Thursday, January 14, 2010

Clearing the head

I decided to take down my post of a bit afraid it would come back and bite me in the butt some time in the future. Thank you for your kind comments.

But yesterday was not merely an exercise in futility.  I spent the afternoon in my study/scrap room and had a few productive hours scrapping. I also spent some time thinking on these words : 

"God requires us to examine our own souls.  It is slow to work - so slow that it takes God all of time and eternity to make a man or woman conform to His purpose. We can only be used by God after we allow Him to show us the deep, hidden areas of our own character.  Is is astounding how ignorant we are about ourselves.  We don't even recognize the envy, laziness, or pride within us when we see it. How many of us have learned to look inwardly with courage?  We have to get rid of the idea that we understand ourselves.  That is always the last bit of pride to go.  The only One who understands us is God.  The greatest curse in our spiritual life is pride. God will continue to close us in until He gets us alone.  Whenever there is any element of pride or conceit remaining, Jesus can't teach us anything.  He will allow us to experience heartbreak or the disappointment we feel when our intellectual pride is wounded. He will reveal numerous misplaced affections or desires - things over which we never thought He would have to get us alone."  - My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers.

I DO believe that there is no better medicine for the soul than being creative and pondering the things of the Lord..
I used this Beggahuna sketch for the following layout:

The first layout was a promised fulfilled for Tanya...I will be posting it off to her tomorrow.  Don't you think that her daughter is simply stunning.  The background paper is Websters.

I used this January 2010 Pagemap for the following layout:

Our darling little Lukas dancing the night away on New Years Eve. I am sure you can tell that he got the "Dancing Baby Award" at his creche.  I used Scenic Route Garden Grove papers and embellishments and went slightly crazy with the buttons.

Finally I used the October 2009 Pagemap for this layout:

Lukas and Leane came across a frog in the garden.  Leane is 10 months older than Lukas and usually takes the lead...but here she is very hesitant and Lukas at first uses a leaf to poke the frog but after a while he got the courage up to touch it and even tried to pick it up.  I used the Scenic Route Garden Grove on this one as well...and in real life it is not quite as "green"  The little felt frog is from the Autumn Leaves Cute World line.

Thanks for looking:)


  1. I love the pages you've done.
    Great job!
    I need to get my hands on a cute from too I think...or maybe some fish to embellish Rosie's swimming streak.
    Now if only I could stop wasting time and scrap something.

  2. God bestows u with this talent, Lynette.. love the scrappings here..

  3. Wow, these are lovely (as usual!).

    I'm glad that you sound a little more at peace today. As we said yesterday time being creative is good for our souls and what is better than some time out with God?

    The first and 3rd are my fav. Tania is blessed to have such a gorgeous daughter! And to have you to do such a stunning LO for her!

  4. oh Lynette that dancing bubba is just too gorgeous. that would make me giggle even on the worst day.

    the delete key is great because we get to put all those feelings down into words and then the next day we can delete and carry on.

    I love you dearest Lynette x x x x

  5. ooooohhhh, Lynette, the layout is absolutely gorgeous! i love it!!
    Thank you sooo much, cant wait for it to arrive:)thanks for the compliment from you and shayne. i am glad that you feel better and that you have cleared it up, even if it is only with yourself, that is where one should start, anyway.
    your other layouts are beautiful too!
    have a nice day!

  6. They are all so beautiful, the pictures and especially your layouts.BEAUTIFUL!

    "The only One who understands us is God. The greatest curse in our spiritual life is pride."

    SO TRUE!

    Stay blessed.


  7. Your layouts are beautiful & so full of expression. You are truly blessed & create lots more. You probably feel better having written out your feelings yesterday & hope the rest of the week improves.

  8. They are really Beautiful!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  9. wow ! these layouts are just beautiful & adorable ! love the Beauty layout with the beautiful pics of Tanya's daughter ! love the mix of WP & BG !

    & Your Grand babies are soo adorable looking in these layouts too !

  10. I love all your pages, such great details.

  11. Lovely LO's Lynette! I love the Garden Grove line! SO fun!

  12. So beautiful! I missed your post, but yes, the Lord and creativity nourishes the soul.

  13. aaah - man!!! LOVE that dancing baby x
    Hope you feeling better Lynette x

  14. Love your layouts. Thanks for sharing those words.

  15. Oh Lynette, I love your latest layouts. I don't know about you but I find sketches are a wonderful starting point.
    I read your Guilty Pleasures and I can relate to all of them especially reading other blogs and as soon as hubby comes home, I race into the kitchen lol.
    Hugs, Irene xx

  16. thank you for your comment on the creme brulee recipe - plse let me know how they turn out - even if it does flop :) but i'm sure they won't :) just read the recipe all the way through before starting and then go ahead and do it!!! :)
    happy baking!
    Betty Bake

  17. Lynette, your layouts are awesome. It is good to see that you received some inspiration to scrap. I always love what you do. The dancing layout is SO fun! And the you completely made that Beggahuna sketch look a beautiful as it could. I love the little frog on your frog page, too.

    The quote you shared at the beginning of the post is perfect. It is so hard to find the kinks in us that need to be worked out so we can be closer to Him. I always appreciate your insight to how we can try to be the person He has designed us to become.

  18. Stunning layouts Lynette. I love the flowing border you accentuated with mixed buttons. May just scraplift this idea from you. Your colour combos are always so well thought through.

  19. Now you have me wanting to scrap. I must go print out the pagemaps and get something done this weekend. Thanks! Great Layouts!! I cannot pick a favorite.

  20. Those layouts are great Lynette - I agree scrapping is so good for the soul...I have missed it so much these past few frenzied weeks...


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