Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A few of my favourite things....

Just for fun I am going to list my 10 most favourite things (at the moment)

1.  My trusted Canon camera...I don't go anywhere without it.

2. A recent purchase....a chandelier for my bedroom....LOVE it. The next two are also bedroom related.

2. My Tempur memory foam pillow.  Goes everywhere with me...can't sleep without it.

4. My new king size bed.  The mattress is also new, bought from family of Shayne. (Her name is a fat discount for dropping THE name.)  Heehee!  People, I have a sleeping disorder and with this mattress I am sleeping like a baby.  It has pocketed springs on the inside and memory foam on the surface.  Pure bliss I tell you.

5. My daily devotional.  Life changing stuff.

6. My has been flowering for more than two months and still going strong.

7. I am not really a ornament lover but I have a few pieces that I love.  My pottery chameleon...purchased at Porcupine potteries outside Plettenberg Bay.

8.  My meerkat collection from Porcupine potteries.

9.  Lindt dark chocolate....ooohhh...just melts in your mouth.

10.  My favourite fragrance.  (Hope DH sees this...could give him a hint for a Christmas gift.)

What are your favourite things?


  1. OOoooh Lynette I love the new look of your blog - your Christmas photo & header! Finally I have installed PSE but still no clue how to make a header like that - got a bood "Digi scrapping for Dummies" to take on my weeks holiday! I love a lot of your favourite things kingsize bed & my favourite perfumes. Mine are Cinnabar for day & Obsession for night - strong ones but they suit me ;-D

  2. I love your 10 favorite things....I see you also like photography.
    I have a smaller sony cybershot I keep in my handbag for emergency shots, then two sony's I use.....when travelling I use the DSLR but too big to just carry around with me...

    Also take my pillow with me when I, we such girls..

  3. Lynette I love the new look you have here!! Hey those are some really nice treasures:)

  4. Oh you're such a name dropper ;)

    Love your list - particularly the chandelier.

    And that perfume is my 2nd fav next to Dune.

    Love your new look bedroom - beautiful.

  5. Yummm now I want a lindt ball! I LOVE those things lol also love the chameleon. It is gorgeous.

  6. ah Lynette, we have very similar taste!
    AND - you have chosen a gr8 pillow! (That assvice is coming to you from a PHYSIO! Well done x)
    Jean Paul Gaultier... used to be my fave perfume, now I am addicted to Armani She. You should try it - I think you'll love it! x

  7. Hi Lynette! Love your list! I have to steal this idea for my blog! I really like the chandelier in your bedroom, so pretty!

  8. I will play along soon, I promise. Too good an opportunity to miss.
    You have excellent taste.
    Love the new header and special.

  9. LOL was hoping to come up with a witty way of saying Shayne gives you sleep(less) nights. but my brain is too tired to think...

  10. What a fabulous list!
    I love my camera too, but boy do I need help to figure out how to use it:)
    Your BR is gorgeous! And I also have the same pillow:)

    Hope things are well with you-

  11. What an elegance ,Lynette!
    Loved All. Espacially your bedroom.!
    Your profile photo just great!

  12. hi Lynette, i tot i was on the wrong blog, i have to double check the URL again before I realize u have changed the banner and to such a grand looking one too!
    A real makeover for the coming new year... my favorites? i love the ornaments you have, Lynette..

  13. hi lynette, great post and header and photo and EVERYTHING!!! thanks for the idea, will post on this TOOOO!!!

  14. So nice to see all your fav's in picture format - very fond of this kind of pic post!

    You bedroom is beautiful!

  15. Oh I am so going to try and get a new camera - I need one. And I am so with you on the Lindt.

  16. I love your favorites list! Your pottery pieces are gorgeous! I've never seen anything like them before. Swoon! ;)

  17. Looking at your fav things, you are a true lady at heart. I agree a king size bed is a must ... me and hubby has had one since our 5th year of marriage and never looked back. Love your raku pottery collection, makes me thing back to the 12 years I did pottery. Of course the Meerkats are my favourite animals. TFS

  18. Your bedroom is gorgeous girl!!! And that chandelier, amazing!!!

    Hope your Wednesday is a complete blessing to those around you, especially you!

  19. yuuummmy, lindt balls, I so enjoy those.

    Love love your profile pic:-)

  20. yummmm I love those little chocolates!

    Your whole list is fabulous! Love the chandelere the new bed...I just got one too so I know how you feel about sleeping so good. Those little potteries are so cute!

    What a hap hap happy list.

  21. From all your favourite things, I vote the king size bed!!! I absolutely agree with 'Desire Fourie' that is a must... Enjoy your favrourites and have sweet dreams in your soft bed.:):)

  22. Love your list Lynette! Looks like we've got a lot in common. I adore meerkats and love chandeliers. I've got exactly the same camera and I'm addicted to Lindt chocolate. Jean Paul Gaultier is one of my 3 favourite fragraces too - my bottle is almost finished so I treasure those last few drops! Hope Santa will bring you one of those little ladies! :)


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