Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Annus horribilis

 Annus horribilis:  Latin meaning "a horrible year".

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while now could probably agree that so far this year had not been a good one for my family. First off, I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone, and to an extent it feels as if we just lived from crisis to crisis.  I first want to share some tit bits on how things are going in my life right now:  

  • Today Kobus Jr. will become part of the divorce statistics of this country.

  • The vision of Wynand's left eye has improved so remarkably that he has started driving again. Never alone and never in peak traffic as he still has a blind spot and his right eye is still useless. 

  • Last week I realised that I have far too many commitments and were feeling very overwhelmed and tired, so I cut down drastically on my commitments and have started to say "no" without feeling bad about it.

So all-in-all it felt as if we have left the turbulent waters and our little boat was now in the calm sheltered waters...and we became complacent and relaxed....thinking anything that could happened, have already happened:-)

So this weekend we got what some would have considered the knock-out-punch. Although I carry my heart on my sleeve, I cannot talk about this yet.  All I can do is ask you to pray for my family.  I can say that we have weathered this new storm remarkably well and our boat is still afloat.

Sometimes I wonder...when I take a step back and look at our situation....I am pretty sure there is some judgmental Christians out there that would look at us and say:  "Now that is what happens when you are not walking in the blessings of the Lord."  To an extent I believe that when we became obedient to the call of the Lord on our lives, we were so eager that we did not really stop to "count the cost".  Because there is a cost, not only to us but also to our family.  I do believe that even if we did count the cost...the outcome would have been the same...just seeing how people become free from bondage and addictions make this worthwhile.

I will probably look back on this year sometime in the future and it will be always etched in my mind as "a horrible year" a year full of stress and trauma...but I will also look back on it and marvel about the spiritual growth that takes place in times of adversity.  

 Oi....and blogger is doing it's own thing again...I typed this in normal font and it gets posted in capital letters...



  1. I don't know what is going on with you and your family Lynette, but please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers x-x
    "This too shall pass" - even an annus horribilus. Just sux whilst you are going through it.
    Sterkte my vriend x-x. ((((HUGS))))

  2. Great news about your son's eyes...small steps forward, but steps indeed.

    Divorce happens to the best of us,marriage is hard...

    Will pray for you and your family during this time....

  3. Ai Ai Lynette, wish for you to only travel quite waters, hope that you will go through this and come out strong. i started to live by this: God would never put a enemy on your way, which He can not defeat.
    Thinking of you!

  4. Oh my friend, you know that you are constantly in my prayers. Love to you - I am so thrilled about the news of Wyanand's eye.

    You know you can mail or call if you need me.

  5. Each step on the way is one step closer to God... walk with Him through these times and you will come out stronger. Don't worry what "other Christians" will say... know God, trust in Him and He will reward you.

  6. Its hard to know what to say when someone you care about is going through such prolonged suffering.

    The desire to 'make all the bad stuff go away' is, I'm sure on all our hearts. "
    But all we can do is say: "We are here. We care. We will pray."

    When we are fragile, its good to know that its Christ Himself who does the holding on to us.

    By the way, HUGE congrats on learning to say No.
    Its not easy for caring and diligent people like you.

    Also thrilled to hear about Wynand's eye!

  7. Praying for you & your family & all situations. You are strong in yourself & the Lord, let him guide your ways. Easier said than done sometimes but you will get through this.

  8. My heart goes out to you in these testing times......with God, you will come through it stronger. Lean on Him....while we all pray.

  9. Dear Lynette, I keep you in my prayers.. I have not been knowing you for long time, and even dont comment here so often but for some reason (just the Lord knows) I remember you and your family in my prayers.. I understand what you are saying about cost but I really trust (and I am sure you too) that Jesus is so strong in you, and very soon you will count blessings, not disasters. I think I feel your soul so much now, and I am crying... I don't know why.. I wouldn't say that here infront of all, but I don't know other way and feel that I should tell you. I am not very good in expressing my feelings, sorry if i've done it so chaotic) Lots of love and prayers.. svit

  10. wow ! i've never had blogger act this weird on me - everything in caps !!! duh !

