Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Here and Now

That is no Joke
Outside my window:-  Sunny, windy about 18 degrees Celcuis.

Thankful for:- A 10 day holiday starting tomorrow...yes...WE ARE LEAVING ON A JET Cape Town tomorrow morning.

Wearing:- Jeans, red jersey and boots.

Noticing that:-  Other than a nagging back ache....the upside is that I am feeling relatively peaceful.

Reading:- Kay Arthur's - Israel my Beloved...yes still...can't seem to concentrate long enough to finish it, maybe during our break.

Thinking about:- Resting...I feel old, tired and decrepit.
Pondering:- Where has this year gone to?
Around the house:- Quiet...the way I like it.
From the kitchen:- The smell of a leg of lamb roasting...the children will all be coming for a "boerekos" supper tonight.
Loving right now:-  My new Volvo C30 that DH surprised me with on Saturday.  I now officially don't need to drive a people carrier anymore;-D

Stunning hey!
Creating:-  I started a mini album for Bianca for her 21st but somehow the inspiration for completing it had disappeared. I am using the Pink Paislee Bayberry Cottage and a 6x12 artisan mini album for this project.  I will complete it after our holiday and post it here.

Planning:- Lovely things to do while in Cape hanging around Allie's deck for coffee and meeting as many of my Cape Town blog buddies as possible....and resting....and sleeping and recovering from all the trauma that this year had brought.  The best part is being with my favorite person (besides DH that is) my youngest sister, Ansie...yay!!!!
Shooting:-  Nothing...but am planning to do a lot of that while in Cape Town.


  1. Nothing like a nice holiday to refuel ones engin again.....

    I di hope that I will be able to meet you this time around!!!! Please if you are meeting with Stef and Mel and them let me also know!!!! Would love to kuier with you guys!!!!

  2. Dear Lynette, hope you have really nice and restful time on your holiday! Hugs, Svit xxx

  3. Oh have a wonderful time in CT and give all those lovely bloggers a hello from me too.

    see u soon. xx

  4. oh - so wish I was in CT to met all you bloggers too! :-(
    Have a fab break - you deserve it! x
    P>S: Love your car x

  5. lucky are the car!!!!

    Have an awesome time in CT!

  6. Lovely car! Enjoy your break, if anybody deserves a break, you two do - so enjoy, relax and rest!

  7. Have a lovely rest and so glad you have made some time for yourself and dh. :)

  8. wow your car is sooo cool!
    you should be driving it to cape town!
    are you having a bloggers get together?
    hugs Betty

  9. Wow, stunning car. Enjoy Cape Town - we might just be in the same city for a day or two - me and the princess are there from the 8th to the 12th.

  10. Can't wait to meet up with you. Will try to organise the right weather for the deck date :-)

    Lurve your wheels, girlfriend!

  11. I love your new car!!!!!! Looks so Awesome!!!! Cant wait to see the mini Album!!!!!

  12. Beautiful car!! Congratulations, may you have many happy miles.
    Oh and enjoy your holiday, you deserve it!! It is your time now, so enjoy it 100%

  13. Volvo one of the safest cars on the road to drive...good on hubby to spoil you my friend.
    You do so much for others!!!]

    Enjoy and drive safe...xx

  14. Hope you have a wonderful trip & enjoy everything. The car is great & zippy - very you !!!Enjoy

  15. Hope you have an excellent time in Capetown! I always hear how beautiful it is there! Enjoy!

  16. Have a stunning break and get lots of rest, you deserve it. Am LOVING that car, I am still in the people carrier phase and will be for a while I fear :0)

  17. Hi Lynnette - I blog hopped here from Little Shop of Sketches and there I see my beautiful SIL commenting too (Jenny in Durbs)! Your daughter is just beautiful and I love your little car. One day I will also graduate from a people mover to something a little more stylish

  18. Lynette--I hope you are savoring every moment of your vacation. You deserve the relaxtion!

    And, oh, what a car!

  19. Congrats on your stunning new wheels. Wishing you billions of happy and safe kilometres in it.


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