Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adrenal Fatigue and food supplements

I guess I am now really at the "brille en pille" (spectacles and medication) stage of my life.  I am also at a stage of my life that I am "gatvol" (fed up) with chronic muscle spasms and always feeling tired;-)

My darling sister Ansie, phoned me a week or so ago and told me to read an article on "Adrenal Fatigue" that was published a few months ago in the Natural Medicine magazine.  So I read it...and decided to try get out of the cycle that my life has been in since 2003 when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

The adrenal fatigue syndrome develops when there is a deficiency in the functioning of the adrenal glands.  This occurs when the amount of stress experienced by an individual exceeds his or her body's capacity to compensate and recover from that stress.  Healthy adrenal glands secrete tiny precise and balanced amounts of steroid hormones.  They are very responsive to even minute changes in the inner physical, emotional and psychological environment, and any number of factors can influence this finely tuned balance.  In other words, too much physical, emotional, environmental and psychological stress can tire out your adrenals, causing them to produce less adrenal hormones, particularly cortisol.  People suffering from adrenal fatigue often look and act normally and may not display any obvious signs of physical illness, yet they are not well and live with a general sense of unwellness and 'grey' feelings.

A number of conditions have been linked to low adrenal function.  These include low blood sugar, allergies, arthritic pain and decreased immune response.  Decreased adrenal function also has an influence on one's mental state, increasing the tendency to irrational fears, anxiety, depression, confusion, low concentration and memory levels and insomnia. In more severe cases conditions such as respiratory infections, allergies, rhinitis, asthma, frequent colds, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, adult-onset diabetes and auto-immune diseases can occur.  Difficulty getting up in the morning, or waking up still feeling exhausted. (now I have an excuse:-)  Reading all this made me remember something else...the year I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia was also the year I started the age of 42...some gals that age still have babies.

Then follows a lengthy list of what herbal and nutritional medicines help with normalisation of the adrenals.  So on Tuesday morning I walked into our local Dischem armed with this long list. I don't believe in drinking pills of any kind so my jaw dropped when I saw that food supplements took up such a large space in the store.  So there I was... searching for the different food supplements on my list...only to find further down the row that there is products that combine many of the different supplements.  A young lady from the store kept asking me whether she could help...and I was wondering whether she could not see that I enjoyed struggling on my own;-) Anyhoo....a hour later I left the store with my HUGE bag of supplements...I probably won't need food after this.

So we shall see...and I will keep you updated on whether this is all just a bag of wind...or whether it works, and whether damage to the adrenals can be reversed. I would love to live a life without pain and sleep so soundly that I can actually dream we will give this a try. 



  1. I hope they work my friend.

    Remember that you're also going through a very difficult time in your life, so you will be tired and exhasuted.

    Lots of love xxx

  2. If this works for you, maybe I should give it a try. Nothing else seems to work. Actually feel quite stupid feeling sick all the time.

  3. Hi Lynette!

    Have you tried a product called MSM? I am busy reading up on it.... And it sounds wonderfull. The name of the product is LIGNISUL MSM. I don't know if you have heard of it or have tried it yet?

    Just wanted to tell you about the product. Hope something works!!!!

  4. Best of luck with your supplements!

  5. Oh good luck! i do hope they work, and that you begin to feel better.

  6. Hi Lynette! I Really Hope all those vitamins work! I Been taking some vitamins when I remember but they dont Work for me. probably because I dont take the how I suppose to. lol!


  7. Wouldn't it be wonderful to find that supplements are an answer ro your problems?!
    I so hope they will be. . .

    I guess many people will want to try it too since it covers such a long list of common ailments.

    Hoping to hear of improvements in your health soon

  8. Hello Lynette! I was feeling like you when I was 40 with some other horribles simptoms I was sure that was menopause, because my mom started menopause at the age of 41!! so I thought that I was starting early too!!! so I started to read a book to learn about that and in the same time I was waiting for my doctor appointment, but oh surprise ! the doctor told me that I was pregnant with Hannah!!! hahah everybody laughed of me till now.
    I hope suplemments works ok for you Lynette.

  9. o Lynette ! I'm no expert at all in this area , hun !!! but yeah ! I can relate to the symptoms of adrenal fatigue !!!

    I pray for wisdom even in this area of finding supplements to help with this ! Don't give up looking for solutions !

    p/s : i am happy to say that I've sent out mail to you & hope it will arrive at the very latest mid of next week ! ;)

  10. lynette, i m shocked to see those chunks of pillssss.. good gracious.. while it is good to supplement our bodies but i believe that eating healthily is a better option and exercising regularly.
    Lynette, why dont u take more salads, fruits and anything organic? just my 2 cents..

  11. lynette,
    I know exactly where you are coming from. I have Fibro as well, and suffer from Adrenal Fatigue. I tried the supplement route, but found it very expensive, and didn't really see results. Be prepared to feel worse for abit and to take it slowly with the supplements, they are still medications and our bodies can react negatively. Take care!

