Saturday, May 22, 2010

A knock on the door

Early this morning my doorbell rings... I am still in my pj's  (it is Saturday...DH left early this morning to go and play golf..... and I am the master procrastinator on a Saturday).  I peeked at the intercom and saw a young man standing in front of my door....

Me:  Yes...can I help you?
Him:  Yesterday a man living here said I must come back today and he will help me.
Me:  (assuming it is Kobus Jr.):  He is not here and I don't know when he will be back.

I go off to procrastinate some more and hear Nala (our dog) continue to bark at the front door.  After ten minutes I go to the intercom again and there the young man is still standing.

Me:  Why are you still hanging around?
Him:  (sounding desperate) I was hoping that the man that said he will help me will  be back soon.
Me:  He will possibly only come back this afternoon.

Now I am feeling uncomfortable and I phone Kobus Jr.  and ask him whether he told this young man to come back.  He tells me that it is a school kid from Pietersburg that needs to get back to school and that he wants to get him a bus ticket to go back.  Now I feel  BAD and rush out to see if I can still see him.  I see him down in the kloof, about 100 meters from our home and call loudly.  He turns around and I beckon him to come back.

Me:  When last did you eat?
Him:  Your son gave me food when I was here yesterday.
Me:  Where did you sleep last night?
Him:  At the Kabega police station for the past three nights, I told them that somebody is going to help me get to Pietersburg and they told me that they don't want to see me again.  When you told me that your son was not here, I wanted to cry.
Me:  Why did you come to PE?
Him:  My dad died and I wanted to come and tell my gran, but when I got here she was no longer living at the same place and nobody can tell me where she is.
Me:  Where is you mom?
Him:  She emigrated to Australia 8 years ago and I have lost touch with her.
Me: Any other family?  (do I sound like an interrogator?)
Him:  No.  My guardian is one of the teachers at the school in Pietersburg.( He gives me the name and the name of the school)
Me: How old are you?
Him:  18 years.

I made him some steak and eggs on toast and he wolfed it down.  I then phoned the Mission's driver to come and pick him up.  He will be staying on at the Mission until we have made arrangements to get him back to Pietersburg.  

This whole episode again made me aware that we so easily miss it when the Lord's sends somebody on our path and it warmed my heart that my son wants to help.  How much of his story is true?  I don't know...even after twelve years in the ministry I still choose to take people on their word.


  1. You are going to be so blessed cause you opened your arms to someone in need...Your kindness shone through this entry to me.

  2. Lynette, this post made me cry. I miss my mother so very much (even now, 7 years after she died). She used to be able to hear God's voice so clearly and I have always said that I wish I could have inherited that from her. You are right though, often we decide not to listen and miss the whisper.
    I also choose to believe in the goodness of people and they have very seldom disappointed me.

  3. Please do not feel bad..
    I would have helped too, I think most of us , are like you and I , we try to help when we see someone hurt as we know what it is like to be hurt, lonely, scared...
    most of all...basically , we are all not that bad...
    blessed be...


  4. did I ever tell you that you are one of the most beautiful blogger I know?
    well..yes you are!

  5. It is wonderful what you do Lynette. it is so sad that in SA there are just too many cases to be helped, I just wish the fat cats would stop spending the money on themselves and do something real for the people of SA

  6. I too would believe him.

    Am i just gullible?

    How blessed he was to have knocked at your door xxx

  7. @Jo - what really makes me that this young man will soon be finished with school...and then what...where is he going to live until he finds a job. There is no halfway houses for kids that come from orphanages and places of safety.

    @ All - with this post I did not intend to look like the "good person"...just that we walk past so many people on a daily basis and we really have no idea what the hardship is that they face.

  8. Oh Lynette, so sad. I hope you at least find some family.

  9. Oh my goodness Lynette, I will stop and pray for this young man now. How kind of you and your family to help and extend the love of Christ! May God Richly Bless your family!

  10. yes, of course u need to be cautious.. good thing u called your son to confirm..
    God bless!

  11. So often we don't help for fear of becoming a victim of some-ones evil intents! And so often, help is really all they want!
    Well done you - and Kobus Jr - for helping this poor soul.
    It says a lot about the society, and world that we live in, that we would all hesitate before helping some-one. x

  12. I would have probably just not answered the door, esp in my PJ's.
    Thanks for the encouragement to listen for God's voice in the everyday.

  13. Yes kudos to you , Lynette & Kobus Jr , for helping this young man !!!

    Sometimes we have absolutely no idea what difficulties others are facing ! that is just so true !

  14. Linette, I think Some time we have to believe but been cautious at the time.
    I Feel so glad to know you because you have such a big heart and your family too.

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  15. Reading this makes me wanna cry and gives me goosebumps..I felt so sad for the young man and I'm so proud of you and to Kobus Jr. God bless you more!
    I think it doesn't matter how much of his story is true, what matter was you did what would Jesus do.
    I agree that we should always be aware for the opportunity that God sends our way.

  16. What a touching story, I hope this young man finds his way.

  17. Your doing more than you know for this kid Lynette and you'll be blessed for it. Thank you and Kobus Jr. for your loving hearts and generous spirits!

  18. With you involved he is sure to find his way now Lynette, thank God.

  19. Thanks for sharing this wonderful uplifting story with us. It is so true that due to our security circumstances here in SA we often tend to look the other way. May you be blessed over and over for not turning a blind eye.

  20. What a sad story Lynette, I am glad that you were able to help this guy but I am thinking in his future, I hope he can find good people on his path, God bless him and God bless you too.

  21. You have a very generous loving family, Lynette. You are all living a very Christ-like life. This young man is blessed to have your help.

    And aren't we blessed to have experiences like this that help us better understand the Savior's love for us and all of His children?

  22. A little kindness is probably all this boy needs for now,very sad. I wish he could track his mother down in OZ ... you wonder why she would have left him behind. Your family is very kind to help him.

  23. You are such a good person, Lynette. :)

  24. Sometimes we are afraid...And sometimes we take the chance to NOT be afraid. God bless you for everything you do that is good in this world. Children reap what they learn. You son wanted to help because he was obviously taught that is the right thing to do...You are amazing Lynette. and if what that young man told you is true, then he to is blessed. If it is not true, well, he is still blessed to have people like you in this world.

  25. This really touched my heart, thanks for sharing...I would also be like you to believe...!!!

  26. I loved this story Lynette! So great when there is such a straightforward way that you can fill a need as you did. Who can ever know what is 100% truthful & what isn't but you definitely helped someone in need;-D


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