Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two Hearts mini album

Do you remember that I showed you the front of a mini album in April... at the time I was still contemplating who the owner of the mini album would be. This beautiful mini album was designed by Dee Walker of  The Scrappy Gourmet.
The decision is made.  Nadia, my darling daughter-in-grace is turning 25 on the 15th of May...and this album will be part of my gift to a thank you for being such a wonderful wife to Wynand...we are truly blessed to have her in our lives.
All the trimmings is like icing on a cake...don't you think?
I loved making this little album with all this gorgeous details.
All the journaling is love quotes from just fits these two hearts perfectly.  I remember so vividly the day Wynand sat in my office and told me that "he met this girl" and "at the time he was not sure of the relationship because she already had a little boy."  We soon grew to love her and Christian immediately became our first grand child.
On the left Wynand goes down on his Sardinia Bay, on the ask the BIG question.  On the right you can see that their life is also not only the main is the comics too;-)
These two are truly made for each other.
Christian and his pretty mommy.
The big day.
....and then they were three.
....and soon after....little Lukas was born...a son that carries the same happiness and sunshine with him that his parents carry with them.  
Wynand, Nadia, Christian and taken about a year ago.
The End.
From the first day, Nadia became part of our family...another daughter in the house.  She is such a wonderful daughter to have, always ready with a smile.  When Wynand started getting problems with his vision, I wondered how she would cope with the added pressure...and I am thrilled to say...she does and very well too...with her usual smile and happiness radiating from her.  She is truly beautiful inside and out...and radiates warmth where ever she goes.  Thank you Nadia, for being such a wonderful wife and best friend to Wynand and such a cool Mamma to Christian and Lukas.



  1. Lynette this is the MOST beautiful gift I have seen a mother in law give to her daughter in law....I would love one myself....its so beautifully made and with such love.
    She is going to be thrilled beyond words when she sees this.
    I got goosebumps and wanted to cry as its so so *lost for words*
    You are so talented...

  2. This is so awesome Lynette!!!! You have become quite the Mini album Queen around here!!!!

    She is a awesome Mommy and you can see the love that radiates from her eyes... I am so happy for her and Wynand and all of you. To accept a 'other' child as your own is a very big step, and something you can only do with love.

    Very nice post Lynette!!!!

  3. wow! it is so beautiful! and for such a beautiful person too!

  4. I love the album, stunning and I am sure N will love it too.

  5. great book !!
    great inspiration !

  6. Lynette, the album is fantastic! I love the style you've made it and all the quotations and embelishments! And great photos! Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. So gorgeous Lynette, she is going to be so thrilled with it, and honoured that you feel so strongly about her. I think that is what every 'daughter in grace' wishes for from the MIL's.

    You can almost touch the love between the two of them xxx

  8. Lynette hi! it's me again. I thought to answer to your comment here that you can see it :-)))
    we don't travel that much and if we do it is just around SA. those pages you commented on and those in the next post are about our trip to Russia last year june-july - the first time in 7 years! yeh, not that often!

  9. You are so crafty!
    That album is fabulous!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

    B xx

  10. Lynette I know this post is about your DIL, and the album is completely beautiful too! She is going to love it. But I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul to have you shown this on your blog... As you know I'm struggling with scrapping and taking a break with pulling back from teams and having to scrap has seriously had me weighing things. But since I've done just that I feel like the cloud is being lifted so to speak..

    Your album is my inspiration to finish our Disney album which is sitting on my desk. I only have a few pages left, but its okay reading this has inspired me to want to finish it and pour my love into that album!!!

    Thank you Lynette. If I could reach to you and hug you, I most certainly would!

  11. What a stunning gift for a stunning person! I've only met her a few times and she is always the same, smiling and delightfull!

  12. stunning!stunning!! she will just love this album,you have done it so beautiful lynette.

  13. It is so very beautiful and so is your daughter in law! She will love it, I am sure :)

  14. Lovely mini album. As always you are truly an inspiration.

  15. Happy Mother's Day , Lynette !!!

    What a lovely tribute to Nadia !!! what a blessing !!!

    & I'm just relieved to hear my snail mail has arrived ! lol wow it seems to have taken more than the 10 days my PO indicated .

  16. Absolutely stunning! She will treasure it. She is lucky to have a MIL like you x

  17. What a BEAUTIFUL and Precious gift!

    Happy Mother's Day,my friend!
    You look BEAUTIFUL, then and NOW!
    You are such a wonderful friend and MOTHER!
    May this Mother's Day be one of the best with more to come in years!

  18. I battled to comment earlier.
    Great job and such a special gift.
    I am sure that she will treasure it also.
    I might need some mini book lessons.
    Still not that into then myself.

  19. WOW, it this doesn't make Nadia cry..... This is a perfect gift that shows how much love there is in your relationship.
    Lynette, your creation is AMAZING. I love the everything about it - the photos, the sayings, the papers, the embellishments and the love.

    I am inspired.
    Hugs, Irene xx

  20. that is one absolutely gorgeous mini album
    what a great keepsake for your dd.

  21. What a wonderful gift! It's just beautiful. :)

    I wish you were MY mother-in-law! ;)

  22. Beautiful, Lynette! Nadia is a blessing to your family, and you are a blessing to her. She will treasure it always :)

  23. What an awesome gift to such a special person. And I so love it that you call her your "daughter in grace".

  24. Awesome gift! You are both lucky ladies!

  25. Lynette, You are amazing.. That is a wonderful gift to her. You both are awesome!

  26. Lynette, this is absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!! and I mean it. You should present a class on this and I am sure every scrapper will attend it.

  27. This is really beautiful...great job.

  28. Been catching up on blogs and saw this.... it's stunning. I'm sure Nadia will LOVE it... btw happy birthday to her for today too.


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