Monday, May 31, 2010

True Strength

May Jesus assure you that as you follow Him
you will never meet a fear He cannot conquer,
you will never face an enemy He cannot defeat,
you will never enter a battle He cannot win,
you will never have a need He cannot meet,
you will never face a temptation He cannot overcome,
you will never have a burden He cannot lift,
you will never face a problem He cannot solve,
you will never have a bondage He cannot break,
you will never have a moment when He does not care,
you will never have a time when He is not there.
I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me; I am self-sufficient in Christ's sufficiency]. Philippians 4:13 AMP
Devotional by Roy Lessin

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Little Shop of Sketches is Back...

Little Shop of Sketches has started up again.  This is sketch 63 by Tanya Leigh, the talented owner of the Little Shop.

This is my take on the sketch.  I used Bo Bunny's Kitchen Spice and Delilah lines.  I have had this little tea set from long before I became an ouma.  Leane had such fun making us "tea".  Maybe she is a little on the small side to take responsibility for she is very rough and I don't know how long this set will still be a set.


Friday, May 28, 2010


Since I signed up for Facebook, I have never gotten "in" to it.  Maybe it is fear of being bitten by the bug:-)  I find it a tad weird when people send me messages saying that they knew me more than 30 years ago...and I can't even remember knowing anybody by that name.  Maybe it is age related, but I have found that I have difficulty keeping up with my friends and family in this busy world we live in, I really don't have any desire to catch up and keep track of people that once knew me decades ago.

So I guess I am also doing it wrong!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Creative Thursday

I have been out of regular scrapping now for such a long time that it was SO difficult to get going again.  I managed to do a few layouts in the past week.  

The printed papers are all Scenic Route Garden Grove, the banner is Sassafras Lass and the buttons and lace is from my stash.
The printed papers are all Dream Street Sam line.

I am planning to post layouts I made every Thursday from now if you are not into scrapbooking that will be the day to avoid this blog;-D

Monday, May 24, 2010

Macho men!

This past weekend we had the most perfect weather, would never have imagined that you could have "beach weather" at the end of May.  Warm sunny days and NO wind...which is rare for Port Elizabeth.  When we woke yesterday morning I suggested we take the little ones to the beach before it gets too off we went to our favourite beach, Sardinia Bay.

Sardinia Bay is one of the most unspoiled beaches in our area and allows dogs and horse riding on the is also the closest beach to our home.  During the past year a large dune started invading the road that leads to the parking area on the beach now we have to climb a very high dune and then down the about 80 meters on the other side before you get to the beach.  Only 4x4 vehicles can still access the main parking area.  I have to ask you....Why, o why, do men have to be so blimming macho?

When we got to the beach, DH says to Kobus Jr.  "I am sure you will get through...go for it!"  I say "NO, don't be silly, you will not get through and if you get stuck I don't know you!"

Do you think for one moment that they would listen to "the voice of reason".  Of course NOT...they are men...they have a point to prove...yeah right!

So Bianca, Leane and I climbed the dune and sat looking down on the beach....faaaaarrrrr below!  Still trying to get the courage for the down side of the dune.  Remember...going down is easy, but you have to come right back up.

 Leane loved it and was running and playing in the sand.
...the dear macho men were figuring a way out of their predicament...
...she was having so much fun that a filming crew who is making a documentary took some footage of sorry I did not get a shot of them filming her...but I did not want to look "verskrik";-D
...they were getting more and more stuck by the minute...and I was pretending not to know them...
Bianca went down to the water with the little one.
Here you see her climbing the dune for the third time.
...and the men were also playing in the sand....
It was getting hot...and you can only spend so much time on a dune on a sunny and warm day.

Fortunately for the macho men in my life, an owner of a Land cruiser came to their rescue with a thick rope and pulled them free...just in time for them to take us home...what a lovely day on the beach;-D


Saturday, May 22, 2010

A knock on the door

Early this morning my doorbell rings... I am still in my pj's  (it is Saturday...DH left early this morning to go and play golf..... and I am the master procrastinator on a Saturday).  I peeked at the intercom and saw a young man standing in front of my door....

