Sunday, December 20, 2009

Herlien and Mark's wedding day

Ansie and I drove through to Morgenhof  wine estate before 8 o'clock this morning.  Ansie baked the wedding cake and it had to be assembled.  She did a fantastic job...and it was truly death by chocolate cake.  Here is some pics of the "anatomy of a wedding cake":)

Cherry liquer icing between the layers...yum!

Dark chocolate ganache spread all over.

Dark chocolate sticks around the cake.

Beautiful fresh roses on the top layer.The view from above...the way nobody saw it:)

The beautiful, yummy completed sis is good hey?

The cake took 2 hours to assemble and then we rushed off to Somerset West to shower and get ready for the wedding.

Dad and Herlien walking down the aisle.

Mom, dad, Mark and Herlien, Herlien's children Stephanie and Shawn and the three sisters.  Anita, the bridesmaid, me next to Steph and Ansie.

Herlien looked beautiful on her big day.

Three sisters.

Ansie and Willie

Kobus and Moi.

The big cousins together at a table.

My pretty girl.
I was not in the mood to be the photographer DH took over the duty.  Hopefully I will get some nice profesional pics from Herlien.


  1. Great photos and what an amazing!!!

  2. What a beautiful family. Herlien looks radiant and so relaxed, thats a lovely shot. And I LOVE your dress.

  3. WOW I love that blue dress of your Lynette!!
    Beautiful wedding and looks like she was a very happy relaxed bride - congrats!

  4. What a wonderful gift a sister is and you have two! You lucky girl. Looks like a fantastic day was had by all. Hubby didn't do too badly with the photo's at all.

  5. Oh wow, love the cake and your dress is stunning.

    Looks like it was a great wedding!

  6. Oh wow, I just love the wedding cake with the stunning roses and I am sure it tasted devine. The bride really looked radiant on her special day. Enjoy the rest of your holiday in the 'mooiste Kaap'.

  7. what a gorgeous family..
    Nice pictures, the cake looks so good.

  8. Such beautiful pics.

    You looked gorgeous.

    And how delish was that cake!

  9. beautiful wedding pics! U look gorgeous !!:)

  10. Beautiful faces, nice family and excellent pictures. Best wishes by heart to all of you!

  11. That cake looks amazing, Herlien looked amazing and you looked stunning yourself. Enjoy Cape Town.

  12. Lynette that cake is beautiful, well done to everyone involved...I noticed the baker is so slim and trim...I wondered how she stayed that way working with so much temptations.

    Lovely for 3 sisters to be together, I love it when I get together with mine as well...such special moments. Your sister, the bride looked amazing...and so happy.

    Thanks for sharing your time with everyone, you know when you write Somerset West, my first thoughts go to my daughter who lives there...How I miss her.

  13. uhhhh so beautiful

    the cake turned out it

  14. Wow I love the look of that cake & love how you showed us how it was all put together - amazing! And you look fantastic in that dress - it's beautiful! Hope you had a fantastic Christmas too ;-D

  15. You look so beautiful in that dress!

  16. Your family is adorable, Lynette. It looks like you had a such a wonderful time!


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