Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photos of our week in Plett...

Thank you for your comments on yesterday's blog.  With the help of Cataflam and a good massage the pain monster has been pushed back below the surface for the time being.  Our regular doctor is going to try and get me an earlier appointment with the rheumatologist.  I have to admit that this is all my own I am very stubborn and should have seen a specialist a long, long time ago.  Anyway....

The day before we left for Plettenberg Bay, we celebrated Wynand's 28th birthday.  I am so proud to be mom to this wonderful young man.  There is still no improvement in his vision and Nadia and DH drives him where he needs to be.  He has been back to work now for two weeks and is trying his best to go on with his life, just as before.

Wynand and Nadia....still sooooo in love:-)
This photo of the Plett bay was taken from the deck of the Rod and Reel restaurant.
I can never get enough of the privileged to live in a coastal town. Photo taken at Keurbooms.
One of the beaches in Keurboom Strand.
Lazing and reading on the lawn in from of the hotel.
I have a very funny man...have threatened to do a scrapping layout of all the pics in which he is playing the fool.
Me....feeding the elephants...messy affair!
It was a wonderful experiencing getting so close to these huge animals and interacting with them.  Although, all they were interested in was whether you have more food for them:)
One of the babies having a bath.
The most beautiful sunsets....I wish I was a painter...
...and when we got home, our little treasures were waiting for us.


  1. What beautiful photo's, you had such a great the sea as well.
    Thanks for sharing and happy you feeling that bit better than yesterday...

  2. Looks like a divine time, I would love to be that close to the elephants! WOW!

  3. Looks like you had a stunning time! You did the elephant thing! Great! I just love the picture of Wynand and Nadia - so full of love.

  4. Beautiful beautiful photographs.

    I can see you really did have a relaxing time, which is just what the doc ordered?

    Love the ones of DH messing around, and the ones of you. YOu are looking so relaxed and happy.

    lots of love my friend xxxxx

  5. What stunning photos & wow being that close to elephants must have been fantastic. Hope you feeling a lot better.

  6. Those beach photos are so pretty. I can't believe you were touching and feeding elephants! Amazing!

  7. oh, I love this place soooo much! you are for sure very lucky to live next to the sea. i just don't like very much the wind in PE :-)))

  8. I still get a thrill just thinking how close we got to them and touching their coarse skins.

    @ had such a giggle about your comment about the wind. Guess we got used to it.

  9. Ek is sommer jaloers! Daai olite is op my 'bucket' lys.

  10. WOW!!! These are some Amazing Pictures!!!!!!! You had An Amazing time with you family!!!!!

    You look GREAT!!!!!!!

  11. Loving the photos especially the of Keurbooms beach ... it looks like a painting.

  12. You know when I saw the photo of you and your hub I thougth of the first photo of your son and his wife...still in love...and the one of you could also read still in love. I love all these photo's they are amazing. I think the scrapbook page is a good idea but a fun little mini book would be even better! LOL

  13. Great pictures Lynette! I too, could never get enough of the ocean. It is just so calming and serene. I'm glad you enjoyed the trip!

  14. Stunning pics of Plett. Glad the cataflam did it's job for you... now listen to the doc and take it easy for a bit.

  15. Seems like you're having a wonderful time!! and it's so well deserved!! Hope you'll be able to relax and have fun. I keep crossing my fingers for Wynand's vision to improve. Big hug!!!

  16. WOW! I love your photos. What a beautiful place!
    That is so sweet of your son and his wife, still soooo in love. And I can see you and your DH are the same..Still in Love with each other..

  17. WOW! I LOVE those pictures! Awesome!
    Looks and sounds like you have a wonderful time!
    B xx

  18. These photos take my breath away. Such a beautiful place to be!

  19. such beautiful photos, I would love to live near the coast. Thanks so much for your comment in this sad time for me. Yes there are unfortunately criminals all over the world. Sad but true. Thanks again - it means alot xx

  20. Beautiful pics!! I love Ellies - I would LOVE to do a close encounter like that! x
    Glad you feeling a bit better x

  21. The pics with the elephants are amazing! I love them and that would be so neat to do! Yeah and the ocean looks pretty awesome 2!

  22. Colin and I also walked with the elephants while we were away, and I must say that you will have to go a long way for a more delightfull experience! It was amazing!

  23. Stunning pictures from a gorgeous place!

  24. Nice to see your son so happy still...

    Awesome elephant photos...


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