Thursday, February 11, 2010


...that is how my emotions are going...up-and-down and up-and-down.

I don't know how to start this blog post and I don't even know whether I should continue blogging about it. is so darn depressing.

Wynand's angiogram went well and there were no complications.  We were hoping to see the neurosurgeon and hear good news.  Instead the radiology doctor came to check on Wynand's groin wound and then said that if it does not start bleeding when he starts moving around, he can go home by 7 o'clock tonight.  He said that the neurosurgeon needs to study the images of the angiogram because what they found were "complex" and "unusual" and "rare".  These are all words I  SO did not need to hear.

The images will be written on a CD and couriered to Cape Town tomorrow for a second opinion.  Guys, I am not even going to pretend....this is so scary.


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  2. Yes, scary - but I keep thinking of the stream of encouraging scriptues that have come to your mind, Lynette.
    We are all "holding your hand", my dear friend.
    Tell your boy that blogland is awash with prayers for him.

  3. Very scary indeed, keep blogging, you need an outlet and we are all here for you...we are praying and holding you in the light with your son....This is a good way for you to release your emotions...
    We will never tire of you and your concerns...we understand.

  4. I am praying and am always here to listen!

  5. Wow, Lynette, I can't imagine. Keep looking at the pictures in your previous posts. Keep the faith! I'll be thinking of you.

  6. Ditto everything that Allie said, no one puts it better. I are in my thoughts sooo often. I have a friend who is a Neurosurgeon so send me an email if you want his no. x

  7. I am glad the procedure went well. Hang in there regarding the results. The three words that concern you aren't always negatives. I'll keep you in my prayers. :)

  8. Not only blogland is praying. I told my girls about Wynand at school and how scared it makes a mother feel when her children are hurting and trust me, those girls have a direct line upstairs. This would not be the first time they are praying for somebody very special, I believe that the neurosurgeon will come back with good news.

  9. Sending many thoughts of comfort and peace your way. Your faith is amazing and such an inspiration to me.

  10. Well, at least they sending for a second opinion. some doctors just diagnose. absolutely, keep us up to date, we are all here for you and your family:)

  11. Oh Lynette, all I can do is pray. God's love and light to you all.

    And yes, you need to continue blogging - it's and outlet you know.

  12. This DOES sound scary! Sending lots of hugs your way!!! Continue to pray about it and keep the hope!

  13. Shew lynette. I can only imagine. All I know is that it is times such as these when HE is in control and holding you closer than ever. Praying for supernatural peace for you all and the best possible outcome.

  14. Lynette, I'm so sorry to read this. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. As scary as all of it may sound..Trust in your faith to get all of you through this difficult time...I continue to pray for your sons health. {{{hugs}}} Lisa

  16. Dearest Lynette,

    It is only right to feel scared.
    I would be too.

    Doctors are only human.
    They like to scare us then
    give us the good news when
    they perform a "miracle".

    You are stronger than you think.
    You are prepared for this
    more than you will ever know.

    My prayers are with you and Wynand.


  17. Gee Lynette - that does sound scary...Jack had an x ray this week for one thing which turned out fine but they found something else! Now I am in a state about that & it is nowhere near what you are having to endure. Personally I love "real" blogs where the authors are honest like you & it must surely be heartening knowing all your readers are rooting for you too. God is definitely with you on this journey though & that is surely the greatest comfort.

  18. If you have time dear Lynnete, please have a look to my son's post on your lovely country! Cape Town


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