Sunday, January 17, 2010

The joy of family

All I wanted this weekend was some time to become quiet and relax.  Friday afternoon I picked my grand bubbas,  Lukas and Leane, up from their day mother to spend some time with me. It is so much fun watching these two little ones together...I have a feeling that they are going to become great friends as they get older and they will probably still give me a few extra gray hairs with their mischief.  When my oldest son came to fetch Leane she refused to go...crying for Ouma, so she ended up spending the night.  I am so grateful to have my children and grand children so close...they are such a joy and give me so much pleasure.

See how cute Lukas looks after his first hair cut....and look at Leane showing a crack... too cute:)

I love this little munchkin SO much....

....and I love this little one with his constant giggles and smiles SO much.

Just in case you did not know...this is what little girls do when they need to GO and are too busy playing.

The two little one's with Oupa.

Just look at that little face....

Is this how you eat a mielie?

My daughter Bianca in the pool with her boyfriend Marc. I LOVE this cheeky girl.

You can see that our garden is slowly coming along despite the severe drought in the Eastern Cape.

Do I jump on the trampoline?  Well...sometimes:)  Here I am with my oldest.

He double bounced me so hard I landed on my butt.

It is such a joy to be able to play...don't you think.

You can become totally foolish....just look at those actions...oh it is so good to laugh at yourself:)


  1. Lukas and Leane are so cute and lovable. I'm glad to know you have a wonderful family. Have fun dears. I need your e-mail Lynetteif it is possible. Thanks and kind regards. Philip

  2. I couldn't agree with you more Lynette. Having your children and grandchildren live around the corner is such a blessing! I often pray for my dear friends whose children live on the other side of the world. I can not imagine missing all those special moments.
    Your littlies are adorable!

  3. YOUR HOME IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

    how blessed are u to have your grandchildren so close to you - I AM SO SO JEALOUS...(u dont look like a granny btw)so so sexy!!!
    Your grand babies are beautiful!!

    Jumping on the trampoline is so good for you...if you do it for 15/20 mins at a time your heart rate goes up and its a very good workout, I want still hoping to get a small one for home...
    P.S. Stunning photo's all round.

  4. Gorgeous pics lynette.

    You are looking SO good - that colour suits you.

    Love the one of Leanne having a wee - she will be horrified (when she's older) to know that you posted that!

    Such happy pics - moments to treasure for sure.


  5. So wonderful to see happy families, I think grandchildren must be very very special & you are so blessed. Love the photos & joy on your faces.

  6. Ah such happy pics! I think I need a trampoline - just looks SO fun!

  7. Fantastic photos. Just looking at them brought a smile to my face. Little girls pee-ing in the garden...I never had my camera to hand.
    Lovely ones of you on the trampoline as well, looks like tremendous fun was had by all.

  8. Fabulous photos, you are one hot granny!

  9. YOu GO, girl!
    And sheesh, only you could wear a satiny shirt while you are cavorting on a trampoline - Looking glam while doing "the stuff."

    And I agree with the whole family thing totally. Your littlies are beautiful.

  10. what a nice wonderful relaxing weekend.. yes, i agreed with allie, u looked glamorous in that satin shirt.. continue to have fun ahead!!

  11. These are the days we love our lives hey !!!

    You look so beautiful and happy x x x x

  12. great pictures lynette!! you are one cool ouma:)

  13. Great great weekend photos. At 5 the Lil Miss has never slept a night out, not even at grannies. We have been talking about it for a while and maybe it's time.

  14. Those pics are fantastic! You must be one of the most stylish trampoline bouncers around.

  15. Yeah my sentiments exactly ! A very styliish trampoline dancer you are ! lol

    beautiful pics all ! how blessed you all are ! wonderful to see that !

  16. Thank bubbas ARE cute:)

    Marcelle - sexy is not what comes to mind when I think about myself. I also don't use the trampoline for exercise - just fun - and hope not hurting myself in the process.

    Shayne - the lovely thing about blogging is the delete button:)

    Joanne - my daughter will cringe if she has to read your comment...and roll her eyes like crazy:)

    Allie - amazing what a little satin can do when you are wearing a 5 year old jean...the jumping was not planned and I was also not planning on DH taking pics.

    Tanya - I would rather be "cool" than sexy...that is for sure.

    Pamela and Pearl - trampoline dancer...that is a nice way of putting me it looks like the antics to stay balanced.

    Meriel - overall I DO believe that I am happy and have SO much to be grateful for.

  17. I love your pictures! so cute and fun, love it!

  18. those are beautiful pictures! You can see the joy you and your DH have in spending time with your kids and grandkids! So precious! I love it! Oh, and I love the action on the trampoline! Blessing to you and your family!

  19. You are truly blessed to have your family so near and dear to you. Love the photos.

  20. This post makes me smile. You all look like you are having so much fun!!!

  21. I just love the look of your "play station" lol...your home is really a haven for relaxation & family bonding! I always love a good photo post - to me they are the best ;-D

  22. ha ha I love the pictures!! Y'all have so much fun!!


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