Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guilty pleasures

I've been tagged by  Kirsty to confess my guilty pleasures. She chose her victims to tags in a very interesting way...from all the different age groups...and I think she is going to be surprised to see that not much changes over the years.

So this post is about those wonderful things that make us feel a little guilty, but are far too good not to indulge in once in a while. The things that break the rules slightly, are a little unhealthy, are too expensive to cost-justify but make life that little bit more enjoyable. These are some of my guilty pleasures:

  1. Spending one-on-one time with my grand children.  Leane and Lukas are both toddlers and they go to the same day mother.  On Thursday afternoons I take either the one or the other home with me to have some special times with them.  I ALWAYS  feel guilty towards the one that has to stay behind and their crying sure does not help the guilty feeling.

2.  I feel exactly the same as Allie about the time I spend blogging or reading other blogs.  When I hear DH's   car stopping in the garage, I rush to the family room, plop down and look as if I have been sitting there for ages.(who am I fooling?)  In the morning when I put on the coffee, I always pop into my study to check out what is going on in blog land...a bit of an obsession that makes me feel very guilty.

3.  Browsing and buying scrap goodies to add to my already huge stash.  I just can't help myself and my guilty feelings does not go away when I start giving some of the stash away.

4.  Like most of you...I have a terrible weakness for chocolates.  Dark Lindt chocolate is my favorite and I have never been able to share it.  I hide it away in my cupboard and sneak into my room to have some ever so often...then I feel so guilty that I spend extra time on the treadmill the next day...and so the vicious circle continues.

5.  Heehee...could not resist this cute pic.  I love deep, warm, scented bubble baths.  It goes down even better if I can read a good book while I am lazing away in it.  This is an indulgence that I am guilty of in the get all my muscles relaxed. (or so I tell myself). At the moment we have a drought in our area and strict water restrictions are in I can only dream about it....and have quick showers.

So what is your guilty pleasures?


  1. LOL, can understand you blogging obsession...but then thats all I have living here so dont feel guilty...

  2. The first picture is gorgeous. So cute the children and of course you Lynette. I need your e-mail if it is possible. Thanks.

  3. I can so identify with your guilty pleasures & I can always try & justify mine LOL.

  4. I love the doggie bath picture. Too cute! Great picture of you with the grandchildren. The impact you'll make on them will last forever. My grandmother was my best friend...she made such a difference in my life and its because her pleasure was her family too. Bless you for how much you love your family.

  5. Mine is guilty of blogging.. I spend most of my evening blogging and i would feel very guilty about it when i see my girl sleeping peacefully in my room after i switched off the pc... sigh..

  6. Oh I know about your water restrictions - I also love my baths. And I know you feel guilty about leaving the one, but one on one time with every kid is so important. You are doing the best.

  7. hmm - very similar to mine... I guess a mothers guilt never leaves, hey?
    Love the pic of you with your 2 grandkiddies! x

  8. Loved reading your list and looking at your pics! Very entertaining. Makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only choco-scrap-a-holic blogger who loves to take loooooooong bubble baths!

  9. Lynette, I can understand your bloggin' addiction! Don't worry , I can so related to your thouhgts.
    Awesome photos!

  10. eeks ! I do share quite a few of your guilty pleasures but alas I dont feel guilty about them at all ! lol

    Love all the pics you found to illustrate your points too ! hilarious !

  11. Gosh, all us women seem to have the same indulgences don't we?

    I am also a bath fanatic - me, my book, some bubbles and i'm lost for a good hour!

    love the pic of you and your bambino's!

  12. Blogging is definitely not one of my guilty pleasures, but I know all about running to the bedroom to sneak some chocolates! At least that doesn't happen often anymore.

  13. I started blogging because of my Hubby is very encouraging too.

    I must say since I remarried, I really do not have any complains at all.I am truly blessed.


    p.s you are such a young grandmother...*sigh* I still have to wait for some years
    Lovely picture!

  14. Lynette You are Beautiful!! And the children are adorable. My Guilty pleasures.... lets see... I have many. I love to shop for scrapbooking stuff, a I cant live with out my computer and I love chocolate!

  15. What great guilty pleasures! I love reading about you more! :)

    My guilty pleasures? Hmm..

    Checkin' out blogs.
    Alone time with D.
    Anything that is a dessert of any kind!
    Expensive perfume.

  16. I love reading your posts! I too, spend too much time on the computer!! My guiltiest (is that a word) pleasure is coffee by far!! I don't know how people live without it!!

  17. Mine seem pretty similar to yours! I also treasure one on one time with the kids but feel bad about the others not with me, who doesn't love chocolate, especially all the really good stuff..and as for scrappy shopping - it's a hobby in it's own right you know ;-D


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