Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday musings

  • On Saturday evening we celebrated Nadia's 25th birthday at the Coachman.  She loved the album I made for her.
  • A spot of VERY good news:  Wynand has found that the vision in his left eye is gradually getting better.  The right eye is still unchanged...but we are looking out for the small improvements and rejoicing in them.  He went for a "field-of-vision" test at the eye specialist today and they cannot see this improvement on the test?
  • I received a parcel from Pearl Liu...she scrapped these layouts of my little ones.
This one showcases those pretty blue eyes.
Pearl thank you for your generosity in using your amazing talent to scrap my treasures;-D
  • I have now been using supplements for 3 weeks and my sleeping patterns are getting better and better...I even had a dream over the last weekend...something that have not happened to me in ages:-)
  • Leane stayed over last night and Bianca baked her some cup cakes with vicious pink and green icing...she loved it...but looked a little like a deer caught in the headlights when I took this photo of her with my Blackberry.
 Not Canon quality me thinks;-)
  • Scrapping mojo found...I scrapped a few pages today and loved how they turned out...will share soon.


  1. Thrilled to hear about Wynand's improved vision. Who cares if the machines can't pick it up - as long as he can see it, hey?

    Also thrilled to hear of your improved sleep!
    Fantastic news, both.

  2. Looks like you are doing just fine. Great news about Wynand's vision! Wow!

  3. Happy 25th birthday Nadia...looking very beautiful indeed with her handsome man.
    Great news about the improvement in the vision as well...
    I knew Nadia would LOVE her is special..
    Lovely scrappings from your friend...and yes those BB pics are not the best but what one has in the moment.
    WE must hook up with each other via the chat...send me your pin and I will request or visa versa.

    Had TOUGH news from home today.

  4. I;m glad he is improving!!! That's really great!! Small steps at the time.

    Does lo's Pearl did for you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! Gorgeous pictures too!!!

    Cant wait to see your creations!!!
    God Bless.

  5. hey Lynette, happy to hear that your son is better.. good news.. how i wish my mum and my sister's eyesight will improve too.. both of them are still having blur visions due to diabetics.. my sis is so young and she cannot see with one eye and the other also blurred....thank God your son is improving.. Praise HIM..

  6. So happy that Wynand's vision is improving and that you are rejoicing in the little changes. Just want to encourage with this that I read on a email that I got a long time ago but I have never forgotten it. "Don't miss out on the blessing because it is not packaged the way you expected it to be".

  7. So gled to hear your son is improving.

  8. it is so wonderful to hear so many really good things that happened to you lately! praise God that He is always there for us trough everything!

  9. What amazing news. That is absolutely fantastic. so so happy for you.


    love the pic of them. they make such a handsome couple.

    and how gorgeous are those LO's?

  10. I rejoice with you that his vision is improving and trust that it will only get better, that and the other eye will join the healing party.
    Love the Lo's Pearl did for you. She is very talented.
    Looking forward to seeing your LO'sa too. Glad you're mojo is back.

  11. Tagged you for a fun little challenge.

  12. Happy Be-lated Birthday Nadia!

    Awesome news regarding Wynand's eye!

    And how nice of Pearl for that kind gesture! Those are such beautiful works of art!

    Also, happy to hear that you are getting a better nights rest. You need it woman, with everything you go through.


  13. So glad to hear that your precious son is improving!!
    Happy belated Birthday, Nadia!
    And..great pictures! Love all of them!
    Hope you're having a great day!
    B xx

  14. Wonderlike nuus oor Wynand - met God is alles moontlik!!

  15. What wonderful news for your son! Also happy that your scrapping mojo has been found!! Pearl is very sweet & did some awesome work! :)

  16. That is great news about your son, God listens to our prayers.

    She did a great job with the photos...

  17. that's wonderful about Wynand's progress , Lynette !!! Thanks be to God !

    I love how large these layouts look here ! lol

    can't wait to see your scrappy creations next now ! ;)

  18. Stunning and colourfully creative layouts you have received. I am sure you will be treasuring them. Great to hear some positive news from the family again.

  19. What good news to share!!

    The layouts are so beautiful!


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