Saturday, February 20, 2010 the end of the week.

My grandchildren Leane and Dewan will be spending their weekend at our home with their daddy.  Lukas decided that he did not want to miss out on any of the he slept over as well.  I must admit that I have forgotten how much a bunch of littlies can take out of you...and am a bit ratty because of broken sleep.  This morning Leane and Lukas was up early and got into bed with me and DH.  I fetched Dewan out of his cot so that his daddy can catch up on his sleep and made coffee for all of us.  Just looking at these little faces makes me forget about my lack of sleep:)

Here the two older ones don't want to look at the camera...obvious isn't it...just look how Lukas is trying to keep from laughing....and that shows his dimples to perfection.
They give so much joy and laughter.
It never pours.....
My photo of the day for last Tuesday was the rain.  It was just all over too soon.

That is however not what I mean by "it never pours".  You all know how we have been waiting in anticipation for the neurosurgeon to phone with the results of Wynand's angiogram and what their plan of action is.  Yesterday I decided to phone to find out what was happening....just to be told by the doc's receptionist that they have received no angiogram for Wynand.  After further investigation we were told that the plates were given to Wynand when he was discharged.  I was stunned...all the stress of this week and for what?  I phoned Wynand and he told me that they gave him plates but he thought it was the MRI and CT scans, threw it in the back of his car and forgot about it. I collected it from him, took it to the doc's office...and here we are again.....WAITING!!!!  You would have imagined that somebody would have followed up regarding the missing reports...but no!  It is times like this that I realise we truly live in Africa.

I now choose to enter His rest ....


  1. Nothing better than having family around. Great photos!

  2. Enjoying all your pics here too , Lynette ! your grandkiddies are all gorgeous ! Lucas looks like a future heartbreaker with his sweet dimples & big blue eyes !

    Love the pic that goes with Psalm 45:10 !

    Do not allow the enemy to steal your peace under your circumstances for sure !

  3. So glad to hear that you are making cards! Very therapeutic. You can start and finish in an hour.
    I think that the fact that the report was 'missing' is a good sign. obviously God is not stressed about getting the results to you quickly, so don't you be stressed either.

  4. Listen to the pouring rain, listen to it pours.. LOL.. this song sung by who, i forgotten already..
    hey, your Lukas certainly looks like the big bro there.. love his dimples!

  5. Your Grand Children are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! You much so full of joy!!!!! Hope you have a very much fun weekend!!!!!

  6. You always have the most beautiful photos.
    Delighted to see you taking part in the photo of the day thing too.

  7. Your grandchildren are beautiful!!!! Hoping that they speedily get the results, praying!

  8. its all beautiful in his eyes

  9. Hope you get those results soon. The children are all so beautiful, and yes when you look at their faces you quickly forget the hours of lost sleep. So precious :)

  10. Boy, those are lovely kids!

    Amazing how laid back your son is about his results hey?!
    Hope you hear really soon and that the news will be better than you could have hoped . . .
    ((( )))

  11. Beautiful photos - those kiddies are so cute.

    Interesting that Wynand didn't seem to worried about the scans! Clearly he is at peace and knows that God is in charge.


  12. Looks like a lovely weekend with the little ones! Hoping the waiting is over soon...

  13. Maybe you could rest a bit better if you did not give your grandchildren coffee - LOL! (Okay, sorry, just trying to be lighthearted) I chuckled when you said "I made coffee for all of us". I'm sorry that you have to wait even longer, I know how hard that can be. Don't let your mind wander into those "what if" thoughts, they are definitely not from above!

  14. Oh I know, that rain was just a bit! You are so lucky to have your 3 kiddos with you. My In -laws would love to be able to do this.

  15. You have wonderful grandchildren. They're so cute! I love the photos.
    I love the verse that you choose too. I know sometimes it is hard to be still. But thank God for his Love and Faithfulness to us.

  16. WOW!!What sticking cuties!!!
    I melt looking at them.
    Betty xx

  17. This is so very precios!! I am Christian too !! I discovered your blog visiting my best friend's blog Darien Loving Life.
    Your blog is really beautiful, very nice to meet you, I am a new blogger and a pretty new scrapper , I will be visiting your blog for more inspiration!!
    God bless you and your family.


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