Thursday, July 15, 2010

Team Up Thursday: Cold

I know, I know...I am very late with this post...but better late than never.  I chose the word "cold" for this weeks challenge as we have had an unusually cold winter this year.
This picture was taken last winter at a guest house just outside Bloemfontein.  It was early morning and this bubbling little stream turned the overhanging grass into indication of how cold it got during the night.
My team member Stefanie chose this picture taken during their cruise in New Zealand...she says:

CJ and I were on deck and saw this little fellow be blown aboard. 
It was raining and the wind was incredibly strong. 
He waddled along, and at each railing support he looked out over the edge and decided it was too far and trudged on to the next support post. 
We must have been easily 5 stories up.
Suddenly he clambered to the edge and just jumped off. 
CJ and I rushed to the deck railing and were delighted to see him swoop and fly.
God is such an awesome Creator.
This little bird taught me that sometimes you just have to go for it.

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  1. Both your photos really captured the theme well Lynette - FANTASTIC!

  2. Great photos! But Lynette, a holiday in Bloemfontein in Winter!? The Free State is seriously cold in Winter.

  3. love these frozen moments of you and stephanie!lol!

  4. Great post, we work well together.

  5. Phew Lynette I agree with you - this winter must push off now...

  6. in Bloem? Not on your life...but rugby might get me there in winter;-D

  7. Oh gosh, that frozen river looks seriously cold. As it is here tonight.

  8. That first photo gives me shivers. We are having a cold winter here in Perth too and that frozen grass looks brrrrrr! The second photo and the story behind it is so sweet.

  9. Since I have been such a bad blogger this summer I looked back over your posts to catch up...great photos! My son was rooting for Netherlands exciting you got to be involved! We loved this World Cup...I even added a vuvuzela app to my phone to play along.

    Hope all is well!

  10. i've decided to not once complain about the cold this winter, because i can still remember the January heat....
    love the pics


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