Thursday, January 21, 2010

This must take the Cake....

...seriously.  I thought it was some sick joke when I saw a few pics of "Divorce cakes" in the You magazine.  So, I asked Mr. Google if it is serious....and sadly he told me it is true.

There was even an article in the Mail online that you can go and read here.

People pay between 60 and 800 British pounds for a cake like this...and they use it as a center piece for a party.

If you consider how much the wedding cake cost....this just blows your mind.

Random...don't you think?

Most of them look more like "murder cakes".

The tier being kicked from under the bride

...and it appears that the poor man is at the receiving end every time:)

Is this how life is after divorce?

Another "murder" cake.

I can only imagine that you have to be seriously angry or seriously twisted to even think of celebrating a divorce.  Some people have pretty bad marriages with abusive partners and I can understand that they would celebrate when they are finally free from their situation.  have always considered divorce to be like something tearing people apart...always painful and always sad, but then I have been happily married for the past 31 what do I know?

What do you think?
  • funny
  • sick
  • or just plain weird.
  • if you have gone through a bad marriage and were relieved when it ended...did you celebrate.  Would you go for one of these cakes?


  1. sick and wierd...

  2. All of the above! I can't imagine having a party to celebrate the breaking of vows. Then again I am married to a great guy, so maybe I just don't understand.

  3. I did have to laugh at some of them. Not too sure what that says about me though.

    So much work having gone into the details and cake decorating.

    Divorce is a very sad time for all involved, I am not sure if a child of parents that get divorced is every really the same. I know I'm not.

    Have you seen the cakes they have for turning 40? You'd think someone had died instead of just getting a little older and wiser.

    It is a funny twisted macabre way.

    Great "makes youthink post".

  4. I can't imagine a guy ordering a cake so that must be why there's all for the woman. Pretty sick if you ask me.

  5. yap, sick this is{great post,though}they could have used the money for counceling rather,but then again, if they spend this money on a cake, why did they get married in the first place???

  6. So i'm going to put my foot in this big time.

    I got divorced.

    And I celebrated.

    Perhaps not with a cake, but I celebrated with my girlfriends.

    Why? Because I was happy I was no longer married to the man that made my life a misery from the moment we got married.

    And i don't think me celebrating this momentous moment in my life was sick or weird.

  7. Well, I'm with Shayne here.... It is totally sick to want a cake like that, but I also went out the night after my divorce was finalised.

    I was also married to a very twisted guy who resorted to violence when all did not go his way....

    I celebrated because I had my life back ( or what was left of it) and could be me again.

  8. @Shayne and Charmaine...sorry if this post seemed insensitive. I totally understand that if you had a lousy marriage...a celebration is in order. Not aimed at you okay?

  9. OK - so I do agree that these cakes are in bad taste, because most of them show the bloke dead or bleeding or suffering... and whilst divorce is very painful, often more painful for one partner... I do believe that people may feel a sense of relief once the "ordeal" is over.
    I guess we should never judge base on our own life experiences... you never know what some-one has suffered.
    But murder? Sick.
    That said... these are all very skillfully crafted cakes, bad taste aside, they are pretty awesome!

  10. I guess I could understand the celebration part, but I know I would not get a cake like one of those. Hopefully I never need to.

  11. Divorce is one of the issues that really gets to me - I have a blogpost brewing about this, but it seems to me that people just give up too easily. Just not try hard enough. Of course, and abusive partner is really the exception to the rule and then I can understand some form of celebration. But these cakes are just twisted.

  12. I am happily married (I even say that as my hub and I are in an argument) but I actually think these cakes are seriously funny. I definatly think that Divorce is so sad. I plan on never getting one. I have a friend who is going through a seperation that will probably end in a divorce and it makes me so incredibly sad. That said I could totally see her getting one of these cakes and celebrating with her girlfriends not having a full fledged party with lots of guests. I see the cakes as being very silly and making light of a emotionally draining situation. I think that even when you are in a very bad marriage once it ended you would still be sad and happy. Sad because of the lost hopes and dreams. Happy because you are free. I could also see a friend getting a cake like this for a person going though a divorce to try to cheer her up. I wouldn't but I could see it happening.

  13. It's hard to imagine that anyone who once loved someone enough to marry them would want to celebrate separating from them. I think if it happened to me I would be devestated & sad. Like you I have been with my hubs for 26 years so what do I know lol? I'd be sad because I'd miss him whereas if he was a meanie maybe I'd be happy to see the back of him lol...

  14. I think it is sad that someone would actually pay money for something like that and also have a party to "celebrate" a divorce. How extremely sad!!

  15. Thanks for the laugh ... weird, but original indeed.

  16. I think these cakes are really SAD, period. I have also been divorced and, no celebrating it would have been very disrepectful for my son so I didnt. Today he probably wouldnt care either way.

  17. Hey Lynette! I discovered your blog through another crafter's blog and clicked on it because we share the same name (except my name is spelled with 2 "n's"). :-) It's not often I ever come across someone with the same name and same interests. Came to this cake posting and just had to comment.....
    I actually think it's funny...then again, I really don't think these cakes are meant to be taken seriously. Divorce can be a sad period in one's life but also a joyous period for some. Depending on the situation I think it's A-OK to celebrate afterwards. I think it gives the whole situation a different feel. I'm sure noone gets married just to get divorced, but then there's people like me-who got married for all the wrong reasons and divorce ends up being the best choice. I remember the moment when I walked out of the courtroom once my divorce was finalized. I felt like skipping and I was SO happy to be over with it already.


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