Thursday, May 20, 2010

Me - Five things

I have been tagged by my friend Cat of Juggling act of Life for a challenge. The challenge is that you have to place 5 pictures of yourself that you really like and list 5 things about yourself that you really like.  Well, I guess that if it was easy it would not be called a CALLENGE.

So here goes with the 5 pics of myself:
I chose this photo because that is my favorite place to be...behind the camera;-)
 This one I chose because I wanted to show you I can get down and dirty;-D  The photo was taken at the Dead Sea in Israel and it is true that your skin feels amazing after you washed the mud of yourself in the salty water.
I love this photo of me with my DH.  It was taken in 2008 when my hair was very short.
I love this photo because it is natural and just looking at it reminds me of rest and relaxation.
This one was specially taken for this post.  My DD nearly had me pay for it:-)  Here you can see me with my new dark hairstyle.  The colour is beginning to grow on me...but the new hairdresser made a mess of the style, fortunately hair grows.

Now for the 5 things I like about myself....I guess this does not have to be physical...right?
  1. I will be corny and also say I love my hair...I mean, what would I look like with without it:-D  No, I actually do like it...for years I moaned about my curly hair, wanting it straight. Now I realise that the curl gives my hair body and I can leave it curly or make it straight...although it tends to just curl again by the end of the day.
  2. I like it that we inherited features from my mom's side of the family.  My great grandmother on my dad's side of the family was a Jewess and quite a few of our family members received variations of THE NOSE.  I like my nose that looks a little like my mom's.  
  3. I love it that I can thank good genes for a good skin.  I never had acne as a teenager and although my skin is fair, I have relatively few wrinkles.  But then again...I love my sister Ansie calls them "twinkle wrinkles".  A few of my friends have experimented with botox and I hate it that their faces have no expression.  I love my shows that I love, laugh and live.
  4. I love it that I easily stand up for what I believe and don't compromise on my walk with the Lord.
  5. I love it that I am comfortable in my skin.  Maybe that comes with age, I don't know.  At a certain stage in your life you make peace with your imperfections and you become happy with who you is an amazing place to be.
Now I have to tag 5 Mel from Simply-Mel B
                                                 Allie from Allie Chilling
                                                 Marcelle form South African living in Germany  
                                                 Stefanie from Semplydone
                                                 Pearl from Pearl's Paperfections
                       and anybody else that feels like doing this challenge!


  1. Awesome post - love the pics.

    And now I see you tagged me....and am not sure I am loving it so much when I have to do it!! ;-)

    xxx will do it next week.

  2. Love the pics Lynette - all of them.

    And I like you with your hair shorter actually, suits you!

    And always nice to find out a thing or two that you didn't know about your friends, isn't it?

  3. Ditto Mel's comment. Except I will try to do it sooner than that.

    You look so lovely in all your pics, Lynette (ok, I'll admit, the mud - not so much :-)-
    I wonder if you ever have a bad photo taken!

  4. LOL I've enjoyed reading all about you and seeing all your pretty me photo's.

    I'm not going to participate as its too close to my *All about me Monday * and if I tell you 5 things about myself what will i have to share on my blog about me when I need them...LOL

    Thanks for tag...but am passing this one if it's okay.

  5. great pictures and fun post. I enjoyed reading about you. Now if I can also love my wrinkles the way you do yours then I will be a happy gal! All the best to you Lynette!

  6. I love what you did with it.
    I will prepare a post for tomorrow, thanks for the inspiration.
    Love the snippets about the things you love about yourself, great job, hopefully that part didn't take too long.

  7. You look awesome in those photos, loving the dark hair...

  8. Great photos of you Lynette. You do a great job of getting down and dirty LOL.
    Have a great day,
    Hugs, Irene xx

  9. ooooh Lynette, i love the one with the mud all over.. yes, the mud mask is good for the body, so i heard.. do more often and u look like u r in the 20ss.. lol..

  10. I love this post! Ilove the photos! And most of all I love the fact that we look more like sisters now that your hair is darker!!

    Baie lief vir jou


  11. some of these pics of you are just RAD , Lynette ! you're such a good sport !!!

    My pics will be boring compared to these ! lol

  12. Great pictures Lynette and I love your new hair. We also have "The Nose" in the family - hence my bit about the nose.

    Thanks for doing this.

  13. Great post! I like the darker 'do. ;)

  14. Great pictures! Love the mud one, I would so love to do that!!

  15. I love your photos..You love being behind the camera - You're my friend, I like taking pictures but I love being in the picture.:-)
    The mud and the salty water, that's interesting. I wish to visit the dead sea someday and experience that.
    Your hair looks really good. I have straight hair and been wanting to have curl, but at the end of the day, it goes straight again.

  16. Just loved reading more about you Lynette! Great pics, love the mud one!

  17. You are so beautiful--inside and out :)

  18. What great pictures of you, love the mud one...too cute!


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