Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Nest mini album

Today is Workers Day...and if you're a will know that it is National Scrapbookers Day.  I started a little mini album last night.  The album is designed by Sheila Rumney of The Scrappy Gourmet.  I just love how it turned out...and my fear of mini albums seem to be buried;-)

The Album is about OUR nest and our chicks and little chicklets:)
The Cover...a Maya Road chipboard album was used and the papers, alpha and stickers are all 7 Gypsies, the paper range is Venice.
The spine has a black tulle bow and a pretty dangle.
...a little nest and some feathers...
Page 1:  The entrance to our home.
Page 2: A glimpse into our Family room.
Page 3:  Our story started with us...
Page 4...and will continue with our children and their children...
Page 5:  Humble beginnings in 1979.
Page 6:  Our sons Kobus and friends...
Page 7:  Our pretty daughter...Bianca...soon to be 21!
Page 8:  Since Kobus and his wife seperated...these three spend a lot of time together.
Page 9:  So lucky to have met the love of my life 32 years ago.  Just love him more and more everyday.
Page 10:  Father and sons spend a lot of time together...playing golf and just being together.
Page 11:  Our beautiful grandchildren...such a blessing...
Page 12:  Dewan...our youngest chick...
Page 13:  Leane...Ouma's bokkie....(actually they are all my bokkies)
Page 14: love and my life...
Page 15:  The mom and ouma...
Page 16:  Our home...where we have been living for the past 23 seem to have grown around us.
Page 17:  ...and life is not always just serious....
Page 18: ...our family gives us so much joy.
Page 19:  It has been a journey this past few months...but it has been good to see how this son of ours slowly returned to the man we hear him laugh and even sing is such a joy.  I just wish him so much  happiness....
Page 20:  Our nest is the place to bring the babies when their parents need a break...and we would have it no other way.

Thank you for looking.



  1. Oh Lynette!!!!

    This is just too precious!!!! Very nice pages!!!

  2. stunning !!!
    this looks great !!
    precious memories .
    love it .

  3. Absolutely gorgeous album Lynette. I have the stickers so thanks so much for the inspiration on how to use them.

  4. Lynnete it lookes wonderful! great job!

  5. This is adorable...I just love that little nest you made from pearls and wire! Brilliant!

  6. Lynette, it's fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing!

  7. You did Very Beautiful!!! I Love those pps!!!! What a Great mini album full of love!!!

  8. Clever lady, it is beautiful. Just like every other page or album you have done.

    well done, i think it portrays your family/life so very well. xxx

    You should be so proud of your nest.
    Handsome and blessed Family!

  10. Gorgeous, I also love the little wore nest and 3 pearls.
    You had me sold then already.
    How are you feeling on your new pill regime?
    Are they helping yet?

  11. Absolutely stunning & precious. wow.

  12. Loved the album! Gorgeous photographs!
    How awesome that is!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
    Betty xx

  13. Lynette, I haven't words to say just how beautiful I think this album is....I love it, it screams LOVE to me when I look at it.a

  14. Wow, it is absolutely gorgeous!Very special to have as a family to page through every now and again!

  15. Spectacular mini album Lynette!!!! gorgeous work!!

  16. OH wow! This is fantastic! I LOVE the design of the scrapbook and LOVE the collection of photos.
    Beautiful family :)

  17. this momentum is for precious keeps.. u have done it so nicely, Lynette.. one day, one fine day, I might push myself up to get this done on my family as well.. hope that one day will come..

  18. a precious momento for sure ! wonderful with the the 7Gs !!! You are all very blessed !!!

  19. Beautiful album Lynette!! You have done a great jub!! Love it all!!

  20. Oh Lynette - it's just beautiful. I will never have the time for this, I am sure.

  21. You minialbum is beyond stunning girl!!!!! So much love went into making it! So nice to visit your blog again. I feel deprived cause I don't get to visit my friens anymore. Life is just so hectic but I promise I haven't forgotton about you - actually you pop into my mind a lot lately. Hope the supplements will help you feel better really soon.


  22. This is amazing Lynette! Great job!

  23. Awesome album Lynette. Love everything about it! Just popping in to say hi before we get disconnected on Friday. Could be weeks before we get connected at the new place but will catch up on your blog when we're all sorted ;-D

  24. What a gorgeous album! Amazing!

  25. This is just amazing! I adore the nest!

  26. Dear Lynette,
    what a great album. It is made so well and is a reflection of the life and love you have. Blessings! My 3 y.o. son loved the page where you and your husband are wearing funny glases:)

  27. WOW, WOW, WOW. Thank you so much for sharing this album with us. Lynette, you have done an AMAZING job.....a true work of love.
    Hugs, Irene x

  28. Wow Lynette this is really beautiful ! i think i might need to stock up some more 7G's after looking at this ! :)

  29. Love love love this little mini. You are so talented!

  30. I love your album Lynette! You really have some beautiful work here. It shows that you create from your heart. I am sorry to hear about what your family is going through now.

  31. Very Nice! I love it! You have such a wonderful family.

  32. STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are seriously talented.

  33. Beautiful, another masterpiece.


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