Thursday, July 29, 2010

Team Up Thursday: Blue

For this week we chose the colour: blue.

Here is my team member Stefanie's photo:
She says:  I did battle a little with this one, then went outside and just snapped a shot of the sky this afternoon.
It is an amazing colour, with just the tips of the tree included.
One of reasons I would battle to live in Europe is the grey colour the sky can be for so many days of the year, in South Africa it is usually blue.
Clear and inviting.

Here is my photo:
I was playing around with my camera settings.  Still learning to take photos on other settings than automatic.  This was just a random shot...but I love how the background is totally blurred and the focus is on the object.

Thanks for looking.

Others taking part in this challenge: 

and Claire

and Corey

and Melody

Cat and



  1. It is beautiful Lynette.
    I love the bokeh effect you got in the background.

  2. Simply stunning - isn't it AMAZING how this challenge gets you thinking and playing with your camera. Great interpretations of the theme xxx

  3. love your photo lynette, wow a dummy, that is thinking out of the box!! well done:)

  4. the depth of field with your photo is amazing Lynette. You certainly have a way with that camera - let us know what make & model it is will ya - cos it always impresses me - even on auto!

  5. jirre Lynette!! Can I come for lessons please??? I am battling with my camera... really need to spend some time with it! (ANd you, maybe?)

  6. Oh Lynette - a great one, Just the type of picture I love.

  7. Great photo's team...I love blurring the background with the A when one starts working with it...quite new to me as well...only been playing around in other setting for about 6 months now...was always in Auto mode.

    Europe has many many grey sky days I agree...but when the sky is blue its a deeper blue than SA skies, dont ask me why but have seen that with my own eyes and through the camera lens.
    nothing beats SA sunsets though...they the best!

  8. ooo I'm so glad you've gone beyond the auto mode now - I hope you read your camera manual ( I found my Canon manual very helpful now ! ) . Sweet binkie pic too !

  9. I love your photo, Lynette.
    Love how the background looks totally blurred.
    B xx

  10. Great random photo Lynette. Love how the shallow depth of field places focus on the subject.

  11. love the photo of the dummy! Its a classic, well done:-)


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