Friday, May 28, 2010


Since I signed up for Facebook, I have never gotten "in" to it.  Maybe it is fear of being bitten by the bug:-)  I find it a tad weird when people send me messages saying that they knew me more than 30 years ago...and I can't even remember knowing anybody by that name.  Maybe it is age related, but I have found that I have difficulty keeping up with my friends and family in this busy world we live in, I really don't have any desire to catch up and keep track of people that once knew me decades ago.

So I guess I am also doing it wrong!


  1. Lol, very funny photo.

    I keep in touch with my family and dear friends back home via facebook...and have also got all my dancing pupils there, can keep track of their lives...and the old school friends, those I know from my working days, moms of girls I taught, oh the list goes on...I love it.

  2. Yep, I'm with you.
    Facebook doesn't quite fill any emotional needs I might have, I'll stick to blogging thanks all the same.

  3. I love FB. When i first started it was great to connect with friends from yonks ago. However, now i use it to keep intouch with my proper friends all over the world. It is a great tool to quickly message friends/family and the FB chat is really super for having spontaneous interactions with friends. I have, since i started, had many a clear out and now the only people on my friend list are those that i do know, and interact with on a regular basis. I often receive requests from people who I was at primary school with but for what reason must i reconnect?

    Try again my friend, try again!

  4. I LOVE Facebook. I work it. And it works really well for me. But I am interacting with people I see at least once a month if not weekly.

    I miss it and my profile has only been deleted for 6 hours. *sob*

    I am going to go back one of these days but will be sure to change my password weekly to avoid my account being hacked again.

  5. I am on FB. Started when my kids did. They were not allowed on fb unless I was rheir friend. Now at least I know what is happening in their lives. I must admit though, I have never really understood the hype around it. Maybe you are right, its an age thing, or... we are just doing it wrong.

  6. I hear you Mel, Shayne and Marcy! I am not knocking it at all.

    I just prefer e-mailing or sending sms's. That works for me.

    I also find the more I am on these sort of things the less time I have to scrap, read etc.

  7. I completely agree with you! That is why I don't have a facebook account! I figure if people I went to high school with wanted to connect with me (and vice versa) we'd have done it by now!

  8. That is funny!!
    I have Facebook account but I'm not really in to it.

  9. Don't be afraid to deny someone's request for friendship. I also hide people that update their status more than I care to see. I like seeing what's happening day-to-day in my close friends' lives since I don't have the time to email or call everyone of them.

  10. I have to admit that I enjoy Facebook - It's a super way of staying up to date with friends and family far away.

    As for friends from way back when - I can't remember a single person's name or surname from high school, yet remembered in absolute detail a friend from Primary School in Port Elizabeth. Right down to their street address and details about their home.

    I managed to track her down on facebook and I am so happy to be back in contact with my little friend from our PE days. Hoping to meet up with her when she visits in Cape Town again as she lives in Mosselbay now.

    But I must admit - no desire to make contact with any one else!!

    Lots of love

  11. Ha Ha! Love the picture. I love FB to keep up to date with real friends. I ignore requests of friendship that i get from people that I may have sat next to in grade 1 in the '80's!!!

  12. Lol! It's not really my scene either to be honest - very superficial - blogging is way more fun but takes a commitment that some people are not able or prepared to make. You get to know people much more fully via blogging FB seems to be a race to have the most "friends" ... I don't get it either - but have been hanging out there a bit on my phone when | didn't have access to a pc. Blogging is definitely my preference ;-D

  13. I don't get the whole FB thing either!! I do see how it can help folks reconnect with people that have been separated by time & distance. But I don't understand the whole 'drive' to collect friends when they are people you don't even know. PLus I hear so many people end up addicted to it and spend hours a day there. And then of course all the games.

    My eldest daughter lives her life on FB. She's bipolar and has difficulties maintaining relationships with people in real life. Online she can create any personna she wants. So it does allow her to connect with people even if she doesn't really know all of them.

    For me, I'd rather have lunch with a friend, send a card or email, or chat on the phone. Maybe I'm old school, but I need the real human connection. :-)

    ♥ Debbie

    PS......Thanks for the sweet email Lynette! I really appreciated your thoughtfulness! Sorry for the delayed response, I'm really slow at checking my blog email. :-)


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