Me:  Yes...can I help you?
Him:  Yesterday a man living here said I must come back today and he will help me.
Me:  (assuming it is Kobus Jr.):  He is not here and I don't know when he will be back.

I go off to procrastinate some more and hear Nala (our dog) continue to bark at the front door.  After ten minutes I go to the intercom again and there the young man is still standing.

Me:  Why are you still hanging around?
Him:  (sounding desperate) I was hoping that the man that said he will help me will  be back soon.
Me:  He will possibly only come back this afternoon.

Now I am feeling uncomfortable and I phone Kobus Jr.  and ask him whether he told this young man to come back.  He tells me that it is a school kid from Pietersburg that needs to get back to school and that he wants to get him a bus ticket to go back.  Now I feel  BAD and rush out to see if I can still see him.  I see him down in the kloof, about 100 meters from our home and call loudly.  He turns around and I beckon him to come back.

Me:  When last did you eat?
Him:  Your son gave me food when I was here yesterday.
Me:  Where did you sleep last night?
Him:  At the Kabega police station for the past three nights, I told them that somebody is going to help me get to Pietersburg and they told me that they don't want to see me again.  When you told me that your son was not here, I wanted to cry.
Me:  Why did you come to PE?
Him:  My dad died and I wanted to come and tell my gran, but when I got here she was no longer living at the same place and nobody can tell me where she is.
Me:  Where is you mom?
Him:  She emigrated to Australia 8 years ago and I have lost touch with her.
Me: Any other family?  (do I sound like an interrogator?)
Him:  No.  My guardian is one of the teachers at the school in Pietersburg.( He gives me the name and the name of the school)
Me: How old are you?
Him:  18 years.

I made him some steak and eggs on toast and he wolfed it down.  I then phoned the Mission's driver to come and pick him up.  He will be staying on at the Mission until we have made arrangements to get him back to Pietersburg.  

This whole episode again made me aware that we so easily miss it when the Lord's sends somebody on our path and it warmed my heart that my son wants to help.  How much of his story is true?  I don't know...even after twelve years in the ministry I still choose to take people on their word.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Me - Five things

I have been tagged by my friend Cat of Juggling act of Life for a challenge. The challenge is that you have to place 5 pictures of yourself that you really like and list 5 things about yourself that you really like.  Well, I guess that if it was easy it would not be called a CALLENGE.

So here goes with the 5 pics of myself:
I chose this photo because that is my favorite place to be...behind the camera;-)
 This one I chose because I wanted to show you I can get down and dirty;-D  The photo was taken at the Dead Sea in Israel and it is true that your skin feels amazing after you washed the mud of yourself in the salty water.
I love this photo of me with my DH.  It was taken in 2008 when my hair was very short.
I love this photo because it is natural and just looking at it reminds me of rest and relaxation.
This one was specially taken for this post.  My DD nearly had me pay for it:-)  Here you can see me with my new dark hairstyle.  The colour is beginning to grow on me...but the new hairdresser made a mess of the style, fortunately hair grows.

Now for the 5 things I like about myself....I guess this does not have to be physical...right?
  1. I will be corny and also say I love my hair...I mean, what would I look like with without it:-D  No, I actually do like it...for years I moaned about my curly hair, wanting it straight. Now I realise that the curl gives my hair body and I can leave it curly or make it straight...although it tends to just curl again by the end of the day.
  2. I like it that we inherited features from my mom's side of the family.  My great grandmother on my dad's side of the family was a Jewess and quite a few of our family members received variations of THE NOSE.  I like my nose that looks a little like my mom's.  
  3. I love it that I can thank good genes for a good skin.  I never had acne as a teenager and although my skin is fair, I have relatively few wrinkles.  But then again...I love my sister Ansie calls them "twinkle wrinkles".  A few of my friends have experimented with botox and I hate it that their faces have no expression.  I love my shows that I love, laugh and live.
  4. I love it that I easily stand up for what I believe and don't compromise on my walk with the Lord.
  5. I love it that I am comfortable in my skin.  Maybe that comes with age, I don't know.  At a certain stage in your life you make peace with your imperfections and you become happy with who you is an amazing place to be.
Now I have to tag 5 Mel from Simply-Mel B
                                                 Allie from Allie Chilling
                                                 Marcelle form South African living in Germany  
                                                 Stefanie from Semplydone
                                                 Pearl from Pearl's Paperfections
                       and anybody else that feels like doing this challenge!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday musings

