Saturday, January 9, 2010

I wish I was a foodie...

I received an invitation from a friend earlier this week to a movie, cake and coffee.  It was her birthday on the 6th and because she loves going to the movies this was her choice of a celebration.  The Uptown Theater was also prepared to allow her to bring cake that we could have in their coffee shop.

You must have noticed that I have done very little scrapping in the past month.  One of the decisions I made this year was that I would make all the cards...shew...I mean, I have so much stash that it would be crazy not to...yes?  So this morning I made her this card:

Cute, even if I have to say so myself.  Hopefully this will be the start of me getting back into the swing of things where scrapping is concerned...I am now approximately 2 months behind.

We saw:

Meryl Streep was as fantastic as always in her movies.  The movie made me feel like an awful wife/mother because I usually like to just slap a few things together for meals...the least preparation time it takes the more likely I am to make it....Anybody out there get this?  It also made me think that maybe, just maybe, I should make more of an effort.  Who knows, this feeling might go away if not dwelt upon:)

When I got back home at 5:30 this afternoon the swimming pool was a delightful 32 degrees C.  I have to admit, my poor DH have contemplated filling in the pool many a time...when he had to do the cleaning and all I would do was walk around it.  Cannot stand cold water.   Bokkie, the solar heating IS A HIT!  So here I am...

...and a few words come to mind....bliss, delight....and "sommer" plain lazy.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  1. I cannot wait to see the movie - think i'm going to treat myself to a day in EL next week and do just that.

    Your card is gorgeous and you certainly do look completely relaxed in your pool - far different to what I looked like this morning with my dress tucked up into my broeks dashing around the steps of the pool after O!

  2. Lynette, thank you so much!Your post was a delight!

  3. I have wanted to see that movie since it started showing. Everybody says its wonderful, but if it is going to make me spend more time in the kitchen, maybe I should steer clear.
    Love your card by the way.

  4. I havent seen the movie, came and went so fast here in our dorp, will watch the dvd and have a sneaky suspicion its going to leave me with similar feelings of inadequacy!

    Our solar gets installed on Tuesday and I cant wait - ek loop katvoet om die swembad ... the kids hate the I wont get in but its about 19 degrees jong!

  5. What a gorgeous card! I'm in the same place-I want to make more cards:)

    I haven't seen this movie yet, but heard it was really good. I'm the same when it comes to meals-I like it quick:)

    Have I ever told you how gorgeous you are!? I thought the last picture was a picture of a star in the movie!

  6. You and me both as far as the food thing is concerned.
    Someone once said (in some course I did) concentrate on your strengths, not on your weaknesses -
    Sounds like good advice to me.


    Enjoy your pool, lucky girl - I must say, you look lovely!

  7. Your card is gorgeous & I am trying to make all cards this year too. Our pool in Durban has been our refuge lately & I love it. Enjoy!!

  8. That is a Gorgeous Card!!!!! About the movie haven't watch it yet... I wish I had a pool at my house =( You Look Beautiful!!!!!

  9. I am a foodie! I don't mind taking 2-3 hours for a dinner, not everyday of course, but it is fun every now and then. Of course, I hate it when I'm pregnant, can't stand up that long!

    Oh, and I love your card, how beautiful, I may have to scraplift!

  10. Don't get me started on the food thing...I flopped spagetti recently, I mean how bleak is that?! Its supposed to be the easiest thing in the world to make! I am SO not a cook, quick or otherwise. Ha, ha!

    Love the card, if someone gave me a card like that I would frame it and keep it forever! Beautiful!

  11. look so comfortable and relaxed that you may even start purring. I am sure Kobus won't mind cleaning the pool if it does that for you x x x x

  12. I would love to be a foodie... and given half the chance, I am. However, with 3 wee kiddies and a hectic schedule, I usually go for quick and easy! But when I do go for it, I go BIG!! And I love it x
    You look FAR too glamorous in that pool, darling! Have you entered a glamorous granny competition? You would surely walk away with 1st prize x

  13. i'm dying to see this movie - being a food crazy cooking person myself. hope it's as good as everyone says :)
    thanks for sharing :)
    Betty Bake

  14. Love the pic of you relaxing.
    I'll have to see if Anita wants to see the movie with me.
    I try and cook supper in under 30 minutes too, just using my time efficiently I believe so that I can blog and read blogs and do other vital stuff like that.

  15. Hi Lynette,
    My name is Shakira. This is my first time here.

    I used to make homemade greetings cards ,that is a lovely card.The daughter who loves doing that is now in Seoul with hubby. Oh, I am missing her again.

    You look really relax.Good for you.

    Have a great week ahead.


  16. I don't scrapbook, but I am so inspired to make time to learn cardmaking. I used to paint and have a business doing creative things................I love your card.

  17. beautiful card!
    I like to concentrate on making meals nutritious......and quick meals taste just as good as slowly prepared ones that use many pots and pans.
    Ooo 32* sounds a bit too warm for me.... a pool should be refreshing (but not icy).

  18. We aren't H'schooling yet. DH would like to revisit the subject when the school year ends in June. I feel fortunate that my kids go to a fabulous public school-which isn't easy to come by here. The 5th graders made Virgin Mary's and shepherds around Christmas time and displayed them in the school! Totally unheard of. Raice's teacher is a Christian and is a fabulous lady. BUT..........I want my babies home with me. I'm torn:/
    Thanks for asking:)

  19. omg.... *jaw hits the floor*

    you are stunning... *winks*

  20. wow! Beautiful Card! Oh, and it looks so relaxing!

  21. The card is stunning and I just loved the movie. Made me long for the days when I did cook like this. But I will, again, some day.

  22. Love the card. Always great to take a break from routine, gets one back to it much more inspired later on.

  23. What a beautiful card!!! Wow!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Oohhhh...I wish it was warm here. It's about 20 F here! Brrrrr!!!

    Enjoy your weather!


  24. sounds you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Love the card.

    We just watched that movie last night, and I agree, Meryl Streep once again did a wonderful job.

  25. I've been seeing this movie around and wondered what it was all about! I am one of those.. I want it to be fast because being in the kitchen isn't my idea of fun! I might have to check this movie out!

    I am really loving your card, and I am sure she loved it too! :) It's beautiful!

    And look at you all chillin' in the pool!!!!!! Lucky ducky!

  26. Considering it is about 15 degrees here I am soooooo jealous to see you in the pool! Enjoy!

    I loved that movie too...what an amazing job Meryl Streep did!'

    Such a pretty card!

  27. Love the card so so cute! I wish I were in the pool with you as we have snow everywhere and you just look so relaxed. I also love the new look to your blog. (you probably did that a while ago. I am usually looking in reader) Adorable.

  28. I totally loved that movie, saw it last weekend. Cute photo of you relaxing, hope to see it scrapped soon...

  29. That certainly looks a lot more appealing than slaving over a hot stove in this seems that all us scrappers are not so interested in the kitchen...I saw the movie but it didn't make me want to be a better cook...I was hoping it would motivate dh lol!


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