Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Troubled but not crushed

Wynand had his MRI yesterday and the report was faxed to me.  The medical jargon in these reports are totally confusing and not easily understood.  I looked for a phrase to send to Dr. Google and found this under the comments "dural arteriovenous fistula" .. My thinking was that this is a further test that they want him to have, imagine my shock when it became clear to me that it was the actual diagnosis of his problem.  What it means is that Wynand has this mass or nest of abnormal arteries and veins that flows into and from a lesion called a fistula. ( fistula  is an abnormal connection or passageway between two organs or vessels that normally do not connect.) The pressure in this lesion becomes very high and can cause accute bleeding in the brain.  They also suggest that this AV malformation had an accute bleed when Wynand had the headache.  It is a condition that is usually only found by chance and more regularly only after a massive stroke or haemorrage that is usually fatal.

{Total meltdown}

I pulled myself together and again read the report and one thing jumped out at me. In the report they state that a "pro deo" CT scan was done.  Why did they say that?  Why did they not say a gratuitous (free) scan was done...why "pro deo"?  Pro Deo means:  A Human action taken only for the sake of and in the name of God, being literally "For God", usually one that is on behalf of other persons in need of urgent aid--such as only those who take their cause in name of God will provide. It is aid offered in most ernest faith and brotherhood, never for the least of material gain of any kind.  I closed my eyes and what I saw was Wynand being held in the hand of the Lord. 
I initially felt like this "Psa 22:14: I am poured out like water. All my bones are out of joint. My heart is like wax; it is melted within me.   Trying to keep myself together for the sake of my son, I scolded myself for resorting to Google. 

  • In hindsight today I know that we have to be prepared and strong for Wynand sake. 
  • That it is a miracle that this was found.  I believe that the Lord has revealed this so that Wynand can get treatment.
  • He is the only One we can run to in time of distress.
Wynand received a word of prophecy last week:

"Wynand is the Apple of My eye.  The attacks on him is from the evil one to try and make him lose hope and faith in me - I want Wynand to know I am the "God that healeth thee."  I am far beyond and above the enemy.  He is like a roaring lion without any teeth and his tactic is simply to scare and try to prevent My people from fulfilling their calling.  He wants to fill them with fear and unbelief.  Wynand will again see My hand of supernatural intervention which will strengthen his inner man and faith and hope in me.  He must know that I am with him and My angels are with him to guard, protect and minister to him.  I have called him to be My soldier of hope to a world with no hope.  he will testify with unwavering faith My goodness and plans for good for mankind.  I am bringing Wynand to the place where he will instantly know My voice and venture immediately where I give him instruction without doubt that it is Me speaking to him."

Psalm 71:20-24 "You have sent troubles and suffering on me, but you will restore my strength; you will keep me from the grave.  You will make me greater than ever; you will comfort me again.  I will indeed praise you with the harp; I will praise your faithfulness, my God. On my harp I will play hymns to you, the Holy One of Israel.  I will shout for joy as I play for you; with my whole being I will sing because you have saved me.  I will speak of your righteousness all day long, because those who tried to harm me have been defeated and disgraced.

Please continue to pray for the Lord to strengthen us in this time.


  1. Lynette I will continue praying for your son....I know what he is going through and in my situation like his...we have to walk this path and do what we have to do, no one can do it for us.
    God is good....

  2. Thinking of you and praying for you and Wynand and everybody in your family that is dealing with this in one way or another. We had prize giving at school today and I thought of what the head girl said when I read your comments on mr. Google. She said that even though the internet has so much knowledge, it is lacking in what is important: That is the power of love and compassion and the power that God has, to change all that knowledge in the blink of an eye.
    Hold fast my friend, He is in control.

  3. Oh Lynette, what an absolute miracle that he did not have a massive stroke etc and that this was caught on screen.

    I will continue to pray and keep you all in my thoughts. Miracles happen every day. I do not know if you ever read the story of the twins on my blog (go see in the right hand bar - the story of Us - the last two parts) - they are a mircale indeed.

  4. Lynette, my prayers will continue to be with u.. be strong, whatever happens, God will make the good out of it.. just remember Romans 8:28 ..

  5. I did chat a little with Anita today.
    Glad that this problem has been discovered and wow, such an awesome word. You are teaching me to look on the bright side of everything.

  6. As i've said - am here for you no matter what.

    I believe that God has his hand firmly over this and will ensure a positive outcome.

    Love and hugs.

  7. Lynette, My prayers are with your son, you and your family.

  8. "That it is a miracle that this was found. I believe that the Lord has revealed this so that Wynand can get treatment."
    Both of you are in my prayers.

  9. You are too clever for me so I will just say that I am thinking of you and your family and of course keeping you in my prayers xoxo

  10. Lynette I am so very sorry for your son, but it is a huge praise as well because it was found and there can be something done!!!!

    I pray for your peace, his peace and for your entire family as you go through this journey.

  11. Consider it done. I will continue to pray for you all. Keep looking up!

  12. We'll keep praying for you and your family..
    Be strong for I am with you, says the Lord.

  13. Lynette - from my medical training, I understand that a fistula is an abnormal passage-way that can be caused by illness, trauma or could be congenital. I don't have much knowledge of Fistulas in the brain, but elsewhere in the body, the prognosis for healing, once the Fistula has resolved is very good.
    If once the Fistula has been seen to, and the pressure is removed from the Optic nerve/ eye pathway, is it not possible that his vision will return?
    Have faith Lynette - we are all praying for you and Wynand.

  14. Praying for you all and know it will be a positive result. You are an amazing family with each other to lean on & give each other support. God Bless.

  15. Gee Lynette - sorry about it all but it sounds like it is a miracle to have this brought to your attention before anything serious happened. It's easier said than done but if you can stay calm & trust in the Lord I'm sure everything will work out OK ;-D

  16. Will continue to keep all of you in my prayers.

  17. I'll continue praying for your precious son,yoy and all ogf your family, Lynette.
    Please be strong and positive.
    I'm sending you a big (((HUG)))
    Betty xx

  18. You can count on me to lift you and your family up in prayer. I am so sorry and boy, life sure seems to have it's ups and downs...heavy heart yet here for you as your prayer partner. Hugs and love your way.

  19. I will keep your son and family in my prayers!

  20. What an awesome prophesy you received for Wynand , Lynette ! What powerful words & promises in there !

    I pray for your faith to arise to yet another higher level for this season & for peace to keep guard over your hearts .

    Here's another song for you too : ;)

  21. Lynette, I will be praying for you, your son and your whole family!

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  22. lynette, i will pray for you and your family. all will be fine,it always is fine in God's hands.

  23. the minutes seem to tick by so slowly.

    x x x

    we don't stop thinking about you and praying for peace and wholeness. x x x

  24. I am thankful that you know what you are dealing with it so it can be addressed. You and your family are in my prayers.

  25. I personally know the worry and the possibilities the MRI could have shown. It sounds like it was found before any permanent damage. THis is a huge blessing. I will keep your family in my prayers. Thank you for the update.

  26. SO sorry to hear this, will still keep you in our prayers...


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