Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend photo post

This weekend Lukas turned 2.  He is currently crazy about farm animals and Nadia had this cake baked for him...don't you think it is just beautiful.
Just look at all the detail.
The weather is still chilly so we set up for the party under the lapa.
Happy birthday to you big boy.
I love the effect of this under exposed pic.
Little Dewan had a ball.
...and so did Leane.
There was more than enough to keep the little ones busy.
Playing peek-a-boo;-D
Just a few random pics.... prove that when you are little you are willing but not able...and when you grow up you are able but not willing;-D
...showing Lukas' amazing climbing abilities....
Already spying on the neighbours.
Brotherly love...Christian and Lukas.

This is what I find the hardest...continuing with life as usual when all I want to do is go and crawl under the covers and hide from the world.  I am amazed at how life just carries on regardless of whether you feel that it has come to an end.  We just continue smiling through the heartache...I get up in the morning and paint a smile on my face...reminds me of this poem by Betty B. Youngs:
The Paintbrush

I keep my paintbrush with me,
wherever I may go
in case I need to cover up
so the real me doesn't show.
I'm so afraid to show you me;
afraid of what you'll do;
you just might laugh , or say mean things,
I'm afraid I might lose you....
I'd like to remove my paintcoats,
to show you the real, true me,
but I want you to try and understand
I need you to like what you see.
So if you'll be patient and close your eyes
I'll strip off my coats real slow,
please understand how much it hurts
to let the real me show.
Now my paintcoats are all stripped off.
I feel naked, bare and cold.
If you still love me with all you see
you'r my friend as pure as gold.
I need to save my paintbrush though,
and hold it in my hand;
I need to keep it handy......
someone might not understand.
So please protect me, my dear friend;
and thanks for loving me true;
but please let me keep my paintbrush,
until I love me too.


  1. What a perfect cake!! the cutest photos, now that is what a boy is all about! beautiful poem, BUT you don't need painting here Lynette, just be You. We all love you! Have a great day and go off and scrap those photies!!

  2. what a gorgeous cake - wow.

    love the photos.

    as difficult as it is to do, you have to. that is the reality of life and as crap as it is, one must do it. horrid hey?

    But we love you and are all here for you, so if the mask slips - so what?

  3. I have never seen such an amazing birthday cake, wow bakers are getting far too clever these days...or should I say creative.
    Happy birthday to your gorgeous grandson ~ can see he had a ball and loved all the attention.

  4. That is the most BRILLIANT cake....WOW, bet he had a ball of a birthday!

  5. I think you made a brilliant decision to do the two blogs.
    That cake is magnificent and your pictures beautiful. And you know I just love that candle light picture.

  6. what a lovely cake.. are they all edible?? so creative!
    my, when i see Lukas climbing that fence, it astonishing me.. so small and yet so "unfearful"... lol..

  7. wow Lukas is such a good little climber!!! and love those cow cupcakes!!!

  8. Gorgeous cake! And gorgeous kids. It does semm so terribly wrong that life goes on amidst crises... thinking of you all the time x-x

  9. The party looks like such fun! The cake is fabulous. I am sure you enjoyed having all those sweet kids around!

    So sorry to hear you are feeling down. I pray for you and your family regularly. Sending you hugs!

  10. What a great party, the cake is adorable!

  11. That cake is amazing. Wow! It looks like Lukas really enjoyed turning 2. I love seeing these photos of your family. Children bring so much happiness and joy into our lives.

    Thanks for sharing the poem--perfect.

  12. Oh boy - I just found your blog and so wish I had the whole day to read - took a quick whizz around and am going to have to visit again and again to catch up - love your layouts!

    Have a wonderfully blessed day

  13. Wow that cake is amazing... lots of work went into it... love all the gorgeous animals and the cow cupcakes. I bet Lukas had a lovely day... as did his Ouma. Love and hugs to you too... the poem you shared is so typical of all of us, isn't it?

  14. What a perfect cake & a lovely day! Your photos capture everything exquisitely. So sorry that through it all you have your worries to contend with too. I have had my fair share of really low times & was also amazed at the surreal way that everything just kept on churning, no matter how we just keeps going. I guess that's where the expression "Stop the world I wanna get off!" comes from. Things will work out & you will feel better ;-D

  15. Wonderful cake! Happy BDay!
    Sorry to hear it is going a bit rough! :-(

  16. I love love love that cake! Looks like Lukas loved it too! Great photos and the poem is beautiful.

    Tanya xx

  17. Beautiful photos and what a awesome cake, love it.

  18. What an Amazing Birthday party!! The kids looked so happy!!! Love the pictures!!!! I love the Poem!!

  19. Great photos Lynette. Two that jump out at me are the glow of the candles and scaling the fence - so typically a boy. The cake is amazing.
    I have never felt like you are covering up. You are so open with your life and share the good, the bad and the ugly. In doing so, you are surrounded by those who love you and are there to support you in any way they can. Stay strong, we will help you.

    Hugs, Irene :)

  20. Could you do me a favor and tell Nadia that I would like to have a cake made for me as What a beautiful cake and looks like some one had a wonderful party! I love this poem at the bottom of your page as well. I think someone needs a taller fence =O)

  21. WOW that cake is the prettiest I have ever seen. x

  22. Two already???
    LOVE that birthday cake - and the cupcakes! I grew up on a farm, so that cake is right up my alley. ;)
    Oh, and that kid looks to be quite the climber!
    I always enjoy your photos.


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