  • On Saturday evening we celebrated Nadia's 25th birthday at the Coachman.  She loved the album I made for her.
  • A spot of VERY good news:  Wynand has found that the vision in his left eye is gradually getting better.  The right eye is still unchanged...but we are looking out for the small improvements and rejoicing in them.  He went for a "field-of-vision" test at the eye specialist today and they cannot see this improvement on the test?
  • I received a parcel from Pearl Liu...she scrapped these layouts of my little ones.
This one showcases those pretty blue eyes.
Pearl thank you for your generosity in using your amazing talent to scrap my treasures;-D
  • I have now been using supplements for 3 weeks and my sleeping patterns are getting better and better...I even had a dream over the last weekend...something that have not happened to me in ages:-)
  • Leane stayed over last night and Bianca baked her some cup cakes with vicious pink and green icing...she loved it...but looked a little like a deer caught in the headlights when I took this photo of her with my Blackberry.
 Not Canon quality me thinks;-)
  • Scrapping mojo found...I scrapped a few pages today and loved how they turned out...will share soon.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday...beautiful Monday...

Have you ever wondered why God gives so much? We could exist on far less. He could have left the world flat and gray; we wouldn't have known the difference. But He didn't.
He splashed orange in the sunrise
and cast the sky in blue.
And if you love to see geese as they gather,
chances are you'll see that too.
Did He have to make the squirrel's tail furry?
Was He obliged to make the birds sings?
And the funny way that chickens scurry
or the majesty of thunder when it rings?
Why give a flower fragrance?
Why give food its taste?
Could it be
He loves to see
that look upon your face?
If we give gifts to show our love, how much more would He? If we - speckled with foibles and greed - love to give gifts, how much more does God, pure and perfect God, enjoy giving gifts to us? - Max Lucado
This photo was taken over Melkbosstrand on 7 March 2010....most beautiful fire works.
Happy Monday:-)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Balancing mind and emotions

Thank you so much for all your kind comments this will never know just how much it meant to me.  Allie...thank you for asking what the Lord is saying to me regarding forced me to take it to the Lord in prayer.

Some pretty upsetting things happened last weekend that we had no control over...and I was thrown...completely bowled over!  You know... when I thought about it, I explained it to DH like this...when you load your washing machine and it starts spinning but the load is makes an awful noise and usually comes to a jarring halt...well that is how I balance!

I thought about it for some time and then prayed. I received my answer out of this scripture:  Isa 51:7  Listen to Me, you who know rightness and justice and right standing with God, the people in whose heart is My law and My instruction: fear not the reproach of men, neither be afraid nor dismayed at their revilings.  The Message says it beautifully: Isa 51:7  "Listen now, you who know right from wrong, you who hold my teaching inside you: Pay no attention to insults, and when mocked don't let it get you down.

Looking back now...I do believe that nobody has that power of you unless you give them power over you.  No more.  My blog will remain open.  This is MY blog and my voice WILL BE HEARD.
Ansie and Willie were here for the weekend.  The two of us spent some "girly" time together.  We never get enough of each other.  Here you can see my new darker hair...still struggling to get used to it;-)
I haven't seen these two little ones for the past three weeks and picked them up from the day mother yesterday.  When Leane saw me through the window I heard her excited little voice " my ouma!!!!"  and my heart leaped.
Dewan is growing so quickly...just look at those gorgeous blue eyes.
My girly!
When I saw him sitting like this...I had to catch it on camera.
So Cute!
Oh yes...we could never leave him behind...Lukas always ready to spend time with Oupa.
The little ones with their favourite toys;-)

