Monday, February 8, 2010

Questions and answers

I am stealing Allie's version of the F2F challenge:

1. If I could fly off to a island holiday destination right now...I would

2. In my kitchen cupboard  are everything we need...topped it up this morning.

3. On my desk lies two half done scrapping layouts....very, very untidy.

4. Image in my head a beautiful peaceful beach.

5. In the middle of my to-do list My what?  I don't do that.

6. I am dreading nothing....I think everything that could happen, already did.

7. Right now I want my DH to get home from his golfing weekend. I don't do too well without him.

8. I think I will have to keep him from strangling our DD.

9. Going to  stay at home today and keep my mind and hands occupied with things I love doing.



  1. Sjoe Lynette. I can't argue with #6.

  2. Dearest Lynette,
    I really like #6 too.
    There is comfort in it.
    You and Wynand are still in my prayers.
    Enjoy your Monday!

  3. 4,6 and 9 are my favourites:)have a great day!xx

  4. I hope you have a great day at home. Love and light girl.

  5. ooo - an Island holiday. **sigh** Why do we have to face the real world? x

  6. No. 8 is meant to be humorous, right? Stay cool, Lynette, u r a great MUM!

  7. Lynette , Oh my friend you're soo creative! and inventive!!
    I just love this post!
    Betty xx

  8. Yup, he couldn't have chosen a worst weekend to be away!

    But he's back by now so things in your world are feeling happier I hope.

    Keep me posted.


  9. At least the sun is still shining on your island.
    Happy thoughts...happy thoughts.

  10. Sounds like you are in a good place right now Lynette...although I am a few days behind on your posts so need to do a catch up! My DH is away & my DD has also been up to tricks...


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