Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today when I got to the post office there were three parcels waiting for me...

Now have you ever considered the way you open a parcel or gift? What does it tell about you?

In my whole life I have never, ever managed to pick up a parcel at the post office, drive home, carry the parcel in (like a decent grown up) and then slowly open it.  NEVER!!

I simply forget that there is other shopping to do or errands to run.  I pick up the parcel and dash to my car.  By now my excitement is unbearable.  I sit in the car and rip open the box or parcel with the help of my car keys...and then I swoon over the contents of the parcel.(usually scrappy goodies) 

Every month I get two US kits in the mail...and this is my usual routine...without fail.  Something of a child in me?

Today I received a gift in the mail from Kristy....she made me promise to take a pic of it and post it here. So here is a pretty black strappy top that she embellished herself:

Scrapbook Diva in bling...

...and a pretty bling butterfly on the hip.

Thank you so much Kirsty...I really love it and appreciate you and the gift very much:) 


  1. same with me lynette, can't wait, just like a child!!LOL!!
    that is the cutest little top, you are sooo lucky!

  2. OMG!!! I love that tank. Fantabulous!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. You sound so like me, I cant wait to open a parcel either...
    you are such a lucky fish, love that apron, so you!!
    I am always nervous sending parcels to SA for my grandkids, I love doing it but not all my parcels have arrived.

  4. Oooh la la.

    Gorgeous top m'dear.

    And yes, i'm EXACTLY the same as you when it comes to gifts at the PO. All rational thoughts simply leave my brain!

  5. Thanks Lynette - You right..I need to do will make me feel better about being away from home etc, maybe I should plan a webcam chat with the kids to show them my tree when its decorated..thanks you just gave me an idea...

  6. Now that is Cute with a Capital C!!

    We need to see you scrapping in it!

  7. I'm The same Way!!!!!! I'm like a child too!!!! I love that top!!!!! Its Beautiful!!!!! Lucky Girl!!!

  8. u too, Lynette!! nice fren u have too, the top and the wordings suits u, a diva u r, yes!

  9. Lucky you Lynette, the top is gorgeous and perfect for you. I know how you feel about parcels. No one should ever tell me that they have bought a present for me......I will hound them. Now don't tell anyone, but I have been known to open the end of a Christmas present and have a peek then close it up again. Very naughty and I hope Santa doesn't hear of it. LOL
    Cheers, Irene

  10. Hey your cute lil' top...and I'm just like you when it comes to opening up fact my teeth have gotten damaged trying to use them as opening tools one time too

  11. I'm not like that with gifts - weird I know - but I can't appreciate things when I am in a rush & I like to study & savour everything so I just take it home & put it on my scrappy desk then carry on rushing around doing my thing, then sometimes I am even too tired to open it late at night! But then I remember in the morning & leap up & open it really carefully (I like to keep the boxes LOL) then I breathe in really deeply because the smell of scrappy paper is one of my favourite smells in the whole world & I look through everything like a baby that is just starting to crawl & able to investigate things. Scrappy stuff in the post is always the highlight of my month LOL!!! Hubby just looks at me & laughs & shakes his head & says "You're sad!" LOL... Love the top...clever Kirsty!

  12. Gifts is a great mean to show our feelings to the others. I send to you dear Lynette and your family sincere hugs and kisses through the ocean, as gift of friendship. Warm regards from Cyprus. Philip

  13. There is an award for you at Have a beautifully blessed Saturday.

  14. That is such a great gift! And yes I am just like you, don't care what I have to do, the package gets ripped open as soon as Im in the car!

  15. Hey Lynette!

    Kirsty rocks that bling! Now you go rock it too!

  16. What a pretty top! And great for the weather right now. Oh I also just rip open asap - no discipline.

  17. Lynette I bought transfers like this a while back but for the life of me i cant remember the company name that makes them - do you know were Kirsty got the transfers from??


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