  12. Welcome to my world dear sister, that is what my pill containers look like every day!

  13. @ Shayne...I hope so too. About the difficult time. Gosh, I just had a holiday...I really don't have any excuses.

    @Tertia...will keep you up to date with this. The only immediate improvement I found is in my sleep pattern. The melatonin seem to do it's thing.

    @ Charmaine...will go and google MSM.

    @ Darien...the things needed for adrenal fatigue is not in your normal is in a balance of Ginsing, Echinacea and Licorice extract with Vit B1 and B5 thrown in.

    @ Allie...I don't really like talking about my health in real life...I can't really say my health is poor...but my sense of well being can really do with a lift;-)

    @ Rainbow...that is exactly what I mean...I was much to young to go through menopause so early...but no babies for me, thank you;-)

    @ Pearl...thank you my friend...I will post them on my blog and write all sorts of nice things about you:-)

    @ Reanaclaire...I live a very healthy life style...walk 5 km at least 4 times per week and eat lots of fruit and does not help...I need something more.

    @ last somebody that understands the symptoms and the "pain in the all over". The supplements are expensive but if it reduces the pain and improves my quality of life I am prepared to spend less on scrapping...maybe;-)

    @ Anita...what are you taking my darling sister...and is it helping?

  14. BTW...the pic is taken off the internet...not my pill box...PLEASE!

  15. Lynette, I was also going to suggest MSM for muscular/joint pains. It is a natural (organic) supplement, which treats the cause not just the symptoms, with hardly any side effects. The other supplements you've mentioned also sound correct. Be patient as they will probably take about 2 weeks before you feel any better. Omegas are absolutely essential!! and something I find very effective for a restful night, is Alkaline Powder....which is made up of soluble Magnesuium, Potassium and Calcium... excellent for bones, joints, muscular discomfort, blood pressure etc etc. And Evening Primrose Oil for menopausal stuff.
    I have done plenty research in these areas and I find that out of all the info out there....Patric Holford from the World Health Organisation has the most informative, up to date books and TV program (Naturally You).

  16. Lynette! A light has gone on inside my shattered little mind. Maybe this is me too. Care to mail that article please?

    I hope this really helps for you.

  17. Hope that long list works for you Lynette, I for one believe in supplements.
    I have a whole list I take as well - Vit D being my main one, can you believe in Europe I don't get enough..

  18. Wow reading that list of symptoms I think I might also have adrenal fatigue... but who know's, read anything and it sounds like what you have! (I'm not talking about you specificly.. just in general... and me and my aches.)

    Good luck with the supplements... I'm sure at this stage you're will to try anything to get relief.

  19. It appears that I am not alone;-)

  20. Yes I bet alot of women fit into a lot of those categories! Hope the supplements work for you!

  21. Hi Lynette. I also take Melatonin and it works for me to. :) I really hope this all works for you.

  22. Reading the symptoms....I think I may have this Adrenal Fatigue. I always thought it was just plain ol' anxiety though. I've blogged about my confusion when it hit just this spring and I know I have at least once before (blogged about it I mean). I start feeling the effects immediately whenever I hear from my ex-husband, figures! ha!

  23. Hi Lynette. I hope these supplements give you relief. Just a question.... Have you thought of trying acupuncture? Acupuncture can be used to balance adrenal activity. You might judt be blown away by the results. I treat some of my patients with acupuncture... and sometimes I have results so astonishing, that I struggle to explain them with western medicine.
    Another excuse to come visit me in Jozi.... I will treat you for free!! x

  24. Hi Lynette, had some catching up to do on your blog.Wow!! Great photos, they all speak of the moments shared. About your medication, hope it works and that you will feel better, I also heard the range of Sportron's supplements is great, there is something for everything!! I use their Iron supplement,and it is very good!!
    Good Luck!!
    enjoy your weekend

  25. Hope it is working and you are feeling better!

  26. Wow Lynette, that some serious meds you got there but am sure it will be worth it if they give you relief!

    I second Kirsty's suggestion - acupuncture is astonishing. Or dry needling? (not sure if its the same thing) either way - amazing results.

  27. I think I should give them a try!
    Thank you Lynette.
    P.S. I just got back on track!

  28. Yes me too on the dry needling!

    Hope this all works for you and that was interesting reading, thanks x

  29. Sjoe...this post got more reaction than I thought it would;-)

    @Kirsty - I would not need an excuse to come and see might just be the tonic I need...without the acupuncture;-)

    @Tania - I have found that most of the supplements I need is combined in Solal products....locally produced.

    @ Mel - PLEASE - that is only a pic from the internet...NOT my pill box...I would keel over if I had to take that many;-D

  30. Hi Lynette,

    I enjoy your blog and wanted to pass along two articles for you to read, both from the Women to Women clinic.

    This one of Fibro...

    and this one on Adrenals...

    Hope they can help -- both have been so helpful to me!

    - Jacqueline


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