Thursday, December 3, 2009

Private number calling....

If there is ONE thing that irritates the crap out of me and leaves me annoyed it is telemarketers... I know that they are also just trying to make a living.  So maybe I should say that I would like to hunt down the people who sell off our cellphone numbers to these companies and torture them with irritating calls.

Normally I don't answer any calls from "private numbers".  I feel that if it is of any importance they would leave a message....sometimes I answer like this:

ME: "Hello this is me speaking....If you are trying to sell me another cellphone contract, insurance or offer me a credit card, I am not interested.  Is there perhaps anything else I can do for you."  Usually I hear a click on the other side of the line. 

Last week I was at home when our home phone rang, I answered and it was a telemarketer from Protea Hotels wanting to speak to DH. I told her that he was not available and that she could speak to me.  She proceeded to sing the usual song and I told her that we are not interested, that I do the financial business of our family and that I know that DH would not be interested in a Pro-card.  The next day we were sitting in a meeting at work when DH's cell rings (private number).  He answers, listens for a sec, and passes his phone to me.  Would you believe it?  The person calling is the same lady from Protea Hotels. Calmly I asked her whether she could recall the phone call of the previous day, she says yes.  I asked her whether there was anything she did not understand about what I had told her and why she still found it necessary to phone my husband...Yikes, how annoying!

How do you feel about "private calls" and how do you handle the telemarketers.  Do you listen to their story, allow them to waste your precious time, and then politely decline?


  1. Oops, embarrassingly, I have to admit that it depends on MY mood! But I do try to remember that they are just trying to do their job (they probably hate it too, but it's all they could find employment-wise)......I sometimes, if I have time, listen it through and then say no thank you. and other times, when I don't have time, i stop them before they waste THEIR time, but still as politely as I can. *is my halo glowing?*

  2. i often rec calls on my cell phoneand most are from banks offering insurance... after they introduced themselves, i would normally interrupt them politely and tell them that i m not interested... this way, we r not wasting each other's time..

  3. What astounds me is that she even admits to remebering speaking to you, id she had played dumb and gone 'oh sorry i forgot'....such a cheek.

    I also try an be polite, but sometimes i cannot help myself!

  4. I'm new to your blog. Love it!

  5. I have to answer those private calls because a lot of businesses us the lines - we also have one. But those telemarketers really gets to me!

  6. Hello madam...this is so and so. How are you today?
    And I am already irritated.
    Yesterday I got a call asking to speak to DH, so I (politely) said "you have to try his cell phone, not mine. Do you have his number?" When she asked me who was speaking I said "wrong number" and hung up. After all we are not supposed to talk on the cell phone while driving.
    Last week I was called and told that I'd won a cell phone from Cell C.
    I gave my address (stupid I know!) so they could deliver the phone. Then he asked for my bank details, when I declined he said there was a "nominal fee of R100 per month"
    I told him off for wasting my time and hung up.
    He flippin lied to me.
    ~ net result is that I'd get rid of the next telemarketer even faster.

  7. Hate them with a passion! Poor things, just doing their job, I know, but somebody has to be rude to them. I am normally the world's most patient person, but if you call in the middle of a rugby test match, on a Saturday, don't expect me to be polite! Then they have the audacity to ask when they can call again, just in case you change your mind!!!!! You tell them NEVER would be good and they still call the next three days, just to make sure you really meant what you said. Sounds funny now, but trust me, it wasn't at the time.

  8. I don't answer Private No's.

    Never have and never will.

    If it's important I have voice mail and the caller can leave a msg which i shall return.

    They'r a bunch of conartists these telesales people.

  9. dont like them either and if there is one thing they do not understand,it is the word NO!!!

  10. I never answer any calls from private numbers. They make me mad.

  11. In Germany I just say...* sorry cant speak German * and put it down.
    but like you hate those sales calls...I dont answer either.

    Can u please tell me on my blog what color my back ground is for me its white like yours but someone told me its grey and they cant read my black writing...

  12. I have to answer private numbers because DH has one! He keeps it on private because otherwise he can't chase his debts if "they" know it's him calling! I answer & if it is not him I listen until I get the jist of it, then say "no thanks!" & just hang up!

  13. Thanks Lynette, wonder what that other blogger was meaning by my blog being grey and they cant read my black writing..
    Now am relieved...thanks for doing me that favor - one south African to another....:)

  14. Unfortunately DH's company number now comes up as Private Number. So does my sister when she calls from the UK. They both know though that I will answwer "hello" and nothing more. They had better start talking soon or I hang up. The telemarketers don't get past "can I please spe......." and I will put the phone down.

    This is one of my pet peeves and I feel sorry for them because it is a job, no matter how sucky, but at one stage they were calling me about 4 times a day and it alternated between my work land line and my cell phone. Also there is so much background noise that just that annoys me.

    I have had the same cellphone contract for 8 years and I have NO plans of changing! Urgh!!! Drat, now I am in a bad mood just thinking about it.


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