Monday, November 2, 2009

What is on top?

I was tagged by my friend on Robin's Perch to show what I have on my desktop.... Me, my bokkie and our four grand bambinos of course.

What do you have on yours?


  1. How cute are those littlies? I have an awesome black and white photo that my DS took of my Clicias on my desktop.

  2. Lovely pic.

    As I said to Meriel - i don't have anything on my desktop.

    Perhaps it's time to remedy that!

  3. They are little angels. Hugs from Nicolaides family in Cyprus!

  4. Well I had Henry Cavvill up remember, but I soon tired of him so now I have an Autumn picture of the longest road...just googled it...lovely to look at. Your photo is great - don't think I've seen that one scrapped yet.

  5. How do you get your desktop with all its icons as a picture?
    I could only post my November desktop which I created and then saved as a desktop. YOurs looks very cool though.
    I create mine with a space on the left for my icons so that they don't go over the photo.
    Then I add my word for the year...which is "keep PERPECTIVE" and a claendar of that month.

  6. thats gorgeous - i'm all choked up. i would gaze at it all day and do no work ;-)

  7. gorgeous pic! I have my 3 munchkins on my desktop! x

  8. so adorable to see them all together , Lynette ! it's nice that their age range isnt too far apart !

  9. PRECIOUS!!!
    Mine is a pic of shady trees in a forest we visited.
    LOVE your mini album; very professional!

  10. What a cool idea to share desktops - it probably says something about ones personality?

    Love your photo - you look wayyyyyy to young to be a granny! :)

    I have a painting by Anee Julie on my desktop - will post it on my blog later today.

  11. Just a quick hello to let you know that I have got something for you here over at DOING LIFE
    PS: Never realised that you actually have four beautiful grand bambinos. You are so blessed.


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