Thursday, April 8, 2010

A little bit of frivolousness....

Yesterday Wynand and I sat in the rooms of the eye specialist for 3 and a half hours...just to have a "field of vision" test done and he must do a report to the neurosurgeon on his findings.  After all that and with the whole past few months in mind...please allow me a bit of frivolity okay?

I hate shopping especially on my own...and I think I have told you that a kazillion times...but yesterday I went shopping and found a few gems. So now it is time to show and tellShopping spree.

Shayne...I might just catch on to your addiction if I can find more of these pretty will be able to call me a "bag lady".

 Just have a look at that exquisite bead work....I am in love people!  To top it all it is huge and my handbag organizer fits perfectly.
I have never been able to find a white bag I liked, until now.
Turquoise is my fave colour, so this bead work is an added bonus. Also big enough to fit the bag organizer.
I just love the bright jewel colours for the winter....and I told you turquoise is my fave colour right?
This pretty knit sits beautifully snug...and is so I can't wait for the cooler weather:)

On Monday I am proud to tell you....I made an entire mini album.  I will show you the front cover of it today...and once I decided who I am going to give it to, I will add the pics and show you the pages of the completed album.   It is beautiful...even if I have to say so myself:)  The Album is a Dee Walker designed album.  I have had to eat my word that I don't like card making and mini albums...but it tasted pretty sweet:)
What do you think?


  1. Three and a half hours in a specialist's waiting room is ridiculous. I expect that kind of wait when I visit the government clinic because I'm not paying and they're on a permanent go-slow but not at a specialist. No wonder you needed some shopping therapy.

  2. Hope everything will be fine with Wynand by His grace!
    I hate shopping either)) except of craft shopping lol but sometimes we need to)) You've got really stunning bags! They are so beauliful! And I love you minialbume! Waiting to see it inside!

  3. I've been shopping too, but am very disappointed with the goodies when I try them on at home.
    Am loving the longer lengths though.
    The sizing, not so much.
    I had to get a XXXL for P'nP if I didn't want to look shrink-wrapped.

  4. Shopping is way more fun in groups, but when all else fails, shop! Thats what my mom used to say. Love the white bag and the turqoise top.
    I get the card thing, but I am still waiting to be converted to making mini-books. Experience has taught me never to say never though. LOL I will propably fall for it sooner or later. Your book is stunning.

  5. Love your mini album. please write a how to when you have time, would appreciate it!

  6. I love that white handbag you got there, really nice colors...and stylish.

  7. hmmm...u have great taste.
    beautiful mini album.

  8. Everything looks gorgeous! and I especially like your new white handbag:-)

  9. Jirre - If I kept my patients waiting for 3 and a half hours..... they would have beaten down the door! What IS that with running 3 and a half hours late??? I ran 15 minutes late this morning, and the looks I got from some of my patients!!!
    I hope all went well after your 3 hour wait.

    That white bag is my fave! Gawjuss!! x

  10. I Love your bags!!! They Are BEAUTIFUL!!! My fav. is the black one!!! And Beautiful Sweaters too!! My fav, color is turquoise too!! Awesome mini!!!!

  11. I also love turqoise and the white bag and turqoise top is my fav!!!! Where can we look? A hint please!!!!!

    I love the mini-album. I have only done 1 before......

  12. The bags were a "steal" at a Chinese shop (where else?) and the knits were from Queenspark...think they will pay me to advertise?

  13. I too hate shopping because when I like something I got to have it and I end up broke.
    Those bags are gorgeous especially the white one, it's so cute!
    I love both sweaters, love the colors.
    Yes indeed, that album is beautiful. Can't wait to see what's inside.

  14. Nothing like a good shopping trip, my fav kind of therapy session.

    the white bag is my fav.

    roll on chilly weather so you can snuggle warmly in your luxurious knits. remind me to give you the queenspark voucher i have when I see you, i never find anything i like there!

  15. i love your post Lynette. the beads and knits look so lovely for winter. x x x

  16. Every girl needs a little friendlessness in her so deserve it! I love your white bag...looks to match perfectly with that turquoise sweater!

    Your mini is gorgeous...they can be so addicting, can't they!

    I am very glad Wyland is home. I read over your post. You all are in my thoughts!

  17. my oh my that is a lovely little book you made! The shopping really paid off as well. :)

  18. cute bags and beautiful altered piece! I love your last post too! Great pictures! Oh, and I tagged you on my blog :) blessings!

  19. very lovely bags indeed as are the sweaters !

    Good to hear you've had some crafty time & that album cover does look very promising already !

    BTW - my time will be much better next week & I think I will be able to go to the post office ! ;) this week was just out I'm afraid .

  20. Oh Lynnette I LOVE that white handbag!! I have never before found a white bag that I like...they all look too juvenile or too old ladyish.....but this one is stunning!!! I need one like that!! Do tell....where did you buy it? Not that it would probably make much difference since I'm in the states...but I'm determined to find something similar. It really is gorgeous!!


  21. Love your mini album cover, the beads are a nice touch cant wait to see the rest. LOVE the bags and jerseys or jumpers as they say here x

  22. Oh I love the bags - I just love handbags!

    Seriously, I can not understand why doctors can not programme better like we wee ordinary people. My gynea is a star with it - through my many many appointments I only once waited longer than 15 minutes - she had an emergency C section and I just walked in when she left the office. If you are going to wait more than that - they call you to come later!

  23. Oh wow. I absolutely love the handbags, they are beautiful

  24. Love your purchases, makes me want to go out and spend too...

  25. Shopping is SO much fun!!! Glad that you were able to get some really great stuff! The white bag is my favorite!

  26. Beautiful, Lynette.
    take care of yourself now.


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