Friday, November 20, 2009

Why we need friends....

I think I have told you that we are part of a very special fellowship group/cell group, consisting of six couples,  that meet every second week.  I call them special...because this is a place where we can drop our masks and just be ourselves...and we accept each other warts and all. It has been a tremendous blessing because we meet from house-to house and the host is the leader for the it is not a "heavy" burden on one couple to do everything. Just having this hedge of protection and knowing that we each carry the other in prayer makes living so much lighter.

Last night was our turn to host the group and we decided to expose them to our everyday life.  So we all met in the dining hall at the Mission.  We invited a few of the people on the program to share where they come from and a testimony of what the Lord had done in their lives.  One man spoke about his life and I have never heard his story.  In the past 10 years he had lost his wife and three children.  His son was killed in a bus accident, his wife died 7 months later.  His second son went missing and his body was found months later...he had been murdered. Last year he lost his daughter to cancer.  What made his testimony so touching, was that as he spoke he took out the photos of his loved ones...and the funeral notices.  He had lost all hope and started drinking he lost his work and his possessions.  At the beginning of this year he arrived at the mission with his only surviving son, he stopped drinking and with counseling and a lot of love he has found his hope in the Lord. I listened, and  wondered how I would have handled so much much heartbreak.

There was not a dry eye in the hall and our personal little moans and groans just became so insignificant.  I sat there and was humbled yet again and so incredibly thankful to the Lord that He entrusted these precious people to us.  How blessed we are to see what the Lord has done in so many lives.

It was very special for us to be able to share with our group why we love these people so much. It also gave them insight in what we deal with and can pray for us more effectively. Belonging to a group that care is so special, we can shout when we need help and know that we would help to keep each other from falling.

On a lighter note:

Have a great weekend!


  1. Yes, Lynette. You are so right....

    Our problems that we think are so big, seems small compared to others...

    You are doing a very humble job my friend...... God knows who He can use in that kind of work.

  2. absolutely lynette, after this, the sudden cold is nothing compared to what other people go through, thanks for sharing and i love the picture message.

  3. Shew - that must have been incredible! I am teary just reading your post, can't imagine what it must have been like to be there to hear the testimony.

    How amazing is God - always in the business of restoration.

  4. hi Lynette, I am also having a cell meeting tonight, friday evening every week.. attending cell group is to edify one another, and it is good to open up, feeling comfortable with one another..
    Yes, God works in many ways ..

  5. Lynette, you are a wonderful woman. I may never have met you, but this is how it feels to me, across the ocean of the internet.

  6. wow - what a sad,sad story! I am so glad that he found you and the mission!
    Love the cartoon.
    K x

  7. Wow, lovely post. Thanks for sharing and being vulnerable with us too.
    Love the cartoon, even without the happy ever after ending!

  8. isn't it special to spend your day on meaningful things. what a special ministry.

    i like the idea of your cell group. great idea to meet as couples to share - most people would meet as wives.

  9. What a really touching story of that man and how the Lord brought him closer to him!

    Our home group is a lot like yours. I cherish it because it is a place where we can share and be us regardless of anything! That is so vital. We are a small group, but we stand strong for one another!

    And I love your little comic clip, totally and utterly true and cute!

    Happy weekend friend,

  10. I seem to have been reading numerous inspiring stories like this over the internet in the last few days & it being so cold here (freezing - and that is inside in bed!) I have really felt blessed to have a home & all the trimmings. Not luxurious by my high standards but when compared to so many I realise that I have a privileged life.

  11. This is a touching story and only people with feelings can share it! Have a great day dear friend Lynette!

  12. If only there was a way to do that Lynette - these days RE is now called REligious Tolerance & teachers are avidly promoting everyone to share whatever it is they believe in, irrespective of whether it is just made up nonsense. There are fights there at LEAST once a week. MY daughter is at a private school that just happens to be catholic & numerous teachers there are openly lesbian yet the girls get detention all term if they dye their hair (Chelsea dyed hers a natural colour slightly darker than her mousy brown)- yet they don't seem to see the contradictions in it all...

  13. That is an intense story, Lynette.

    What shocking losses that poor man suffered but how wonderful that, at last, he found his way to the One who will carry him through; comfort his pain and give his life meaning.

  14. Was trying to comment on your 'mary's lamb' post , but doesn't seem to work. That is so true. I thank God every day for the blessing to teach at a Catholic school. Even though I am not Catholic, it is such a wonderful thing to start the day with prayer and to openly have a prayer list on the board that is used constantly, not only by me, but by the girls as well.
    Maybe you should try to make something for 5 people. Just imagine the possabilities! Doesn't have to be big, could be a bookmark, as long as you made it with love. Send me your postal address and we can get the ball rolling. tertiaj at telkomsa dot net

  15. such a wonderful testimony yet again , Lynette ! definitely brought a tear to my year ! & yes , some of our hardships become insignificant next to a story like that !

    We can Keep the Faith ! for sure !

  16. Thanks again for sharing this uplifting story with us.


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