Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Outside my window... This is the view from the window in my study/scraproom.  Warm, 27 degrees C and very windy.

I am thinking... about the scrapping layout I am busy with at the moment.

I am thankful for...wonderful friends who care.

I am wearing... denim shorts and white T.

I am remembering...the wonderful full body massage I just relaxing:)

I am do a bit of scrapping this afternoon.  I have all the photos printed out and ready to go.  Seems stress is good for creativity.

I am currently reading...Angela's Ashes

I am hoping...that Wynand's MRI will go well on Monday and that nothing serious will be found.

On my mind...the wedding we will be attending in George on Saturday.

Noticing that...I am spending way too much time at this computer.

Pondering ...Matt 6:26;34  "Don't worry about things - food, drink and clothes.  For you already have life and a body - and they are far more important than what to eat and wear.  Look at the birds! They don't worry about what to eat - they don't need to sow or reap or store up food - for your heavenly Father feeds them.  And you are far more valuable to Him than they are.  Will all your worries add a single moment to your life? So don't be anxious about tomorrow.  God will take care of your tomorrow too.  Live one day at a time."  (The Living Bible)

From the kitchen...sounds of coffee gurgling in the filter machine.

Around the house...Quiet...just the way I like it.

One of my favorite things... spending time with my children and grand favourite.


  1. sounds like a good day and good verse to ponder :)

  2. I read this verse just the other day.

    Loved Angela's Ashes - will you review for me?

    Lovely chatting today xx

  3. This is the most beautiful the ponder one as says so much.
    Sending love, light and prayers to your son for Monday.

  4. you and Allie are having such a tranquil day x x x x

  5. Just looking at the photo I already feel more peaceful.
    Thanks for a lovely post.

  6. Wow read that today in my quiet time & I needed that reassurance. Your garden area is so serene must be blissful.I am sure Monday will be better than you imagine sending prayers for strength & healing.

  7. Sounds Like a great day!!!! I wish for a day like that Soon!!! And a day at the spa too!lol. No any time soon. =(

  8. Only caught up with the posts now. Wishing you all the best for Monday and I hope everything will be okay. So special that you will be there with him.

  9. A very meaningful day, Lynette.. hope everything runs smoothly for u from now on...

  10. I am so happy that you are taking time to enjoy your alone time, Lynette. Always take care of yourself.
    You and Wynand are still in my prayers.

  11. Your yard looks lovely. I envy you, 27degC is way lot better than -28degC. A full body massage is what need right now.
    I love the verse, so comforting.

  12. So what's PE without wind hey? Wynand is constantly on my mind - please be assured that I am keeping him in my prayers. Angelas ashes is such a stunning book - some parts of it will always stay with me.

  13. I have Angela's Ashes waiting in the wings...Loved the quote, so true that we often forget it.

    Thinking of you

  14. What a beautiful view you have Lynette - the garden is more than restored now - even better than before! Can't wait to see your new layout ;-D Love this post structure - may just have to use it someday...

  15. Beautiful in everyway ! You are blessed !

  16. What a peaceful view from your scrap room...sounds like a beautiful day!


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