Driving the two little ones home were heart breaking.  Leane sat next to me and tears rolled down her cheeks...when I asked her what was wrong...she just cried..."my pappa!"  It breaks my heart that these innocent little ones get hurt when things go wrong in a marriage.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Missing blog mojo

Over the last week,
  • I've found that nothing seems to strike me as interesting enough for a blog post. 
  • I have suddenly become cautious of what I am writing. 
  • I have received my first hate mail/nasty comments.
  • I needed to start moderating the comments I receive.
  • My freedom to share my thoughts and my heart is lost...and that makes me sad.
  • I started noticing that not all my visitors have my interest at heart.
I've lost my blogging mojo and I can't seem to get it back. Maybe my plate is just too full. So much have happened in this first few months of this year...heart wrenching things, stressful things and heart breaking things. Maybe the season is over for this blog. Or maybe I just need to find my blogging groove again. Either way, I appreciate those readers who have stuck with me, who continue to comment and provide encouragement when I need it.

So...until I find my voice is a little blog meme.

Tell me about the shirt you're wearing?
It's a white t-shirt I that I exercised in this morning...sweaty and cold:-(
What's currently bothering you?
Umm, a few odds and ends..
What do you currently hear?
Pretty much silence. - The humming of my computer and the banging of my keyboard.
When was the last time you had your hair cut?
Last week...and I coloured it dark brown... and I still feel I need to wear a paper bag over my head.
When were you last outside?
Are you wearing shorts?
Yup! Exercise shorts...sweaty ones;-)
Does the thought of marriage scare you?
No...I have been married for more than 31 years and love it.
What are you doing today?  Tomorrow is Ascension Day....we will be having a service and then will be off for the rest of the day.
Look to your left, what is there?
My very untidy piles and piles of things.
What time did you go to sleep last night?
10 pm.
When is your Birthday?
In January and I will be 50...we will have a dance...any of you coming?
The way to win your heart?
Be someone who I can trust to stand by and support me.
What are you going​ to do this weeke​nd?
On Saturday is Nadia's we will probably do something...and then just relax and maybe scrap...although that mojo seem to have disappeared with the blogging mojo.
Were you happy when you woke up today?
I guess so, I felt kinda normal really.
Have you ever crawled through a window?
On occasion, I have. :P  What else can you do if you lock yourself out.
Would you ever donate blood?
Why, do you need my blood?