    Wonderful news with Wynand's eye , Lynette !!! & I so hear you on the year so far !

    Can't say it's fantastic for me either . Nevertheless , recently I am standing on Deut 31:6.

  11. Thank you for all your prayers and kind comments.

  12. so blogger is giving u something special today Lynette...

    I feel for you too, cos this year is not a good year for me and my family as well..
    both my mum and my youngest sis have blurred vision in their eyes, they have to hold each other when they walk..
    my brother is still doing his 15th chemotherapy and my mum with her one blurred eye is taking care of him...
    my eldest sis is also having some chronic problem with her gall bladder
    and myself, i have something which i dare not disclose yet till i confirm..
    but through it all, I do not want to dampen myself..
    today my colleague reminded me that our God is not a small God, He is a Big God, and all we need to do is to just pray, pray for His mercy and grace upon our lives..
    What we can do is to comfort one another... we experience discomfort in our lives so that we can comfort others who need them.. it is written in the Bible...
    So stay strong.. don't let anything dampen our faith in Him!

    Praise The Lord no matter what happens..

  13. Said a little prayer for you.

  14. sjoe, i hear you. and echo Allies sentiments, she said it so well. much love to you. xxx

  15. Was wondering about those capital letters - I am also experiencing a very bl**dy minded Blogger too at the moment. So sorry to hear about your Annus Horribilis. Life is Hard. I have had so many hard years & just wonder when they are going to stop, yet all the time, nothing gets easier. I am amazed at what we are actually capable of bearing. I think those NOT walking with the Lord have an easier time of it. The devil has no need to discourage those already lackaidaisical but every interest in attempting to break the spirit of the faithful. Try not to be discouraged. You are a blessing to all those around you.

  16. I will continue to pray for you and may you find yourself in His Lap.

  17. I am so hoping that this news turns positive! I am also so glad that your sons eye is doing so much better!

  18. First of all, your post did not come thru all-caps on my google reader. Secondly, and most important, never think that anything bad happening in your life is punishment from God. He does not "get back" at you. Sure, there are consequences to our sin, but that is different than bad circumstances. Think about the book of Ruth, or about Job and the terrible circumstances that they went through. It never once says in the Bible that God did it because they had done something wrong! I'll pray for you and family and I do hope that better times are to come.

  19. Some good will come of it all {{}}

  20. ya know, sometimes life just stinks, doesn't it? I will be praying for you & your family. I look forward to following your blog in the future & invite you to come rest awhile at mine & follow as well. I would feel blessed to count you a friend.

    Remember, God only allows the challenges in our lives that He does in order to strengthen us. Doesn't mean it's going to be pleasant..often,it's just the opposite. Would I rather have not experienced the hell I have? Certainly! But, had I not...I'd never be here reaching out to you now. What you experience now, He WILL see you through it. Just ask Him to reveal how He wants you to reach others with what you learn & the strength you've gained. He's turned my ENTIRE life around for the better. Yes, I went thru hell for years, and tried to make it about me, but once I surrendered completely, things just started to fall into place. There are still things I long for, hope for, pray for...but my life is good & I am blessed. It happens!

    He WILL make it work for your good as He promises in Romans 8:28. Always pray Psalm 25:4-5, and live each day as Jeremiah 6:16 directs. I guarantee Satan will come STRONG against you - usually through your family. He does not want another soul, much less the whole family, come to know Christ as their Savior. Come read my latest blog & listen to the first song!

    Love in God's grace always ~ Merana

  21. This has been a rough year for your family. I'm so sorry to hear that another trial has come up. However, I believe that the Lord only sends us trials we can overcome. Which means just the opposite of what any "judgmental" people may think--you are so much stronger in your faith if you are given these trials to face.

    Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. {hugs}

  22. i am new to your blog, and you may not know me and probably never will, but i pray that you and your family will have the strength and courage to surpass any challenges. God can move mountains. hugs.

  23. Im trying to recap on alot of posts that I have missed. I am so sorry you have had such a hard year. I will continue to have you & your family in my prayers.


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