Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An update...and on a lighter note....

I have had this post sitting in my drafts for the past few I am going to combine two posts.

We had our appointment with Wynand's neurosurgeon today.  Freak!!!   I get the feeling that he is walking on eggs when he has to talk to us...and he only gives us the information we ask for.  Our conversation went something like this:

Dr:  I want Wynand to go and see the eye specialist so that his loss of vision can be measured
Me:  Is it the bleed that caused the loss of vision?
Dr:  Ummm...I can't really see a significant bleed on the MRI.
Me:  Last time you told me that it is due to a loss of blood flow to his the AVM causing cerebral steal?  (See I am starting to "get" the lingo)
Dr:  If there was steal we would be able to fix it with an embolization of the necessary arteries, but there is not a specific feeder vein, so we can't do that.
Me:  So why do you think he has loss of vision?
Dr:  Ummm...well during the period that there was pressure in the AVM some of the arteries must have blocked up (embolized), causing blind spots.
Me:  Will his vision improve?
Dr:  That I can't say.

So the truth is...there is nothing new. 

My entrance hall.  The wood carved mirror was done years ago when I was in a wood carving phase of my life. I have gone through many phases in my life, and proof of it is scattered all over my home:)
The table is an antique radio gram and the angel is a recent find, when I saw her I just fell in love and she wanted to go home with me:)

I made a number of cards the Saturday before Wynand became sick.  I am very pleased with how they turned out. I will show them to you before I forget.  The cards are also designed by Melissa Phillips.
I love the messages on these cards and that they can be given for any occasion....and yes, I have parted with some of my cards...just hope they did not end up in the trash:)

Thank you for remembering Wynand in your prayers.


  1. You and Wynand are canstantly in my prayers.
    Your cards are absolutely beautiful.
    Annette, one of my online friends, has a stamp that she puts at the back of her cards. It makes me LOL every time I see it. It says:'This card was made with love by me and if you throw it in the trash, those same hands that made it will make a voodoo doll in your image and stick pins in it!

  2. The whole meeting with that Dr must have been extremely frustrating! Ugh!

    Your wood carved mirror is gorgeous! You are incredible! The cards are all so lovely as well.

    Take care.

  3. My dear friend, i am so sorry i missed you yesterday - I am knee deep in baking and cooking. I am planning on calling you tomorrow afternoon to chat and catchup - once all my orders are delivered.

    dr's are very good at not giving us the info we so very dearly need.

    I have learnt to ask the right questions, and you seem to have cottoned on quickly too.

  4. You are very talented and I'm sure that your cards didn't end up in the trash. They are probably tucked away as keepsakes. Aren't doctors the limit. The more they say, the less they say. As moms we learn to read between the lines. Whatever the doctors say, God is in charge. Doctors can't explain miracles. Just keep praying.

  5. I must say the cards u made are awesome... U are blessed with this talent, Lynette and it is good news that your son is not getting worse.. take it one step at a time..
    God bless!

  6. Re- UPDATE
    So frustrating when you dont get the answers you are looking for...what is up with the Doctors.!!
    Still in my prayers...

    They are so beautifully done...

  7. I can Imagine How frustrating must be. As always you all been in my prayers.

    The cards are Beautiful!!!!
    I love the mirror!!!!

    Please visit my blog. I have something for you.

  8. I hope they give you answers soon Lynette! Beautiful cards!! I also fear that people will throw the cards away!

  9. Still thinking and praying for you all.

    Your cards are beautiful...I agree I think you should open an etsy shop.

  10. You are so talented Lynette. Not only you can make beautiful cards and gorgeous scrap books you also can wood carved, very nice!
    I'm still lifting you up in my prayers. God works on mysterious ways.
    I love the messages too on your cards.

  11. Continue keeping you and Wynand in prayers!
    Your mirror is stunning! You are so talanted! And your cards are really beautiful and meaningful! Are all the messages you use on them stamped or you just print them out?

  12. Hi Lynette,
    My thoughts are still with you on Wynand's progress. Doctors are similar to politicians aren't they? You come away from talking to them unsure of what they actually said...and somehow never get an answer, even to a specific question. I wonder if that is actually a subject at medical school - called something like "How to avoid commiting yourself to anything..."!!! Your mirror is outstanding! So cool that you learnt to woodcarve - do tell us where & how! I did lino-cutting years ago & loved it & had all the tools to scrape the lino out but that is softer than wood when heated. About your cards...they are so fantastic ;-D The Etsy shop is a great idea but you may find it a bit tricky to set up although you will find some other SA's there...problem is no Paypal valid here - it is called something else like "Gateway" that you have to use but same sort of thing really. Also postage overseas would make your cards prohibitive & you have to pay for an Etsy shop. My suggestion to you is you look in your settings & see how to create a PAGE {not a post} & you can create up to 10 of them & have tabs at the top of your blog linking to them permanently. You could display the cards under themes - or even just all on one "page" together with prices {you could print/watermark the prices on in PSE/Picasa before posting the pics - ie:- edit the photos you already have to include this...} & make a little ad for your sidebar letting everyone know you have beautiful cards for sale then sell them locally. Sure you would have no problem getting rid of those beauties ;-D

  13. Coming over from Cat's blog...

    so very sorry to read about your son. (I went back through the posts to read his story). How frustrating to get half answers from the doctors. UGH
    I will pray that you receieve answers and that your son isn't in an pain....

  14. You're so cute! Thanks for the blog comment and welcome to my blog. ;)

    thanks for saying hi

    and by the way LOVE these cards!

  15. Oh that angel is beautiful. Have a good rest and say hallo to Saards for me.

  16. Beautiful. The whole post was beautiful, beautiful picture, beautiful entryway, beautful cards...beautiful you. Sending more prayers and thoughts of peach your way.

  17. Popping in to say Hi.
    Love the cards you've made...they may just inspire me to acytually use my key collection.
    Love the angel...I have my own collection too.

  18. Love all your cards Lynette!! wonderful job!! Love it!!

  19. Gorgeous cards. Keep strong in your trials.

  20. these cards are beauties, Lynette... i'm glad you have an outlet to let your creativity run in such difficult times... the Lord sustains you and your family...

  21. These cards are so beautiful and a true reflection of how beautiful you are on the inside as well. Your son Wynand is blessed having such a special person for a Mom.

  22. Stunning cards. I promise that I wont throw it away if I ever receive one from you!


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