Friday, December 18, 2009

We are off...

We are leaving for the fairest Cape this morning.  It is a lovely overcast day so traveling the 800km will be lovely.  I am so ready to have a break.  Whenever we plan to go away there is just so much to do at the Mission before we can leave...that I worked myself into a frenzy yesterday to get everything done and plan for any thing that might happen in our absence.  We have lots planned for the 10 days in the Cape.
  • My sister, Herlien is getting married on a wine estate on Sunday.
  • Catching up with my sister Ansie, who I haven't seen since February.  We will be staying with them in Somerset West.
  • I HAVE to visit Kirstenbosch.
  • I HAVE to meet some of my blogging buddies:)  Can't wait.
  • We want to drive the whole way from Cape Town along the coast to Gordons Bay and take lots of pics of the beautiful scenery.
  • DH and BIL will be going to the SA Open golf at Pearl Valley tomorrow.
  • We will be having our Christmas celebration at Ansie and Willie's house in Somerset West.
I will be taking my laptop with will be checking in on all of you and sporadically posting.



  1. you are going to my favorite place lynette!! especially gordons bay, i love it there, enjoy the 10days!!
    if you want a adrenalin rush, go to harbour island and book a trip at bugaloo on their speed boat!! GREAT!!

  2. OO lucky lucky!!
    and travelling mercies to you all

  3. Yay! Raining a bit here today, but it should clear up soon!
    Safe trip! xx

  4. Looking forward to seeing you too.
    Keep safe on the roads.

  5. Drive safe!
    Not sure if I will get to see you as we are leaving early on sunday morning but if you have a free moment tomorrow, yell!

  6. Save travels. Enjoy! Sounds like you are going to have a great time.

  7. OMW, we are gonna be in Somerset West too. We arrive on Wednesday and stay there till after New Years.
    We might just bump into each other :-)

    Travel safe!

  8. Have a wonderful time and a safe trip down & back.

    Sorry we're not going ot be there to see you.

  9. I can cry I'm so jealous....
    Somerset West is where my eldest daughter and my youngest grandson live, you going to be so close to them...
    You going to such beautiful places in CT...enjoy..take pics and share with me, make me more green with envy than I already am.
    Have a wonderful wedding.

  10. hi Lynette.. i m back and u r off! hahaha.. hope u have a great wonderful time meeting your love ones and bloggers... come back and tell us all about it!

  11. Bok! We must see each other jong. Maybe we can do a Kirstenbosch rendevouz with however is around? Will *smess* you later. ;-)
    Monday would be fab cos Jo is still here and I know she is very keen to meet you! xx

  12. This place looks just fab ! out of this world ! lol

    I'm sure you'll have a great time with family !

  13. I want to be there right now. That place looks so beautiful and warm...
    Have a wonderful trip and best wishes to you and your family.

  14. Will be so good to see you. Let me know when you are free 082 994 7555

  15. Sounds great! Wish I could take a break. Enjoy every minute and drive back safely! :)

  16. Have a fab time! Wish I was there too... we could have a quick blog hook up in the fabulously named KIRSTENbosch!!! You all have to promise to drink a toast to me when you are there, kay? Not that I'm self centred or anything...x

  17. Hi Lynette. You must enjoy your visit to the beautiful Mother City and surroundings. And I am sure it will also be great for you to catch up with family and friends. Have a safe trip.
    Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed festive season.

  18. Have a wonderful time Lynette! We have just got back from a week away in the Drakensberg ;-D


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