Thursday, March 18, 2010

Project Life 2010

When I first saw this project on Becky Higgins blog...I loved the idea of a sort of photo journal of a year in your life.  Initially I could not get hold of the kit because they would not ship to South Africa.  A friend on the Personal Scrapper board offered to get it and ship it to me...I am so thankful.  My kit arrived last week and yesterday I had time to pack it out and start.  I did not take a photo a day...but I love the way Ali Edwards is doing the I will have lots of little notes and highlight events and meaningful times.

I just love the neatness of the kit...the little journal cards and the rubber date stamp.  It is the first project that I do that does not have my desk in a total mess and paper and embellishments strewn all over the place. I am so thankful for blogging, because it is going to help me a lot with completing the journal cards.

Now on to some pics I took of Kobus and his two little ones last night. I love to see how my sons have developed in excellent fathers.
Just gives me such a warm feeling:)

Lastly I would love to share something from scripture that have really touched me.  This is a scripture that also carried me through a tough time recently. 

Isaiah 26:4 - You will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind [both its inclination and its character] is stayed on You, because he commits himself to You, leans on You, and hopes confidently in You.

Perfect peace literally means "shalom, shalom"  The doubling of the word is done to show the certainty of this peace and the complete fullness of this peace.  It is peace in every aspect of the word - Peace with God, peace with people and peace with circumstances.  It is that knowledge that the Lord offers us His peace.  He wants to take all our anxiety and replace it with His incredible peace.  This peace will only come as we rest our thoughts on His, and not on our circumstances.  Our mind has to be "stayed" or resting on the Lord.  It is when we get to focused on our problems that we get all tense and anxious.



  1. yes, true true, in a family we need peace.. and only He can supplies us that... this year, i pray for healing .. a year of good health.. seems my family is also stricken.. my mum eyes are not good, my sis eyes also blind in one.. and my brother undergoing chemo..
    all of us need our Lord each day.. live for today and cast our cares to Him...

  2. i just love that kit! will try to get my hands on one too!!
    beautiful scripture and so so true!!
    have a lovely day!!

  3. Oh so true! That kit looks stunning. I have decided to do a photobook on my 365 project - electronically.

  4. I so agree Lynette - we are having troubles with our house transfer but I KNOW that we will get in there, it will be later than expected, but the Lord knows that & how he is going to help me get everything done on time, or not, and then that it will be okay, or even better, to do it later for whatever reason. I so often see people in an uneccesary panic about things & just think...if only they had that peace...Love the photos of Kobus & I agree that Ali is doing the best job with the PL kit. Lucky you for managing to get hold of one - I hate the way the Americans never consider anyone else {& if they do they don't try to make the prices competitive - the postage story on PL was ridiculous last time I checked)

  5. Thanks for sharing! We all need the reminders of how to achieve peace!

  6. Oh Lynette how luck you were to receive one of these project kits!!

    I was too late on ordering one:-(

    I too love the clean & simple lines of the project is and love those photo sleeves!

    Enjoy working on your life project! It will certainly become a family treasure!!


  7. With parents like you guys your sons cant help but be fab dads! x

  8. Love Love Love Love that kit! Have fun!!!!

  9. Beeauuutiful! Love that kit and know that your album is going to be simply stunning.

    That verse speaks volumes.


  10. That album thing is amazing, oh my hat.

    Love the verse, LOVE it! Thanks :-)

  11. I like your project very much..and I to like the neatness of it. I will have to look into this. Handsome son and cute baby! I am going to put this scripture on my office wall and to memory. Wish you were not so far away or I'd have ya over for a cup of coffee. =o)

  12. Great you managed to get one of those kits!! Have fun with it! And thanks for sharing the scripture, it's beautiful!

  13. Love the kit, it's beautiful.
    That's a nice picture of your son and your grand kids, so sweet.. Thanks for sharing the scripture.

  14. Happy to for that you got an appropriate kit to get you on the ProjectLife project ! ;)

    That's wonderful that you sons are excellent fathers ( & no surprises too ! )

    & thanks for your latest comments on my blog . It's a really good pick me up after not seeing any results after 4 manufacturers' DT calls in row ! lol !

    Thanks for all that you share here too & the impact it is having on so many blogging friends !;)

  15. Oh, soo true, Lynette!. Loved the kit!
    And wow!! Stunning photos of your son and grandson !
    They are so cute and adorable!!
    Betty xx


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