Friday, May 14, 2010

Balancing mind and emotions

Thank you so much for all your kind comments this will never know just how much it meant to me.  Allie...thank you for asking what the Lord is saying to me regarding forced me to take it to the Lord in prayer.

Some pretty upsetting things happened last weekend that we had no control over...and I was thrown...completely bowled over!  You know... when I thought about it, I explained it to DH like this...when you load your washing machine and it starts spinning but the load is makes an awful noise and usually comes to a jarring halt...well that is how I balance!

I thought about it for some time and then prayed. I received my answer out of this scripture:  Isa 51:7  Listen to Me, you who know rightness and justice and right standing with God, the people in whose heart is My law and My instruction: fear not the reproach of men, neither be afraid nor dismayed at their revilings.  The Message says it beautifully: Isa 51:7  "Listen now, you who know right from wrong, you who hold my teaching inside you: Pay no attention to insults, and when mocked don't let it get you down.

Looking back now...I do believe that nobody has that power of you unless you give them power over you.  No more.  My blog will remain open.  This is MY blog and my voice WILL BE HEARD.
Ansie and Willie were here for the weekend.  The two of us spent some "girly" time together.  We never get enough of each other.  Here you can see my new darker hair...still struggling to get used to it;-)
I haven't seen these two little ones for the past three weeks and picked them up from the day mother yesterday.  When Leane saw me through the window I heard her excited little voice " my ouma!!!!"  and my heart leaped.
Dewan is growing so quickly...just look at those gorgeous blue eyes.
My girly!
When I saw him sitting like this...I had to catch it on camera.
So Cute!
Oh yes...we could never leave him behind...Lukas always ready to spend time with Oupa.
The little ones with their favourite toys;-)

Driving the two little ones home were heart breaking.  Leane sat next to me and tears rolled down her cheeks...when I asked her what was wrong...she just cried..."my pappa!"  It breaks my heart that these innocent little ones get hurt when things go wrong in a marriage.

Have a fantastic weekend.


  1. Divorce is hard to them yes, but ultimately they will be better off. Wait and see.

    Love love love the last pic - speaks volumes.

    and your hair looks stunning! xxx

  2. Hi Lynette,

    My hart breek vir jou wat as ouma en ma die pyn van almal dra. Dit moet ontsettend moeilik wees om te sien hoe jou geliefdes seerkry.

    Sterkte vir jou. Ek sal jou altyd in my gebede onthou.


  3. It is hard when the children are the ones getting hurt. I know the hard times of being the second wife and having to have the first wife children with you at home. My stepson was only 4 when I started vissiting my hubby. He is turning 19 in a few days time, and has turned out to be a very strapping young man! He has a very close and passionate life with God! Like Shayne said.... Everything works out in the end!!!

  4. Oh how sad.... but it wouldn't be any easier in an unhappy home. It will work out for all, in the end.
    You and your sister are beautiful!
    Love the photos x

  5. Could only see the first photo on my phone but love the appropriate...such a sad thing for the kiddies I agree, but then I grew up with parents that fought continually & that was no fun either!

  6. So glad you are not giving up on your blog. I love and appreciate your honesty and openess in every blog post you do. :)

  7. A roller coaster read.

    I went from "Standing Ovation" at the first part
    To "Aching Lump in the Throat" in the second.

    Ah my friend -

  8. @Shayne - can't wait for the "getting better" part.

    @Herlien - dankie sus...partykeer wens ek ons was nie so betrokke by ons kinders nie...maar ek kan myself nie 'n ander lewe indink nie.

    @Kirsty - I know, discord in the home was already affecting them.

    @Bernadine - I hope to remain open and honest.

    @Allie - sorry my was not supposed to be sad. Three weeks of not seeing daddy was just too long. When they see him every Wednesday and second weekend it is easier. My prayer is just that they will not be used as weapons.

  9. Lynette, I am so glad that A Work in Progress will keep inspiring its readers and being an outlet for your personal feelings. Love the beautiful photos of the bambinos.

  10. So glad you decided to keep your blog going.
    From experience with teenagers I know that divorce is hard, but those lucky kids whose parents manage to be good parents in spite of being apart are far happier that those whose parents are together but hate each other. I am praying that when the pain of divorce gets less your son and exDIL will find that they are both great parents.

  11. The kiddos are adorable and it's a good thing they have their grandparents.

  12. Those two little feet are the CUTEST!!Glad you are getting up again lynette, you inspire so many people, thanks for that.Good luck for the future, but you ALL will be fine,He is looking after you:)

  13. It is very tough but again..

    I am so happy you are taking back CONTROL..
    remember, it is a BLOG..however is YOUR BLOG but just be wiser in the information as some can be used for whatever reasons...

    if he is stalking to the police with the IP address just so that you take precaution..
    information can be used for such stories ...

    let me tell you how...
    people used it to show take your identity and pretend to be the more pictures you put here...they can take it too...

    Lynette...protect your blog not allowing right click but basically do not put stuffs that you do not want stolen...


  14. OMG! The cutest kiddos ever!
    My heart melts looking at them!
    Thanks for sharing those photos!
    B xx

  15. Oh that was tough to read, having been divorced in the past and my eldest was only 3 I remember the pain in his eyes when things were bad, not sure if he has ever really gotten over it. xoxo

  16. oh it is so true, about divorce. My parent divorced when I was 8 and it affected me for a very long time. I am so glad to read that you are keeping your blog open. You are such an inspiration.

  17. How sad Lynette, the kids are so blessed of having lovely grandparents, they are adorable!!love all those photos , specially those little feet!!
    Hugs to you and have a blessed week!!

  18. Afterthought: about your elephant pic:
    Its all about strengthening your core really, isn't it?

    Interesting concept for a Christ-follower

  19. Divorce is hard, my brother recently went through it, but doing great and so are his 2 boys, was hard in the beginning, but now is better.

    So glad you are keeping blog open, ditto on what you said...

  20. Your grandchildren are so adorable. How blessed they are to have such loving, caring grandparents. :):

  21. I really loved seeing your grandchildren. But more than that, I loved your new post with the word.

    When God gives us something, we truly if we must share it. I want you to share Lynette and keep sharing, because that is what our walk is about!

    Have a blessed day friend!


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