Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A few cards and a few memories to share

I guess maybe I am a card maker after all.  I have enough stash to be able to go into business:)

Today I made this card for a special friend.
...and this one for a friend that is having a birthday.

I want to share a few photographs of my niece Corne's wedding that was held in George recently.
The happy couple
I just have to show you this pic...his mischievous brothers-in-law sabotaged his shoes before the wedding...see SOS on the one and HELP on the other.
Wynand and Nadia
My sons, Kobus Jr. and Wynand
My very pretty daughter. She has the most beautiful eyes.

Thanks for the visit.


  1. Hhhmm, wonder who the first card is for!!??

    Beautiful, both of them.

    And the wedding photos are so stunning. Very pretty bride she made.

  2. PS - you do have beautiful children, but you know that already xx

  3. very pretty cards lynette and your daughter is BEAUTIFUL.

  4. My my, you are a good looking bunch!

  5. I agree with Allie, good looks clearly runs in the family.

  6. WOW, your daughter is soo beautiful!!
    Lovely cards, you are so creative!
    Betty xx

  7. beautiful cards! I think you are great at card making and scrappin! Beautiful pics and family!

  8. What a lovely family! The bride looks gorgeous!

    I've heard about people doing that to the shoes, but have never seen it! Funny!

  9. Caesmaking is addictive, be very careful. LOL Your cards are lovely.
    So is your family.

  10. Wow!!! Beautiful cards!!!!! You did Amazing!!!!!!! Beautiful pictures!!!!!!!

  11. I love so much your cards Lynette!! love also all your photos!! wow you are a wonderful photographer!!! love those help sos's shoes!!! hahah so funny!!
    and OMG your daghter's eyes are gorgeous!!!! she is beautiful Lynette!!
    Thank you for stopping by my place you are so kind my freind I really appreciate it.
    God bless.

  12. You can definitely start a card business, you are excellent, I would buy them for sure!

  13. Your cards so beautiful! I love the softness of them.

    The bride's hair!! I LOVE it and have ALWAYS wanted a cut like that--but have never been brave enough to try it.

    You have very handsome boys and a beautiful daughter (and daughter in law).

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    ps--if you are tempted by my giveaway, go for it. I WILL ship international if the winner is overseas :)

  14. I don't see many pics of your DD actually - indeed she is beautiful in every way ! What a proud momma you should be !!! ;)

    Lovely cards all - you definitely have all the stash to make more cards for bizness ! lol !

  15. Fabulous photos & cards. Such a lovely wedding couple.

  16. Great cards! And beautiful pictures too!

  17. Well you are a natural cardmaker, that is for sure! And I always love looking at photos of your family. Nadia has the most amazing skin - I always think that & forget to mention it. And LOL on the shoes!!

  18. it was for me ;-) thank you Lynette it is so beautiful and so much love went into the detail. I showed everyone on the plane. Thank you thank you x x x x x

  19. Beautiful cards Lynette!!

    The message on the bottoms of the shoes just cracks me up!!

    Have a lovely weekend!!

  20. Those are some really great photos!!!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  21. you have beautiful children! x Just like their mommy x-x

  22. Love the cards and the photos..Your sons and daughter are beautiful. The writing on the shoes are so funny!

  23. Cards are so pretty, and the wedding looks like fun.


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