Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The colour orange

We are back from our trip to Cape Town and in the next few days I will try my best to catch up with all my blog reading.  For now, I want to tell you about the day that Cape Town was coloured orange and "die Kaap was weer Hollands". (Cape Town became part of the Netherlands again)  It was on the day that Netherlands was playing the semi final against Uruguay in the soccer World Cup.

We decided to go down to Cape Towns Victoria and Alfred Waterfront and catch the vibe....and boy was there a vibe.
The Dutch go all the way when it comes to supporting their team.
The atmosphere was electric....a cold day in Cape Town was made warm by these warm people.
Did I say that they were very friendly;-)
Dayglo orange...I kid you not.
Despite warnings from friends and family not to go near Greenpoint stadium ..this is where we found ourselves at 4 o'clock the afternoon.  The sign DID say "Residents Only"...but then DH always sees things like that as a challenge.
People started walking to the stadium and the roads were blocked there we were stuck in the traffic for more than an hour.
...and I sat clicking away and catching the mood and the vibe in Greenpoint.  The restaurants and pubs were buzzing and you got the feeling of street cafe's and lots of fun.

Despite all the negativity, the World Cup turned out to be an awesome event and South Africans showed themselves as warm and hospitable.  I do believe that we will be seeing a lot of tourists in the future.


  1. Looks like you havse a good time there, Lynette..

  2. What stunning pics - i can just imagine the atmosphere - especially at the Waterfront. Must have been completely contagious.

    Nice to have you back my friend - missed u xx

  3. I love your pics! Gorgeous, vibrant and you caught the moment perfectly!

  4. Ahh!! You are back!! I just told Shayne to tell you hallo,from me!lol!!
    pretty pictures! I wish i was there!
    oh, and welcome home!

  5. Wow these are fun photo's I guess they really do go all out in support of their team. Whoo hoo... :)

  6. What fun! You, my dear friend, are adorable! Now it is time for you guys to pack your bags and come visit Seattle!

  7. Great to see you back Lynette. Love all those photos. That orange is.......VERY ORANGE LOL.
    Hope the break away did you much good.
    Hugs, Irene xx
    p.s. thanks for your visit too.

  8. Stunning pics, you totally captured the essence. Orange indeed.

  9. What fun & your photos just capture it so fantastically. Hope you & yours have a good week

  10. Looks like you all had a great time!
    Gorgeous phtos too!
    B xx

  11. YAY!!! She blogs..... I've missed you sweetie x-x-x
    Hope you had an awesome time in CT!!
    Been thinking about you LOTS x-x

  12. Good to have u back...
    I was also wearing orange and supporting the friendly ~Dutch!

  13. such fun pics !!! what a colorful time it must have been when the World Cup was on ! how terrific that most things went more than well !

  14. It looks like it was full of great atmosphere! How exciting to have been there! I would love to travel to South Africa :)

  15. How fun! I love all of the orange. So glad you got to be there and feel the excitement!

  16. great pic's!!! in Polokwane I liked the most presence of Mexicans and Argentinians: the last ones did march in town with drums! talking of the Dutch I must say that I noticed it many times - they are the friendliest of all the tourists that come to visit SA!

  17. :D :D Looks like you had fun in Capetown!

    All the South Africans that I have met have been so friendly and warm! Very caring and fun!They are also some of the most beautiful people I have ever met.I had a roommate from South Africa for about 9 months! She was so much fun! (Random Fact: Her brother is South African Hockey player Austin Smith)

    Do you have any other pictures to share from your trip?


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