting my blogs. I LOVE blogging, sometimes I need to get my thoughts out there to make sense of the jumble in my head. So here is an update on my family:
  • Bianca went for a tonsil operation last week Thursday, but wanted to go back to the flat she shares with room mates despite me thinking it is a better option to come home to recuperate.  On Saturday evening I received a SMS asking whether she can come home to obviously we went to fetch her. Now I am cooking her healthy easy to swallow meals and making her drink Ensure in between meals.  She has lost SO much weight.  For now, I am taking it one day at a time with no expectations.
  • Wynand is doing very well.  He is back to driving on his own but at the same time uses wisdom and when he has a bad night that affects his eyesight he allows Nadia to drive him.   He is such an endearing young man....I just love him to bits.
  • Kobus Jr. has a love interest.  Yes, you are reading this correctly.  Last week he sat on the kitchen counter while I was cooking and he said:  "Mamma, ek voel so ongelooflik gelukkig." (Mom, I feel so incredibly happy).  Before I could counsel him on "rebounds" etc. he quickly corrected me, telling me how terribly unhappy he had been for the past two years, and that he is ready to move on.  The young lady has quickly endeared herself to us.  The very first time she was visiting she made herself at home and even prepared lunch.  
  • I would love to get a Rand for each time Lukas says "Oupa"...I might just get rich;-)  I come a very sad second when it comes to who he would like to spend time with.
  • When little Dewan and Leane are with Kobus Jr. for the weekend they stick to him like glue...he is not allowed out of their sight....we are so blessed to be part of their lives. The early morning cuddles with the little ones are SO precious.
  • DH revamped my study into a fully fledged scrap room.  When I drooled over the Scrap Box he looked at it from all sides and then came up with a remarkable plan for my scrap room that will incorporate my huge stash and at the same time it will be a retreat where I will have a day bed where I can read books and laze away.  I actually hope that the urge to scrap will once again hit me....I have photo's dating back to November last year that need to be scrapped.  Yesterday I started organising and was shocked that I have managed to accumulate so much STUFF.  I purged a lot of stash. As soon as the day bed is in, I will take photos and show you my new room.
Have a super weekend!



    1. Ek sal moet kom kuier en saam met jou op daai bed le en lees. Met Mark wat so baie weg gaan kry ek dalk gouer 'n gap as wat ek verwag het.


    2. Lynette I miss your blog when you dont blog and have noticed you not blogging or visiting much lately, but I do understand and so am not complaining but want you to know you are very loved in blogland..

      The entry was written from the heart and you touched on so many topics I feel updated on your life.
      Thanks for that
      Have a great weekend.

    3. Can't wait to see the pics! Sounds like awesomeness to me!! Good to really have you back Lynette. Sometimes life is so tough & you don't know what to tell the world...Would also like to purge some stash but what do you do with it here? Too expensive to throw away - any ideas?!

    4. Hi Lynette!!! So glad you haven't deleted your blogs it would really be such a pity if you did!! they are such a great way to release and you shouldn't feel any pressure to post... it will all come to you in His time ;-)

    5. Oh my friend i am most relieved you did not delete your blog - it is one of my favourites!

      Lovely, heartfelt post that I think you should scrap - just as is. It's the little things like this that we need to remember and you've incorporated a few here.

      6 more sleeps!

    6. lucky you with a new scraproom! wow!! want to see:) the stock thing, ya well, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do;)
      you are sounding more content, hope all goes well with both your sons.
      you must post a few pictures of the little ones again. . . they are so cute and good luck with your course you and shayne are going to.
      glad you are back:)

      enjoy your weekend

    7. I am also glad you didn't press "delete" who else could be the best TUT partner?
      Blog as and when you feel like, we'll take it as it comes.
      Would love to see your scrap space.

    8. Blogging is "encouragable" when you have friends giving you moral support in whatever you do, Lynette..
      U take care... God bless and have a beautiful weekend!

    9. Oh Lynette - NOW I understand why I have felt SO compelled to pray for you specifically the past few days! You can't leave us, dear one! You are an encouragement & a strength spreading love thru Christ to all the rest of us! Hugs & love ~ Merana

    10. You can't leave us Lynette. :( I so understand how you feel though but under different circumstances.

      Remember not every day is good but their is good in every day and focus on that. That is what I am try and do every day when life and circumstances get me down. :)

    11. So glad to hear all is going well. Congrats on a space of your own to create. It's so nice to have a nook or a room! Enjoy!

    12. Sounds like you may be starting to find your feet, and your new scrap room certainly sounds like the perfect place to rest and recuperate and come to terms with everything you have been glad you didn't decide to give up blogging, I have only recently found you as a blog buddy and would hate to lose you so soon xxx

    13. Glad you're back. You are very much loved, and have been missed :)
      Can't wait to see your scrap room... and I'm sure the photography course will get your scrap juices flowing again!

    14. Sounds like you have so many blessing in your life...thanks for filling us in! Can't wait to see your new scrap room, sounds amazing!

    15. Thanks for sharing your personal life in such an endearing way here with your blogging friends. So glad that you have not called blogging a day. As you rightly say, it is kind of a way to get one's thoughts written down and work through them. So looking forward to seeing your scrapping sanctuary!

    16. Glad you are still "here", Lynette. We appreciate your sharing of your life! One day you will also look at this and be amazed at how resilient you are! We are earning from you...
      Glad Bianca is back!

    17. I love reading your posts Lynette! Please don't delete your blog! :o) I sat next to some friendly ladies from South Africa while getting a pedicure last weekend. It made me think of you! They were so nice and had many stories to share :o)

    18. Glad to hear that things are going well with your family. I can't wait to see your revamped scrap space. However, if I had a bed in my area, I might spend too much time napping! :)
      I hope the desire to scrap returns. I miss seeing your work.

    19. Love getting caught up on your life. It's ok to have lags in our blogs--that is just life :)


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