Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here and Now

Thank you to Helen who provided the inspiration for this post;-D

Outside my window:-  It is raining hard...and it is cold.  So happy to get rain at last, the Eastern Cape has been a drought disaster area now for months and my garden is slowly dying.

Thankful for:- The warmth of a home, my family and praying friends. 

Wearing:- Jeans, black jersey, black coat and red scarf...did I say it is blimming cold!

Noticing that:- I need a hair cut urgently. Which reminds me that I need a NEW hairdresser urgently.

Reading:- Kay Arthur's - Israel my Beloved. 

Thinking about:- What I should type...duh!

Pondering:- Let's not go there!
Around the house:- Bianca watching TV, workmen underneath the lapa putting in sliding doors to enclose it.
From the kitchen:- The aroma of hearty soup for tonight's supper.

Loving right now:-  Just being home...I love my home.  So wish I could be a housewife;-D

Creating:-  A mini album for Bianca's 21st birthday on the 26th of June.

Planning:- A surprise 50th birthday party at our home on Saturday evening for a very dear friend.  DH is doing a lamb on the spit.
Shooting:-  Random pics of my favourite grandchildren.  I am trying to catch the funny moments on camera.
 Trust little Lukas to find a use for a knitted tea cozy:-)
Little toes peeking through a hole.
Lukas bullying his most favourite person in the world.
The joy of three babies in a bath.
Somehow the rules changed over the years and jumping on Oupa and Ouma's bed is allowed.
 A tortoise is hijacked!
 Two silly babies having fun.
...and now blogger is playing havoc with my spacing!


  1. cutest pictures!!love the peeking toe!! these kiddies are for sure a blessing to you and your husband.
    loved reading your post!

  2. Beautiful, those posts may just become my favourites.

  3. I love your Post!! And I love the pictures!!! thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Love this post.

    YOu're definately sounding happier, which i'm glad about. Waiting patiently for the rain to get to us. The cold is here tho!

  5. What a fun list of things to remember :)

    These pictures brought a HUGE smile to my face. I love seeing the joy of your grandchildren.

  6. Love the post.

    Jumped for joy, when I heard the news of rain in the EC!

  7. LOVE the photos!! Too cute. 3 babes in a bath is my daily realit!! How very blessed we are x

  8. lol, your grand babies are so lucky to have you!

  9. A very happy for us to smile! love the jumping.. the sharing of the bathtub... looking at the kids' faces brighten up our day!

  10. So glad to hear it is raining and that you are sounding a bit better. Great pictures.

  11. :-)
    yes we also had a bit of much needed rain...what a blessing

  12. I thought you were a housewife of sorts? x

  13. @Jo - Housewife, how did you get that idea. No my friend...managing the finances of the Mission is a full time job and then there is counseling and the day-to-day happenings...caring for 560 people is no joke;-D

  14. The photos of your grandkids crack me up. I can't decide if I like the captive tortoise or the "escaping" toe best! ;)

  15. LOL, I wish we had tortoises in our backyard!

  16. I commented on this post days ago but Blogger was up to it's tricks & I now see that it never registered...sorry! The photos are gorgeous as ever - so full of life & fun, you really capture some beautiful moments! Thanks for the acknowledgement too...although really I pinched it from Stef...just juggled things around a bit!;-D

  17. aawww Lynette! those photos are so precious!! the kids are gorgeous!! love the pic of the little toe peeking through the hole!!! too sweet!!
    big hugs my friend!! and thanks a bunch for always visiting my blog and leaving love!


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