Has anyone ever mistaken you for a family member?
Do you have reason to smile right now?
I'm writing a blog post. I'm so bad at doing this it's fun to do it once in a while! :P
Why is the song you picked for your myspace song up?
Don't do bitten badly...that is why I am still cautious of facebook.
What do you do when you're stressed out?
Crack or Cope (no that's not Crack or Coke). I'm generally quite good at dealing with stress if I expect it. It's unexpected stress which is what occasionally catches me unawares.
Would you honestly say you'd risk your life for someone else?
"for someone else" - that's a bit vague. I would probably risk my life for someone else's life in some circumstances. Chances are, I'd weigh up the risks, see that it was stupid to do, say "oh sh*t" and do it anyway.
Could you forgive a friend who physically hurt you?
I don't have that kind of friends. Getting abused verbally by someone you really respect might be much more depressing.
Do you open up to people easily?
"people". Erm, no I don't. I only open up to people I respect and trust quite easily.
Has anyone upset you in the last week?
Yes...very much so.
What is the last pill you swallowed?
Oi, remember...I am on a supplement kick....I do a lot of those now;-)
What was the first thing you thought this morning?
Who do you blame for your bad mood today?
I don't have a bad mood. And I rarely blame people if I am in a bad mood.
Where is the person you like right now?
There is lots of people I they could be anywhere.
What was the first thing you did this morning?
Opened my eyes...then got up to make coffee.
Do you care of what people think of you?
Depends who they are, how much I respect them and how much they respect me. In general, not that much, but it really depends who the people are.
Who was the last person you took a picture with?
My sister Ansie...on Sunday.
What are you looking forward to right now?
  • Crossing off anything on the list of what's bothering me,
  • Crossing off something on my to do list.
Do you miss someo​ne?
No not really
Where was your default pic taken?
In my garden
Does your crush like you? they still use that word...I am married to my crush.
Is there a person of the opposite sex that means a lot to you?
Yup, my sons and my grandsons;-)
If you could go back in time and change something would you?
I can think of lots of places where there is injustice I would stop but I don't see the point in listing them all.
Do you hate smokers?
No, but I dislike smoky places.
Is it hard for you to get over someone?
If a friendship comes to an end...for some odd reason...I find it sad.
Ever had a near death experience?
Yup, rolling down the Blauwkrantz Pass.
Something you do a lot?
Blog hop.
Last person you cried in front of?
My DH when Wynand was so ill.
Where will you be 18 hours from now?
Hopefully sleeping
Have you ever been to a tanning bed?
Yes...but it had a terribly drying effect on my now I am so white that I reflect the sun.
Is it easy for others to make you feel awkward?
Not really.
Does anyone hate you for no reason?
Probably, though I don't know who.
Have you ever kissed someone whose name starts with the letter J? DH and son's names start with J.
What are you stressed out about?
I'm not very stressed!
What's your favourite season?
I am a summer girl.
What was your favourite grade?
I loved any grade will do
When is the next time you'll see your best friend(s)?
No Idea. I have lots of good friends, some who i will see frequently, some who I will see occasionally.
Do you know anyone who would just drop everything to come see you?
Are any of your friends pregnant?
Don't think so
Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to?
Yes my DH is my best friend.
Favourite number?
Ever been in love?
Yes...still am.
What do you like most sunrise/sunset?
Sunset. I seldom see sunrise;-)
When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights on or the lights off?
Lights on
Are you wearing make-up?
No. Will do the plaster and painting after my shower
What were you doing at 11:30 last night?
Sleeping...and you?
What's the last thing you said and to who?
To Dh....bye!
Can you whistle?
Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?
Nope...I like being a clean canvas.
Do you sleep on your stomach?
Sometimes. Usually I'm asleep and not looking at how I am sleeping.
What do you hear?
The same humming of computers and tapping of keyboard as I said before. Now Bianca's music has she woke up at last.
Are you ticklish?
In some places :P
Last time you saw fireworks, with who & where?
Not sure really. I haven't for a while.

If you have made it to here...congratulations!!!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two Hearts mini album

Do you remember that I showed you the front of a mini album in April... at the time I was still contemplating who the owner of the mini album would be. This beautiful mini album was designed by Dee Walker of  The Scrappy Gourmet.
The decision is made.  Nadia, my darling daughter-in-grace is turning 25 on the 15th of May...and this album will be part of my gift to a thank you for being such a wonderful wife to Wynand...we are truly blessed to have her in our lives.
All the trimmings is like icing on a cake...don't you think?
I loved making this little album with all this gorgeous details.
All the journaling is love quotes from just fits these two hearts perfectly.  I remember so vividly the day Wynand sat in my office and told me that "he met this girl" and "at the time he was not sure of the relationship because she already had a little boy."  We soon grew to love her and Christian immediately became our first grand child.
On the left Wynand goes down on his Sardinia Bay, on the ask the BIG question.  On the right you can see that their life is also not only the main is the comics too;-)
These two are truly made for each other.
Christian and his pretty mommy.
The big day.
....and then they were three.
....and soon after....little Lukas was born...a son that carries the same happiness and sunshine with him that his parents carry with them.  
Wynand, Nadia, Christian and taken about a year ago.
The End.
From the first day, Nadia became part of our family...another daughter in the house.  She is such a wonderful daughter to have, always ready with a smile.  When Wynand started getting problems with his vision, I wondered how she would cope with the added pressure...and I am thrilled to say...she does and very well too...with her usual smile and happiness radiating from her.  She is truly beautiful inside and out...and radiates warmth where ever she goes.  Thank you Nadia, for being such a wonderful wife and best friend to Wynand and such a cool Mamma to Christian and Lukas.