Monday, November 16, 2009

A Weaver Christmas

Kirsty over at the The Weavers Nest posted this recently.  I love a challenge and offered to scrap the photos for her. The idea is that she puts it into a 12x24 frame. (available at most scrappy stores)

Cardstock used: Bazzil
Printed paper: Making Memories Falala

Flowers and embellishments: Making Memories Falala

Wooden scrolls: Kayser Kraft
Alphabet: Quickutz Finale and glittered with stickels

So what do you think...will it get a space somewhere or will Kirsty hang it behind the bathroom door?


  1. well done!
    Pride of place, I say.
    What a good idea for Christmas decor. I find that my cluttered style home can only handle a tree, but this looks like a clever option. HHMmmmm...
    (I have one of those frames, and the LO currently in there isn't STUCK in)

  2. Its GORGEOUS Lynette, wow, lucky girl you are Kirsty!

  3. Yes - Mel - I am a lucky,lucky,lucky girl!!!
    Thank you again soooooo much Lynette!
    I get all teary eyed when I view it on my computer... I can't wait until I get the real Mccoy in my paws! I will head straight over to the scrapping shop and buy that frame!!
    It will, of course, have pride of place on my wall - will blog it, so you can all see!
    Mwah x

  4. *squeal* that is beyond precious.

    i would chose that over a plastic tree and wreath any day.

  5. How blessed Kristy is! yes, very nice indeed... too bad i am staying too far from u Lynette.. :)

  6. Yes, it is very precious!!!!!

    Must ahave a special place for all to see.

  7. absolute gorgeous and adorable layout, lynette.

  8. Gorgeous Lynette.

    YOu did a fabulous job (as per normal).

  9. Lovely as usual.
    We'll have to scrap when you come to CT maybe some of your mojo will ruboff on me?

  10. Now, Lynette, I am seriously angry at you, how can you put this absolutely stunning double page layout, within the same terms as a toilet .... naughty, naughty. Kirsty will treasure this forever!

  11. Absolutely GORGEOUS!! WOW! I love it!!!!!

  12. Definitely behind the bathroom door.........nah! Just kidding...oh wow Lynette you have surpassed yourself here. It is ABSOLUTELY stunning & what a generous gesture! I'm sure Kirsty will be completely overwhelmed...may get her scrapping ;-D

  13. Gorgeous LO Lynette! I have never been happy with any of my Christmas LOs, maybe I must send you my pics;)

    Stephanie is selling all my scrapbooking stuff and there are 7 double frames in that lot.

  14. Oh My gosh Lynette - just stumbled across your blog from Sophia's and found this beautiful layout - stunning!!! Well done!!


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