Friday, January 29, 2010

Catch up.

  • Thank you for all your warm wishes on my birthday, your phone calls and e-mails.  I felt SO loved yesterday. 
  • Where my son Wynand is concerned - I have had some awesome words of encouragement and scripture and even a song from some of you - you are amazing.  I am so blessed to have you in my life.  We have our Cell group tonight and one lady in our group that has a prophetic ministry phoned me yesterday and told me that she has a prophetic word for me regarding Wynand that she will give me tonight.  Can't wait to hear it.
  • Tomorrow morning we are driving through to George.  We will be attending the wedding of my niece at Tramonto .  The children and us will be staying over on Saturday night in Herolds Bay at Makarios...right on the beach.  I think it looks magical.
  • These layouts were my way of working through the stress of the past week and also sort my muddled thoughts.


Lukas and Leane in the pool.  He is careful and she is wild...she wants to hug and kiss and he wants to run.
Marc and Bianca in the pool...they still seem to make each other happy.
Me and my oldest...don't want to get old you know?
My Tweethearts...I just love this Bo Bunny line...called Love Bandit.
You stole my heart...but I don't mind.  More of the Bo Bunny Love Bandit line...probably a Valentines line...but it works so well with kiddie photos.
Have a blessed weekend.



  1. nice scraping...


  2. What a lovely way to keep wonderful family memories.
    Love your scraping!

  3. I envy your full life! The place you are staying just looks fabulous! Wish it wasn't so far-I would love to see some sun:)

    As usual your LO's are simply gorgeous! I just love looking at your work.

    You all are still in my prayers.


  4. oh man, that looks heavenly - enjoy time away. and I love seeing you cut loose on the trampoline! ;-)

  5. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday...The cake looks yummy. What a nice surprise...
    {{{{{hugs}}}}} Lisa

  6. Wonderful work!You are so talented and so blessed.
    You are still in my prayers.
    Have you a great weekend.

  7. beautiful layouts lynette, the one of you and the trampoline,i made one similar pattern, yesterday!LOL!! great minds think alike:)
    that place looks amazing, enjoy!!

  8. Beautiful LOs, at least you are finding some time to do something creative at such a tough time with your son, I am sure it is helping you thru it...

  9. Happy Birthday, Hope I can look so great at 50! Love the pics of you jumping!

  10. wow - enjoy yourself in George... it looks divine!
    Stunning layouts - clever girl x

  11. WAIT, WAIT....Happy Birthday!!! Have a GREAT time in George. Looks fabulous!

  12. Oh I am so jealous! Looks great. Enjoy the weekend.

  13. I missed your birthday! ;-( Soooooooooo sorry!! Hope you had a great one ;-D Wow you surfe have your scrapping mojo back on girl! Fantastic!!! Definitely the scrap room is the best place to be when the mind is worried...X

  14. Happy Birthday Lynette. Go suits you. Love your layouts, its easy to see how happy you are around your family. Hope everything goes well for your son.
    Hugs, Irene xx

  15. Belated happy Birthday Lynette. I wish you the best and that God will grant you many many many more birthdays to come.
    I love the layouts and photos..Lovely

  16. This is gorgeous. Love the designs and colours.

  17. Happy Birthday my dear friend Lynette and all the best. Beautiful layouts indeed. Hugs.


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