Sunday, June 27, 2010

My baby is 21!

Bianca turned 21 years on Saturday 26 June.  A bittersweet day on which we had to accept that she is now grown up...and release her to live her life.
My beautiful daughter was born on 26 June 1989.  Not flesh of my flesh...but part of my heart forever.
The first time we saw her was when she was six months old and it was love at first sight.
In October 1990 she became part of our family.
Always smiling...always happy.
Very much daddy's little princess.
She always did things her way;-D
She coaxed these cat to our home and we had all our days getting them back to their owners.
With her Big Brothers.
Four year old flower girl at Ansie's wedding.
Graduating from Pre-School
With her greatest loves...Tinkie and Crissy.
Best Cousins...Bianca with Stephanie.
Always warm and hugable.
Wynand and Bianca in 2004
Our beautiful daughter on the day of her matric dance.
Always the reluctant model.
With Leane in 2008
 With a white lion cub at the Seaview game park.
With Marc, her first serious 2009
With best friend Deonella.
At Eerste Rivier in November last year.

My darling will never know just how much of my heart you have captured over the years. The past few years have been difficult for both of us, times where we did not seem to agree on anything. I pray and trust that you will dream...and that you will attain your dream.  We will always be here for you.



  1. Happy Birthday to Bianca. You captured the last 21 year so beautiful Lynette. Hope you had a blessed day!xxx

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Bianca. I hope she reads this and realises that no matter what she is your daughter and that you will always be there for her.

    Much love xx

  3. What an incredible tribute to a remarkable daughter. Happy Birthday Bianca!


  4. What a lovely girl, and what special photos full of loving memories.

    Happy birthday Bianca.

  5. Happy Birthday Bianca!!!!!!!

    I love all the photos!!! She is Beautiful!!!!! She is a Very special and loved girl!

  6. Happy Birthday to your girl, Biana.. 21st birthday is very memorable.. what a touching post you have dedicate to her.. u r a great mum!
    God bless...

  7. Happy Birthday Bianca! What a lucky girl youy are to have such a wonderful loving family.

  8. Pragtige fotos en pragtige woorde Lynette. Geluk om jou dogter se 21ste Verjaarsdag. Dit is maar moeilik wanneer hulle besluit om die nes te verlaat, maar sy sal altyd terug kom.
    Baie liefde,

  9. Happy Birthday Bianca! What a beautiful tribute - loved looking at all the photos! What a gorgeous baby who blossomed into a beautiful woman!
    Thinking of you Lynette x-x

  10. Oh Lynette, what a beautiful post to a beautiful girl. Now I am all teary...

  11. Shjoe maar sy is pragtig!

    You two have walked such a long path together - and your love for her shines through these pics.

    We pray her life path will take her in beautiful, rich ways and that the two of you will still find great joy in each other.

  12. Happy Birthday Bianca! She will find her way back to you, Lynette.

  13. Happy 21st birthday to your beautiful daughter...I found this entry and dedication to her very emotional and beautiful...I wanted to read what you wrote to Landi but had to stop as I wanted to cry..
    My heart goes out to you ~ keep believing she will return.

  14. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Even if they are not flesh of your flesh, they will always remain your child!!!

    I can't seem to get on to your private blog today????

  15. What gorgeous photos - lovely to go through them and feel the love in your family. Happy Birthday Bianca!

  16. A stunning tribute.
    Happy Birthday Bianca.

  17. Lovely tribute to her 21 years!! They do grow up fast.... sometimes too quickly!! Happy Birthday to Bianca!!

    Hugs to you Lynette!!


  18. Thanks for the e mail - hope you have a wonderful time away ;-D

  19. This was beautifully done! I can not help but look back and feel so honored to be on this journey with these precious souls that God has so graciously loaned us. What a beautiful daughter you have and what a beautiful mom she has. =O)

  20. Oh my, she is very beautiful Lynette! I can imagine how you must feel. Oh they grow up so fast don't they? I'm sure your baby knows how blessed she is to have you in her life.

  21. I can't comment. The lump in my throat is too big. Everyone has said it all.
    Hugs, Irene

  22. All these photos are so beautiful, hope she realize how much you and all the family love her. Happy belated birthday Bianca!

  23. She has grown into a beautiful young woman, you should be proud!

  24. Congrats on Bianca's 21st. Such a beautiful photo journal you have posted here of her life up to now.


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