Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This is going to be a vent post...but it is my blog, so I am allowed...okay?

This morning I realised again that in our line of work (ministry) we will NEVER (EVER) be able to please everybody.  It does not matter that we care for and house 560 people, it does not matter that 180 of these people were totally destitute and without income when we took them in.  It does not matter that we pay the school fees of the children in the center.  It does not matter that we receive NO help from government, but generate all the income needed to keep the ministry running and the tummy's full.  What we do, will never, ever be enough.

This morning I get this in my inbox:

Cathy Viljoen and husband was staying at your establishment.They needed a  place to stay and you helped them.Now i hear you kicked them out....why?Is  this the way you operate?I wonder what THE HERALD will say about this. 

I checked our records and we have never in the past 12 years had a Cathy Viljoen living in the obviously this person has his facts mixed up.  Many of the occupants of the Mission have been living there for a LONG time and because it is a safe place and they need protection, they are in no hurry to move on.  When people refuse to live according to the rules of the Mission, we give them reasonable notice to find alternative accommodation, but this is seldom necessary.

So I checked and the only people that was recently asked to find somewhere else to stay was a married couple, a couple that had the awful habit of emptying their chamber pots into the bath or basin of the communal bathroom.  Who never cleaned their room and always had food in their room that was in different stages of decay.  It became so unbearable for the people that have to share the passage and bathroom with them, that after numerous requests for them to try and live like normal human beings, we gave up and asked them to go live somewhere else.

My initial reaction was was this individual that has no idea what we cope with on a daily basis...and he is threatening us with the media.  Shucks...will he be willing to take them in and clean up after them?   I mean "what would THE HERALD say about this?" So after praying about it, this was my reply:

We have no record of a Cathy Viljoen having lived here, so it appears that you have the wrong information.  We wish to state that each person living in the Mission has a legally binding lease agreement.  We never "kick people out" as that would be against the laws of this country.  In some instances where contract is breached it becomes necessary to give a reasonable period of notice to individuals to find alternative accommodation.   Should you wish to familiarise yourself with how the Mission operates we would invite you to make an appointment to visit the Mission and all your questions will be answered.

I have had no response yet.


  1. Lynette besides the point behind this whole entry, I NEVER KNEW YOU DID THIS KIND OF WORK.
    wow...I thought you were a regular Ouma - a housewife - never knew this amazing side of you.

    How do you manage to spread yourself like you are always there for everyone...even me in Germany!!

  2. What a great come back! They can come see what is really taking place and better learn than jumping to conclusions! Good for you!


  3. Your answer is perfect.
    I would have said: "Ag, sy gat man, hy weet nie waarvan hy praat nie" Then, that is why you do this amazing work and people like me don't. I am way too rude, so I will just stick to what I do best, pray for people like you who have been called to do this wonderful work.

  4. Why do people make a point when they do not have the facts? your answer is perfect. you should phone the Herald and invite them for a visit.

  5. Wow, that's just outrageous!

  6. It's so sad but it's so true that whatever we do, we can't please every one, no matter what.
    A very well said response to that letter.

  7. Lynette, whoever that is, he is not ethical or diplomatic at all... yes, your reply is great.. hope he really comes by and have his eyesight "checked."
    Keep up the good work, L.. it is God that we r pleasing..

  8. Oh Lynette , I can understand your outrage over untruths about your mission & its beyond fantastic work !!!

    It's amazing how people love to shoot off their mouths & they could be other Christians .

    Big hugs, hun !!!

  9. Very diplomatic reply. Bullies usually back down, and the writer didn't sound 'all there' to begin with...You're right, no good dead goes unpunished....we have a wild mustang sanctuary, and got a weird letter anonymous of course in our mail box accusing us of cooping them up in a 'jail.' They run free on 40 acres with a pond and we just let them 'be,' our expenses are high so we formed a nonprofit....I didn't see an offer to help with expenses or work....geez....

  10. We love reading your blog and are here to support you.
    I agree with the others, keep up the good work, even though it is easy to be disheartened when the attacks come.

  11. Perfect answer! I have learned that if you stick to the facts and leave out the emotions it is difficult for the other one to answer if their's is not based on real facts.

  12. Good for you! (the reply)
    Thanks for doing a wonderful job!

  13. I'm so proud of you!!! (I know what my answer would have been!!!)

    It will always be true though, what you said... you'll never be able to please everybody, so maybe you shouldn't try too. I think it's marvellous what you're doing and wish there were more people like you!! The world would definitely be a better place!!

    Keep up the good work!!
    Big hug!!!

  14. An excellent answer Lynette! Don't worry about the media - use it to your advantage as you will be given the opportunity to reply & you can then use it as an advert for your ministry & do a charity call! You never know what may come of it - you know how the Lord turns things round for good ;-D

  15. oh Lynette! I know what it is like but sadly it will always be like that - there always be the unhappy one who will use any chance to break down your peace... I am reading you and just want to talk to you on all the different issues you write about... but I am not in a very writing mood lately... keep up the good work! God bless you and your family abundantly!

  16. That's why I pray for you, I don't always check in but you're always in my prayers...

    BTW they are jerks. We have a big God, leave this one for Him 2 Chron 20:17

    loving you from Michigan!

  17. Oh wow - perfect answer! You kept your cool and replied in a calm manner. Hats off to you. As for getting "The Herald" involved... tell them to go ahead! may get you some publicity and some fund raising! x

  18. I like how you handled this. Hang in there!

  19. You handled this well. I take my hat off to you, Lynette, for half the crap you must have to deal with! You do an absolutely amazing job. There are not many people in this world with a big a heart as you.


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